Pat Quinn vs. Ordinary Mike on Popularity of 88% Toll Tax Hike

I guess no one should be surprised that no local media took a poll on whether people wanted tolls hiked. Chicago’s Mike Engle took on Governor Pat Quinn’s assertion that 85% of Illinois motorists understood and approved of the need … Continue reading

A Clue as to Why Local Republicans Were Mute on 88% Toll Tax Hike

I have been astonished at the silence from local Republican leaders about Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike. Yesterday I got an email from the McHenry County Board. Right at the top is a letter from McHenry County Board Chairman … Continue reading

Tribune Does What Suburban Republicans Wouldn’t Do – Pins the Toll Tax Hike on Quinn

What is it with suburban Republican legislators? Why didn’t they figure out that Governor Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike on top of his 67% Income Tax Hike was a political issue that could be exploited? Don’t they talk to … Continue reading

You Can Comment on Toll Tax Hike on Tollway Web Site

All the media coverage has been on those whose livelihoods will be benefited from Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike. These construction workers, consultants and road builders have packed every hearing. They know the game and know their checking accounts … Continue reading

Why Aren’t Republicans Bashing Quinn about His 88% Toll Tax Hike Proposal?

When someone who has been out of office over ten years is the most outspoken person trying to pin the 88% toll tax tail on the Pat Quinn donkey, the Republican Party is lost in the suburban wilderness. I’m prompted … Continue reading

Some Huntley Testimony Against Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike

My testimony at Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Hike hearing in Huntley last night merited mentions in two local sources of news. When the court reporter didn’t get my name and asked me to spell it, The First Electric Newspaper wrote: … Continue reading