Tobin Excoriates Lisa Madigan’s Defense of 88% Toll Tax Hike

A press release from Jim Tobin’s Taxpayers United of America: No thanks, Lisa! A Madigan Christmas gift: 90% Toll-Tax Increase on January 1st!!! December 20, 2011: Judge Rita Novak, of the Cook County Circuit Court, granted Lisa Madigan’s motion to … Continue reading

Tobin’s Group Tries to Stop Toll Tax Hike

A press release from Taxpayers United of America: TAXPAYERS UNITED OF AMERICA TO REQUEST RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ILLINOIS TOLLWAY AUTHORITY CHICAGO–Attorneys for Taxpayers United of America (TUA) will ask Circuit Court Judge Rita M. Novak for a restraining order against … Continue reading

Pat Quinn vs. Ordinary Mike on Popularity of 88% Toll Tax Hike

I guess no one should be surprised that no local media took a poll on whether people wanted tolls hiked. Chicago’s Mike Engle took on Governor Pat Quinn’s assertion that 85% of Illinois motorists understood and approved of the need … Continue reading

A Clue as to Why Local Republicans Were Mute on 88% Toll Tax Hike

I have been astonished at the silence from local Republican leaders about Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike. Yesterday I got an email from the McHenry County Board. Right at the top is a letter from McHenry County Board Chairman … Continue reading

Tribune Does What Suburban Republicans Wouldn’t Do – Pins the Toll Tax Hike on Quinn

What is it with suburban Republican legislators? Why didn’t they figure out that Governor Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike on top of his 67% Income Tax Hike was a political issue that could be exploited? Don’t they talk to … Continue reading

You Can Comment on Toll Tax Hike on Tollway Web Site

All the media coverage has been on those whose livelihoods will be benefited from Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike. These construction workers, consultants and road builders have packed every hearing. They know the game and know their checking accounts … Continue reading

Why Aren’t Republicans Bashing Quinn about His 88% Toll Tax Hike Proposal?

When someone who has been out of office over ten years is the most outspoken person trying to pin the 88% toll tax tail on the Pat Quinn donkey, the Republican Party is lost in the suburban wilderness. I’m prompted … Continue reading