BGA Supports McSweeney Abolish McHenry County Townships by Referendum Bill

Looking at an email from the Better Government Association, I found an endorsement of State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637, of fifteen bills the organization is supported. The email describes the bill like this: HB 4637: Allows the board … Continue reading

GOP County Chairman Diane Evertsen Comes Out Against Bill Allowing Voters to Abolish Townships

In a reverse twist on former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado’s push to consolidate townships, newly-elected Chairman Diane Evertsen has sent an email to some Precinct Committeemen calling for opposition to State Rep.David McSweeney’s bill to allow voters … Continue reading

McSweeney’s Bill Is Not About Township Consolidation

Yesterday, the Northwest Herald article‘s headline and first sentence of a story by report Ed Komenda characterized State Rep. David McSweeny’s House Bill 4637 as having to do with consolidating townships. The bill, instead, is about allowing voters to abolish … Continue reading

Reick Criticizes “Short Debate” on McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill

The Illinois House has a rule which limits debate to two people on certain bills. It’s called “Short Debate.” Usually bills put on that agenda are non-controversial. The person speaking in favor of the measure is its sponsor. Then, the … Continue reading

McSweeny Budget Transparency Bill Passes House

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney: House Approves McSweeney Legislation to Ensure Late Payment Interest is Included in the Budgeting Process Springfield, IL – The Illinois House overwhelmingly approved a measure State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) sponsored … Continue reading

Burton Township’s Road District Would Barely Survive Abolition under McSweeney’s Bill

With only 15.69 miles of township roads, the office of Burton Township Road Commissioner would be abolished at the end of the current commissioner’s term under House Bill 4637. The bill was sponsored in the Illinois House by Republican State … Continue reading

Bill Allowing Voters to Abolish Township Government Passes House

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney: House Passes McSweeney’s Township Consolidation Bill Springfield, IL – Yesterday the Illinois House overwhelmingly approved State Rep. David McSweeney’s (R-Barrington Hills) measure to allow voters in McHenry County new pathways to eliminate … Continue reading

Taxpayers Still Funding Severance Agreements for Sexual Harassment Cases, But at Least We Will Know About It

A press release from the Illinois General Assembly: House Approves Rep. McSweeney Bill Requiring Taxing Bodies to Make Public Severance Agreements Resulting from Sexual Harassment Cases Cary, IL –  State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) has advanced legislation amending the … Continue reading

One Step Closer for Township Consolidation Legislation

A press release from the Illinois General Assembly: Rep. McSweeney backed legislation enabling voters to eliminate townships in McHenry County advances Springfield, IL – The Illinois House Government Consolidation and Modernization Committee yesterday unanimously advanced State Rep. David McSweeney-backed legislation to make it … Continue reading

Governors’ Ghost Employees

SPRINGFIELD STATE JOURNAL REGISTER — Illinois comptroller wants to stop governors’ payroll “off-shoring” – Doug Finke When I saw this article in the State Joural-Register, it brought me back to the time Dan Walker was in office in the … Continue reading

McSweeney Goes After Tax-Financed Payoffs for Legislative Sexual Harassers

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney: McSweeney Advances Legislation Banning State Funds from Being Used to Silence Sexual Harassment Claims Against Legislators Springfield, IL – The Illinois House Executive Committee approved a measure State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington … Continue reading

Majority of House Say They Oppose Shift of Madigan/Rauner Teacher Pension Cost to Local Taxpayers

When Stae Rep. David McSweeney heard Governor Bruce Rauner say that he favored House Speaker Mike Madigan’s idea to shift the cost of teacher pensions from state government to local school Districts he introduced a resolution in opposition. Resolutions don’t … Continue reading

McSweeney Working to Defeat Rauner-Madigan Teacher Pension Shift to Local Property Taxpayers

State Rep. David McSweeney took up the fight to prevent the enactment of the shift of burden for teacher pensions from state taxpayers to local real estate tax payers. He has introduced House Resolution 27, which “States the opinion of … Continue reading

McSweeney Files Bill Carving Easier Path to Dissolve Townships in McHenry County

McHenry County State’s Attorney Investigating Use of Taxpayer Funds Illinois Policy Institute and the Northwest Herald have reported FOIA requests by McHenry County State’s Attorney seeking financial records from 2013-2017. This comes on the heels of HB4244 introduced by Rep. … Continue reading