Patrick Kenneally Gets $7,000 from Relatives

Shortly before Christmas McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally reported receiving $42,500 in contributions. Right before New Year’s Day, the State Board of Elections reveals the receipt of another $7,000: $2,000 comes from Patrick Kenneally of Chicago, who is … Continue reading

Bianchi on the Attack in Chicago – Part 1

Not only was McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s legal team on the attack in Rockford, but papers were filed in Chicago in his Federal suit now against Thomas K. McQueen Daniel Jerger Robert Scigalski James Reilly Patrick Hanretty Richard … Continue reading

Lou Bianchi’s Case against Those Who Persecuted Him – Part 4

We are moving on to Part 4–roughly pages 30-40–of Lou Bianchi attorney Terry Ekl’s First Amended Complaint against Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen, their investigative firm Quest Consultants International and others. From the title above paragraph 124, one … Continue reading

Lou Bianchi’s Case against Those Who Persecuted Him – Part 1

Yes, I used the word “persecuted” in the headline, rather than “prosecuted.” This case charges, accurately, I believe, that Bianchi and his staff members who were criminally charged were “victims of politically and financially motivated criminal investigations and prosecutions,” as … Continue reading

McHenry County Business Committee Holds Second Meeting

A new Political Action Committee organized by Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman and Waste Management employee Brent Smith held its second meeting Wednesday night at American Community Bank in McHenry. Registered with the State Board of Elections on November … Continue reading

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, et al, Sue Special Prosecutors Tonigan & McQueen, plus Quest Consultants, et al, Plus “Unknown Conspirators”

The suit that had been virtually promised by McHenry County State Lou Bianchi during the two trials brought by Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen has been filed in Federal Court. It outlines fifteen counts, which I’ll wade through … Continue reading

Will Nygren Pop for His Own Attorney in Zane Seipler’s Special Prosecutor Case?

You leave McHenry County for a day and a half and it takes an hour to get caught up on what happened politically. The Northwest Herald’s uber-Editor Chris Krug announces in his column that Lou Bianchi’s 2008 Republican primary opponent … Continue reading

Pat Brady Speaks to Full House in Crystal Lake

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady traveled up the Fox River Valley to talk to McHenry County Republicans Wednesday night. The event was held at the Prairie Isle Golf Club in Prairie Grove. A good number of countywide elected officials … Continue reading

So, What Is Lou Bianchi Accused of Doing?

McHenry County Blog posted the entire indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney here. There is one charge of “conspiracy,” one charge of “unlawful communication with a witness” (Tom Carroll) and nineteen for “official misconduct.” Most of the guts of it, … Continue reading

Also in the “You Can’t Make This Up” Category

First, it’s a Huntley School Board member saying that Tea Party participants are prone to toss Molotov cocktails at Federal buildings. I thought only radical left wingers were trying to scare people away from events like the legislative forum being … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Amends His Call for a Special Prosecutor for Sheriff Keith Nygren

One might have thought the campaign ended with the Republican primary victory of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren over Zane Seipler, the deputy Nygren never wants to see in the Sheriff’s Department again. But Seipler’s blog, McHenry County Sheriff’s Department … Continue reading

Republicans at War

In case you haven’t noticed the forces grouped behind McHenry County Sheriff are at war with the forces behind McHenry County State’s Attorney. I have no clue when the war started, but it was manifested in Sheriff Keith Nygren‘s not … Continue reading

Ratcheting Up the Criticism in the Sheriff’s Race

McHenry County Sheriff candidate Zane Seipler is levying the same charge against his opponent Keith Nygren that Nygren’s candidate for State’s Attorney Dan Regna made against Lou Bianchi: Using his office for political gain Here are the details from the … Continue reading