Headlines: Tribune vs. Northwest Herald

Take a look at the headline in the Chicago Tribune about Sheriff Keith Nygren’s belated release of Al Jourdan’s 911 call about Phil Pagano’s possible suicide. Then, take a look at the emphasis in the Northwest Herald’s headline. Which do … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Department Wins Effort to Keep Pagano Suicide Notes Secret

Eight media requests were apparently made to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department for copies of the suicide notes that Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano wrote to members of his family.  Another was made by the Better Government Association. The one … Continue reading

BGA Gets Phil Pagano 911 Call

Why Sheriff Keith Nygren refused to release the 911 call made by former McHenry County and State Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan is beyond me. Now, almost most four months after Metra Exec Phil Pagano committed suicide by stepping in … Continue reading

Copycat Suicides, a la Metra

Despite the negative comments that appear under articles published that remind folks that Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano’s highly publicized suicide by stepping in front of a commuter train, it seems others are of similar opinions. Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times … Continue reading

Another Suicide by Train, This Time in Barrington

One of the comments under the Daily Herald article on a 17-year old boy’s train suicide near the Barrington High School yesterday morning follows: “Looks like Phil Pagano started a new trend.” Readers didn’t think it was appropriate, turning enough … Continue reading