Message of the Day – Fog

Saturday morning it was foggy. How foggy? Take a look at the water tower in McCormick Park next to the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Building. In the foreground you can see one of the ornamental street lights financed by … Continue reading

TIF Monument Advertisers Should Demand Money Back

These $16,000 Crystal Lake City Council-approved Tax Increment Financing District boundary markers were made for advertising. Unfortunately, the west wind-blown snow has obliterated the message of whomever is advertising today. The advertiser should ask for his or her money back. … Continue reading

Monument Ads – National Basketball Association

With the contract problems between owners and players, the NBA might be looking for institutional advertising. What better place that the four $16,000 Virginia Street Tax Increment Financing District boundary markers? = = = = = Photoshopping by one Heck … Continue reading