Thieving School Superintendent to Lose Pension

The Cook County State’s Attorney has cut a deal with retired West Harvey-Dixmoor Elementary School Superintendent Alex Boyd. But, he won’t get to keep his pension because he was allowed to plead guilty only to felony counts of official misconduct. … Continue reading

Comparing McHenry County’s Top Educators’ Salaries

This past weekend when I posted the salary of McHenry County College President Vicky Smith, I wondered what the salaries of the school superintendents in McHenry County are. A friend of McHenry County Blog did the research and sent me … Continue reading

School Administrator Compensation Packages Going Public

What school administrators receive in compensation will be easily obtainable starting in October. State Senator Dan Cronin, joined by Kirk Dillard, Chris Lauzen and John Millner have decided that the most highly paid local politicians, school district superintendents (and other … Continue reading