McHenry County Has Money for Small Business

McHenry County Board Finance and Audit Committee Chairman Scott Breeden was the main speaker for the McHenry County Business Committee meeting Wednesday night. He told of the $400,000 in the county till that could be loaned to businesses that didn’t … Continue reading

Politicians Tempted to Inflate Accomplishments – Part 1

I have always been ever so careful when I put together a political pamphlet or mailing. It has to be accurate. I advise other candidates to do the same. Attending “X” college is not the same as graduating. Seems obvious, … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Dirk Beveridge Sends Small Business Piece

This is a mailing aimed at small businessmen, I think. In 1996, I had a Crystal Lake mail list man put together a small business list. It was huge. In Barrington Township, I’m remembering it was every fourth household. In … Continue reading