Huntley Special Ed Parents Meet with New Head of Special Ed

Last Thursday night the Huntley School District’s Parents Special Education Advisory Committee met. It was under the shadow of Huntley’s Special Education Director’s Cheryl Kalkirtz’ recent unexplained parting of the ways with District 158. Now, the district has its 3rd … Continue reading

Huntley School District Financial Advisory Committee, Take 3

At one point in the Financial Advisory Committee meeting, Huntley School District Controller Altmayer tried to persuade the committee that special needs children receive $10 million  more than what comes in for special education.  (Subject addressed here.) Parents in the … Continue reading

No One Takes Responsibility for $300,000 Addition Mistake in Special Education Request for Federal Stimulus Funds

You might have had a teacher or two who told you to check your work before turning it in. There are probably a few teachers in Huntley School District 158 who are either recoiling in dismay or laughing at how … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Documents Show Purchase of Read 180

Special Ed Mom Sara Deifucci started this story at the Huntley School District Board meeting on November 5th. She asked this intriguing question: “Has the district already purchased anything that parents aren’t aware of? Have you already purchased Read 180 … Continue reading