Debate on Lakewood TIF Intense

The comment section under articles about Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and Paul Serwatka’s write-in campaign aimed directly at it is being hotly debated on McHenry County Blog. Here is what appears under the article about Steve Wilson’s letter: … Continue reading

Lakewood Incumbent Gary Sexson Distributes Campaign Piece

Below you can read what incumbent Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing to voters in his campaign for re-election. (If the other incumbents would like be to post their campaign literature or, for that matter, any other McHenry County … Continue reading

CL Council Abandons Park District

At the Crystal Lake Expo on Saturday, I talked with Crystal Lake Park District Executive Director Jason Herbster. Earlier, I reported that he told me that the tax bill for the park district would be up 4% this spring. Today, … Continue reading

Steve Willson Writes Letter for Paul Serwatka’s Lakewood Village Write-in Campaign

A letter I got recently from Steve Willson, a resident of Lakewood who is a bond analyst: My name is Steve Willson. Perhaps you’ve read some of my letters and guest editorials in the Herald about local government waste, something I … Continue reading

Campaigning for Paul Serwatka, Write-In Candidate for Lakewood Village Trustee

Here’s how I spent my Sunday. I passed out the pitch below for Paul Serwatka, write-in candidate for Lakewood Village Trustee. There were many more than the usual number at home, so I had many good conversations. Virtually everyone knew … Continue reading