The Chicago Tribune’s Blinders

A paragraph from a Chicago Tribune article about Illinois Tea Party demonstrations: “A typical protest will draw a few dozen vocal participants, including last month’s rally at the Schaumburg office of U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean intended to persuade the Democrat … Continue reading

A Letter to Melissa Bean

This is from a participant in the Tuesday demonstration in front of 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s Schaumburg office near Woodfield. Photos of the event were also shared. I am pleased to publish both the letter and the pictures. You … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Walsh Keeps Heat on Bean

The following press releases were received from 8th District GOP Congressional candidate Joe Walsh: Bean Puts Party Politics Ahead of Constitution, Constituents: Votes to Sanction Shady “Deem-and-Pass” (Lake Zurich, Ill)– Yesterday, Melissa Bean voted down a bi-partisan effort that would … Continue reading

Uppity Citizen and Community Internet Organizer Angered by Homosexual Legislator’s Sneaky Shortcut

This is the one week in the legislative session to keep alert. The taxeaters are after your money and those with ideas that need to be snuch by in order to have a chance of passing are using parliamentary shortcuts … Continue reading

TEA Party Moving Down to Cary

When my son and I got to Cary we discovered people who had been at the Crystal Lake demonstration, 550 strong according to Libertarian Party Chair Dave Brady of Wonder Lake. This was the third McHenry County TEA Party I … Continue reading

Saturday Demonstration in Front of Jack Franks’ Woodstock Office

On our way back from Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport, we drove through Woodstock on Route 47. There was a big back-up as we entered and left Burger King. As we paused at the McConnell Road stop light, here’s what I saw … Continue reading