Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade Packs Pols at Front

The1.8 mile Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade was held on Sunday, July 2nd. It was about an hour and a half and featured elected officials and candidates near the front. Featured entries like the Crystal Lake Strikers, the Jesse White … Continue reading

Kids on Bicycles Hit by Landscaping Truck on Lake Avenue Near Crystal Creek

No news has appeared in a press release yet, but neighbors of where Crystal Creek flows from Crystal Lake report that children riding bikes were hit by a landscaping truck. The Crystal Lake Police Department says no one was killed. … Continue reading

The Problem of the Crystal Lake Civic Center – Part 11 Extend Expired Trust Agreement or “Constitutional Crisis”

A continuation of the Crystal Lake Civic Center minutes from February 7, 2017. Board Member Danielson stated that the CCA was basically going to keep the property in the trust until they meet again in 3 or 4 months. Chairman … Continue reading