BGA Rolls Out State and Local Government Pension Data Base, Downstate Police & Fire Missing

An email arrived from the Better Government Association’s Andy Shaw. It announces the unveiling of its data base of state and local governmental pensions. “We’ve updated the BGA Payroll Database of 500,000 government workers with 2012 numbers and, for the first time, … Continue reading

Beaubien Abortion and McSweeney Property Tax Pieces Arrive Friday

The pro-abortion Personal PAC launched its second mailing on behalf of Dee Baubien (Ind.-Madigan) in her race against Republican David McSweeney. It arrived on the last workday of the third week of October. It features former George Ryan Lt. Gov. … Continue reading

IEA Spokesman Too Young To Know His Union’s Role in the Pension Crisis

I went to the Illinois Policy Institute’s Pension.  Got there a little late and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was over an hour after it started. Representing the Illinois Education Association was Crystal Lake High School teacher Mike … Continue reading

One Reason the Teachers Retirement System Is in Trouble

I filed a Freedom of Information request with Illinois’ Downstate Teachers Retirement Fund. I came up dry and got a reply through an email. But, TRS also sent me a letter by Certified Mail I talked to them about it, … Continue reading

Kent Gaffney, et al, Complain about Dems Plan to Shift Teacher Pension Burden to Property Taxpayers

A press release from State Rep. Kent Gaffney: House Republicans: Democrat Pension Shift would be Disastrous for Local Schools, Property Taxpayers Springfield…A Democrat-backed plan to shift a portion of the state’s pension obligation to local schools and universities would be … Continue reading

Tryon To Go Head-to-Head with Teachers’ Unions over Pension Payment Source Revelation on Tax Bills

That’s how I read this press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon. The first one to do systematic research on the subject of school districts paying both the employer and the employee side of teachers’ pensions was former Huntley School … Continue reading

Cary School District 26 Contract Press Release

Here’s the press release about the teachers’ contract which the Cary School Board ratified last night: District 26 Board Ratifies Teacher Contract November 1, 2011 The Board of Education of Cary Community Consolidated School District 26 announced today that they … Continue reading

What’s Being Released to the Public about Cary Grade School Teachers’ Contract

Here’s what’s on the web site: Joint Press Release Cary BOE and CEA posted 5 hours ago by Caryil d26 The Board of Education of Cary Community Consolidated School District 26 and The Cary Education Association which represents the teachers … Continue reading

District 26 School Board and Teachers Union Meeting Tonight

The teachers in Cary Grade Schools are teaching. They could be striking as the School Board imposed a contract on them. But, they’re not striking. They want to talk more. The meeting is at the Cary Junior High. = = … Continue reading

Cary School Teachers Don’t Strike

Wednesday was the first day of school and teachers were not striking. They were asking for more negotiations. Maybe there will be a meeting next week. … Continue reading

Paying for Retirement – Teachers and Other Folk

There is a gentleman named Mike Laird who often comments on teacher pension issues. He got me thinking about compensation. His basic argument is that when the majority of teachers in Illinois pay nothing or under 2% of the 9.4% … Continue reading

Teacher Pension Mess Brought About by Teacher Union Requests for Current Salaries Out of Money Earmarked by Pensions

We are in this mess because over the years Governors have proposed X amount of dollars for education.   Usually a couple of hundred million dollars. When the discussions of how to cut up that amount took place, current salaries … Continue reading

39% of Illinois Teachers Pay Nothing for Pensions

“While Democrats say Teachers ‘Have Kept Their Part of the Deal?’“ is the title of an April 5, 2011, article by former Huntley School District 158 Board member Larry Snow.  (The quote was in the Chicago Tribune Marcy 31, 2011.  … Continue reading

McHenry High School District Finally Puts Teacher Contract on the Internet…Sort Of

Since at least August 13, 2009, school districts have been mandated to post their contracts with teachers online. So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that McHenry High School District 156’s teacher contract was not posted. That’s been … Continue reading

51st to 100th Highest McHenry County School Administrator and Teacher Pensions

National Taxpayers United of Illinois President Jim Tobin held a press conference at McHenry County College on Wednesday in which he released pensions for the top 100 educators in the Teachers Retirement System. Yesterday, the highest pensioners were posted. All … Continue reading

Top 50 School Administrator and Teacher Salaries in McHenry County

The following pension data for McHenry County pensioners in the Teachers Retirement System was provided by Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois at his McHenry County College press conference Wednesday. All of the top fifty pensions exceed … Continue reading