Proposed Crystal Lake Mercy Hospital Makes Jacob Kiferbaum’s Plea Agreement as Another Rob Blagojevich Scandal Winds Down

In the pleas agreement between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Jacob Kiferbaum appears the following: Planning Board/Mercy Hospital [Stuart] Levine solicited a kickback of approximately $1.5 million from [Jacob] Kiferbaum relating to the construction of Mercy Hospital’s Crystal Lake facility. … Continue reading

An Achilles Heel for Jim Ryan

First, the disclaimer. I ran as the Libertarian Party candidate against Jim Ryan and Rod Blagojevich in 2002. I got so few votes that it did not affect the outcome. Ryan would have lost whether or not I had been … Continue reading

Thoughts About the Governor’s Race

If you looked at the front page of the Chicago Tribune Sunday, you saw five candidates on top of the page. They are ones that the Tribune’s poll found leading in both the Democratic and Republican Party primaries. It was … Continue reading

Dillard Takes Shots at Gubernatorial Debate

Here’s a press release from State Senator Kirk Dillard, a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor: Dillard Renews Ethical Judgment Charge at Debate Important Party Nominates Candidate Who Can Win in Fall (Lisle, IL) – Illinois Republican candidate for … Continue reading

Nick Hurtgen’s Wisconsin Law License Revoked Based on Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board Scandal

Ever wonder what it looks like when an attorney has his license revoked? Below you see what the State of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court did to Nick Hurtgen, a Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson “wuderkind,” who ventured too far into Illinois politics, … Continue reading

U.S. Attorney’s Press Release on Former Gov. Rod and Brother Rob Blagojevich’s, John Harris’, Alonzo Monk’s, Chris Kelly’s and Bill Cellini’s Indictme

Here’s what folks have been waiting for all day. The “Year of a Million Dreams” is over for the governor and his family. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich and his family have reported checked out of their hotel at Disney World. … Continue reading

Bear Steans’ Nick Hurtgen Pleads Guilty

One of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s “Wunderkinds” has plead guilty to federal charges concerning the Edwards Hospital Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board scandal. Nicholas Hurtgen, who at the time was Managing Director of the Chicago office of Bear Stearns, … Continue reading