Fighting Political Corruption Last on Sun-Times’ Priorities for New U.S. Attorney

Yesterday I had the audacity to suggest that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel may have been trying to divert resources in the U.S. Attorney’s Office away from political corruption. Why else would he emphasize that newly-sworn in U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon … Continue reading

Rahm Emmanuel Tries to Divert New U.S. Attorney From Political Corruption Fight

[I got my timeline mixed up when I said that Rahm Emmanuel had a role as President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff in assigning Patrick Fitzgerald the prosecution of Scooter Libby. [I have moved the incorrect assertion to the bottom … Continue reading

Killing Downtown Chicago with Reinstatement of Extra Parking Tax

Included in the 1974 Regional Transportation Authority legislation was a 15% parking tax. The logic advanced was that it would encourage people coming Downtown to use mass transportation. Social engineering at work. The problem, however, is that lots of people … Continue reading

Rahm Emanuel’s McHenry County Contributors

The Sunday Chicago Tribune last week had a data base of Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s contributors. Just for fun, I thought I’d look up those from zip codes covering parts of McHenry County. Here’s what I found.  They are in … Continue reading