Argument for Putting Tax-Financed Not-Profits Under the Freedom of Information Act

Since the 1970′s I’ve been promoting putting not-for-profit organizations financed with taxpayer dollars or controlled by governments under the Freedom of Information Act. Now the head of the Freedom of Information enforcement agency in Pennsylvania tells the Chicago Sun-Times it … Continue reading

Tax-Financed Non-Profit Transparency

“Not.” That’s the best word to use when talking about transparency of most not-for-profit organizations. If they are financed with government money, however, I have argued since the 1970′s that they should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. … Continue reading

Effingham County Ahead of McHenry County in Transparency

Adam Andrzejewski, the driving force behind Open the Books, was in Effingham recently promoting transparency. According to the Effingham Daily News, the Effingham County Board came in for praise: Andrzejewski recognized the Effingham County Board as a unit for promising … Continue reading

Jr. College Trustees’ Association Offers Advice on Sharing Meetings with Non-Attending Public

Association of Community College Trustees holds conventions in big cites which McHenry County College Trustees attend. It also answers questions like My board is considering televising our meetings- what should we take into account before making this decision? Before taking … Continue reading

McHenry County College Software Vendor Ellucian Sends Student Social Security Numbers to Three Junior Colleges

A McHenry County College vendor sent student names, Social Security numbers and other personal information to three unidentified community colleges, according to letters sent to students dated July 31st. The vendor was Ellucian, which prides itself on “transparency” and describes … Continue reading

Document Viewing Restrictions: McHenry County vs. McHenry County College

Which is the more important local government, McHenry County or McHenry County College? Looking at the question geographically, McHenry County covers the whole county, which MCC covers all of the county but District 300, while slipping over the Kane County … Continue reading

MCC Special Meeting Friday Leaves Citizens in the Dark on Cost Overrun

Because McHenry County College Trustees Ron Parrish, Chris Jenner and Tom Wilbeck refused to provide approval for a $15,000-plus cost overrun for the remodeling of the ceramics lab, the Board will have a special meeting tomorrow at 10:15. Normally, the … Continue reading