County Executive Debate Between Jack Franks and Mike Tryon at MCC Tonight

This email from Patriots United explains the big doings at McHenry County College tonight at 7: Referendum Impact Forum on Wednesday, October 17 Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the event will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The … Continue reading

Robo-Call Invitation to Jack Franks v. Mike Tryon Debate on County Executive Referendum

Friday night my answering machine caught this robo-call from Patriots United about their Wednesday debate between Jack Franks and Mike Tryon about the County Executive Referendum: “This is a public service announcement to McHenry County voters regarding the County Executive … Continue reading

Ersel Schuster, et al, Complain about County Czar Supporters Deliberately Posting their Signs Next to Republican Candidates’ Signs

A press release from McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster: “This press release is to give notice that recent actions by those individuals working for the county executive referendum question are intentionally placing their signs next to many GOP candidates’ … Continue reading

Will County GOP Chairman Tells Why County Taxes Are Low

I asked for a Will County take on Democrat Jack Franks’ claim that Will County taxes were lower than McHenry County taxes and Republican Party Chairman Edward Ronkowski sent me the following email: “In a nutshell, Will County taxes are … Continue reading

Jack Franks Out Campaigning for County Executive Referendum

Jack Franks doesn’t have to worry about Republican Tea Party-inspired Tonya Franklin nipping at his heels this fall, so what’s he doing? He using his energies to pass the County Executive form of government referendum that he gathered signatures for … Continue reading

Jack Jumps Out of the Box, “Vote Yes” on His County Executive Literature Same as “Republican” Group’s Yard Signs

I go to parades to see what candidates show up.  And which ones don’t. Last year, for instance, before Congressman Joe Walsh decided not to run where he lived, but, instead, run in a newly-gerrymandered 8th District which contains none … Continue reading

All County Board Candidates in Southeastern McHenry County Board Districts Oppose Jack Franks’ Consolidation of Power Referendum

Clint Eastwood handled one empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Had he attended the candidate’s night for County Board Districts 1, 2 and 3 Wednesday at McHenry County College, he would have had to deal with four of them. … Continue reading

Patriots United Hosting County Executive Referendum Forum October 17th

Patriots United is hosting an October 18th event that will put proponents against opponents of the County Executive form of government. State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) proposed a referendum to fundamentally change the form of county government. Some think it’s … Continue reading

Democrat Scott Summers Opposes Jack Franks Concentration of Power Referendum

A press release from Scott Summers: Scott Summers opposes the pending referendum question on creation of a county executive “On balance, I think it’s a bad idea,” he says. “The part-time governing boards of many our area’s municipalities and schools … Continue reading

Jack Franks Seeks Permission for Taxpayer-Financed Pitch for County Executive Referendum

In a tightly packed letter covering pretty much every area of open space, State Rep. Jack Franks wrote McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler on September 6, 2012, warned against using tax dollars to “…urge any elector to vote for … Continue reading

Referendums on the Fall Election Ballot in McHenry County

Besides the referendum about establishing the County Executive form of government, McHenry County has one suggested by Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson asking whether people should be allowed to hold more than one elective office at the same time. The second … Continue reading

District 4 Democratic Party Board Candidate Mary Margaret Maule Favors County Executive Referendum

The following expresses the position of Mary Margaret Maule, the Democratic Party County Board candidate in District 4, on the County Executive referendum put forth by State Rep. Jack Franks: “I have walked numerous precincts and the voters of McHenry … Continue reading

Democrats Oppose Jack Franks’ County Executive Referendum

State Rep. Jack Franks may be the leading Democrat in McHenry County, but his support among other Democratic Party activists isn’t sufficient to get other leading Democrats to support his referendum to switch from a weak Executive to a strong … Continue reading

Mike Walkup Lays Out Another Potential Problem with the County Executive Form of Government

Some more thoughts from District 3 Republican McHenry County Board candidate Mike Walkup about the County Executive form of government that Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks has gotten on the ballot: “One of the things that can happen if … Continue reading