Regional Superintendents of School Candidates Have No Opponents

The election is over and Regional Superintendents of Schools in Boone, Kane, Lake and McHenry Counties can go to bed. No reason to stay up late because none of them have opponents on the ballot. … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn Running for Full Term as Regional Supt. of Schools

A press release from Regional Superintendent of Education Leslie Schermerhorn: Leslie Schermerhorn Announces Candidacy for Re-election as McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn, current McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools, will be filing to be on the primary … Continue reading

Three Governmental Entities Now Involved in District 155 Bleacher Controversy

Wednesday morning was the time set for consideration of a Temporary Restraining Order on District 155’s football field brought by Amberwood Drive property owners, including Jean and McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.  Bianchi is not suing in his official … Continue reading

District 155 Lawyer’s Explanation for Ignoring City Zoning Laws

The following is rationale being offered by High School District 155 for not contacting the City of Crystal Lake about building the $1.2 million stadium bleachers at South High School’s football field: … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn Hires Assistants in Regional Office of Education

An email from Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn explaining how she is staffing her new office: “There are two new people in the Regional Office of Education (ROE). “Dr. Amy Weiss Narea has come on as a 100-day Assistant … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn Gets McHenry County Board Committee Recommendation for Regional Superintendent of Schools

Among topics Leslie Schermerhorn introduced herself to the Public Health and Human Services Committee this morning. As McHenry County Blog readers learned exclusively nine days ago, Leslie Schermerhorn qualifies under the stringent educational and professional requirements set by law. The … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn, Retired Judge’s Daughter, Candidate for Regional Supterintendent of Education Post

Friday, April 13, the McHenry County Public Health and Human Services Committee will be interviewing the Leslie A. Schermerhorn of Woodstock for the post of Regional Superintendent of Schools. The candidate, who would be appointed by the County Board to … Continue reading

The Democrats Chance to Crack the McHenry County Courthouse

The Republicans who run McHenry County seem to be having some trouble finding a person to fill the slot for Regional Superintendent of Schools. The requirements are way too strict, having been designed by the Illinois Education Association and adopted … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Refuses to Reveal Applicants for Regional Superintendent of Education Post

The first time I asked, I had no problem getting applications from those applying for the vacant McHenry County Superintendent of Schools post. This is the elected official, you will recall, whose shoes have been filled by the Lake County … Continue reading

The Regional Supt. of Schools Withdrawal Letter

The discovery of past misdeeds of Lord’s Park Elementary School Principal apparently spooked him enough to withdraw his name from consideration for appointment as McHenry County’s Regional Superintendent of Schools. Maybe we don’t need one, but until the ministerial duties … Continue reading