Steve Willson Writes Letter for Paul Serwatka’s Lakewood Village Write-in Campaign

A letter I got recently from Steve Willson, a resident of Lakewood who is a bond analyst: My name is Steve Willson. Perhaps you’ve read some of my letters and guest editorials in the Herald about local government waste, something I … Continue reading

Decrying Lack of Municipal Competition, Especially in Lakewood

Lakewood policy wonk Steve Willson took fingers to keys, writing the following lament about the lack of candidates in most municipal elections and, especially, his own Village of Lakewood. I am disappointed in how many local races are not contested, … Continue reading

Interpreting Althoff’s Defense of Senate Bill 3341 Authorizing Non-Referendum Bonds

In a comment under Pam Althoff’s defense of the bill to allow the McHenry County Conservation District to borrow money without referendum approve, bond analyst Steve Willson, a resident of Lakewood, offers the following glossary. He calls it a “Voters’ … Continue reading