CL Independence Day Parade – Part 11 – Mary Mahady

Following State Senate Candidate Nancy Zettler was State Senate candidate Mary Mahady. The Democrat is currently in her second term as McHenry Township Assessor. She is opposed by Republican Craig Wilcox. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 10 – Nancy Zettler

Behind 14th congressional district 14 Democratic Party candidate Lauren Underwood came the entry of State Senate candidate Nancy Zettler. As she got closer, Zettler could not resist mugging for the camera. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 8 – Lauren Underwood

Right after the Republicans came the McHenry County Democratic Party banner. Lauren Underwood, the woman running against Randy Hultgren for Congress in the 14th District, was first in line. It was easy to see who the candidate was with Underwood … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 7 – Donna & Rosemary Kurtz

Behind State Rep. Allen Skillicorn were Rosemary Kurtz and her daughter Donna. Donna is a member of the McHenry County Board and served on the McHenry County College Board previously. Rosemary Kurtz served as Crystal Lake City Treasurer, then beat … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 6 – Allen Skillicorn

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn came next. Delighting the children along the route were three cyclists doing tricks. Then came Skillicorn’s truck, complete with signs and trailing an elephant. Skillicorn supporters were handing out bubbly gum. At the tail end of … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 5 – Joe Tirio

A group of Republican candidates followed State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Crystal Lake’s  Independence Day Parade on July 7th. Republican candidate for County Clerk, current Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio was the first one. Next up was a jeep. Walkers … Continue reading

Fossil Spruce Wood and Needles Say Crystal Lake 16,000 Years Old

Another article about the Ilionois State Geologic Survey findings retrieved from the clutches of Google’s having identified McHenry County Blog in the latter part of 2006. As I reported earlier, Brandon Curry of the Illinois State Geological Survey was in Crystal … Continue reading

How Low Can You Go in Crystal Lake?

Continuing on a republication of findings about Crystal Lake by the Illinois Geologic Survey in 2006: Yesterday, McHenry County Blog reported on the depth measurements made in the West End of Crystal Lake by the Illinois Geological Survey, The bathymetric … Continue reading