NWH Columnist More Than a Little Skeptical about Lakewood’s TIF District

Sunday Northwest Herald columnist Kevin Craver weighed in on the proposed Lakewood Tax Increment Financing District (due to be passed this Tuesday night at a 7 PM meeting being held at Turnberry Country Club). Of interest to some will be … Continue reading

Lakewood’s $66 Million TIF Budget Includes $1 Million for Low Income Housing

This is found on page 32 of the Lakewood Tax Increment Financing District feasibility study: The line at the bottom has stirred some interest. It shows $1 million for “affordable housing construction.” Lakewood has been put on a watch list … Continue reading

No Board Opposition to Lakewood TIF District

Lakewood joined the parade of municipalities that want Tax Increment Financing Districts. Since McHenry County Blog was created in reaction to Crystal Lake’s proposal to create the Vulcan Lakes TIF District and since I’m a resident of Lakewood, I felt … Continue reading