Al Franken on Dr. No

Looking up former U.S. Senator Tom Colburn, I found the following on the search engine: Al Franken tells Stephen Colbert which senators have a sense of ……/al-franken-tells-stephen-colbert-which-senators-have-a-sens… Aug 2, 2017 – Surprisingly, there are some senators that aren’t particularly funny, Franken revealed. … Continue reading

Skillicorn Introduces Bill to Set Up Dedicated Sexual Harassment Phone Line in Attorney General’s Office

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn: SKILLICORN INTRODUCES BILL FOR DEDICATED PHONE LINE TO REPORT SEXUAL HARASSMENT MAINTAINED BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CRYSTAL LAKE, IL—As bills go to die in Rules Committee, so too apparently complaints went to … Continue reading

Reick Comment About Sexual Harassment Training after Talking to House Minority Leader

Here’s what Capital Fax reports House Minority Leader Jim Durkin told the publication today about State Rep. Steve Reick: “We asked House GOP Leader Jim Durkin’s office about Reick’s response. “A spokeswoman released a ‘clarifying statemen’ from Reick: ‘There’s a … Continue reading

Sexual Harrassment Complaint Filed Against McHenry County Clerk’s Husband

A complaint has been filed by Mrs. Karen Felske with the Illinois Department of Human Rights  against McHenry County Clerk Ed Gil. The complaint is dated March 3, 2016. Felske contends sexual harassment resulting in a hostile work environment and a … Continue reading

Huntley School District Releases Sexual Harassment Checks

In response to a Freedom of Information request I made after the Huntley School Board majority refused to place the issue of sexual harassments settlements on its agenda the first week of March, I received the following. I can understand … Continue reading