Fifty Crystal Lake Library Patrons Surveyed on Expansion Needs

Crystal Lake Library card holder Stephen Willson is on a mission. You can read his analysis of the Library’s expansion plans here. There have been ten comments so far, including one that started, “This is the most informative article I … Continue reading

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Schillerstrom Takes Poll

A pollster for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Schillerstrom called yesterday afternoon. Schillerstrom is DuPage County Board Chairman. The pollster wanted to know if I would vote for Schillerstrom for governor. I told her, “No.” She didn’t ask why, but, if … Continue reading

Polling for Governor Last Week

April 14th, a pollster called one of McHenry County Blog’s friends in Algonquin. Here’s my contact’s description of the phone call: She said she was located in Asia and representing Western Wats. I tried to jot down her questions, not … Continue reading