Suicide Averted on Crystal Lake’s Uteg Street at Hampton Court Apartments

A press release has come from the Crystal Lake Police Department concerning the morning activity on Uteg Street.  It follows: On October 31, 2012, at 9:01 a.m., the Crystal Lake Police were contacted by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Middle Schoolers to Attend Rachel’s Challenge Anti-Bullying Assemblies

An email from District 47 Superintendent Donn Mendoza: Subject: Exciting Opportunity for District 47’s Middle School Students and Families Dear District 47 Middle School Families: The purpose for this correspondence is to inform you that all three District 47 middle … Continue reading

39% of Illinois Teachers Pay Nothing for Pensions

“While Democrats say Teachers ‘Have Kept Their Part of the Deal?’“ is the title of an April 5, 2011, article by former Huntley School District 158 Board member Larry Snow.  (The quote was in the Chicago Tribune Marcy 31, 2011.  … Continue reading

$3.8 Million in Local School Employee Union Dues of Local School Employees

McHenry County Blog has surveyed school districts with major presences in McHenry County and discovered that union employees paid $3.8 million in dues during calendar year 2010. The total amount was $3,825,572. Contracts are typically for more than one year … Continue reading

Former District 47 School Board Member David Phoenix Runs Write-In Campaign for State Representative

I first noticed the write-in for state representative sign when I took one of my son’s friends home after a sleepover. There it was in the front yard in Four Colonies next to a Bill Brady for Governor sign. It … Continue reading

Another Warning to Parents of Crystal Lake Grade School Kids of a Man Trying to Pick Them Up

Just after noon, Crystal Lake District 47 Communications Director Lori Parrish robo-called to let parents know that a man in a van was trying to talk to North Elementary School students on the way to school. Her message follows: “This … Continue reading

Local School & Tax Districts Not Bragging about Lower Tax Rates

Notice how you don’t see any local governmental or school district officials bragging about how much their tax rate had gone down? That’s because tax rates didn’t decrease this year. For almost the past two decades, the Property Tax Cap … Continue reading

Attempted Central High School Girl Abduction

The following email arrived at 3:04 PM. I was alerted to look for something by District 47’s Communications Director Lori Parrish’s having robo-called to tell me the same information. Forewarned, etc. Alert Name: Attempted Child Abduction Alert Type: High Importance … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Middle School Fight Club?

That’s what sprang to mind about noon as I was listening to the robo-call from Crystal Lake Grade School Director of Communications Lori Parish. Read what she said and see if you come to a similar conclusion: “School administrators have … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Has More Men Looking for Grade School Kids – License Plate of Older Black Car has 646 on It

Last week, parents and personnel at West Grade School in Crystal Lake had a scare when a guy tried to talk a nine-year old girl into getting into his car. Yesterday after school, a similar event occurred. At 11:24 this … Continue reading

Dave Jenkins, Please Call Your Former Employer

Former Huntley School District 158 Technology Officer and, then, Chief Operating Officer Dave Jenkins recently went to work for Crystal Lake’s Grade School District 47. Looking at the front page announcement on the Huntley School District’s web page makes me … Continue reading

The Teacher Sex/Physical Abuse Roll Call Nobody Every Used in a Political Campaign

Eight years after bringing too many boxes home my legislative office, I was doing some throwing away this past month. I found a roll call on an amendment I offered on June 7, 1994. It was my second year of … Continue reading

District 47 Might Recoup Money Stolen over Internet from Insurance

After I saw the story from WLS-TV about Crystal Lake’s Grade School District 47 having lost $350,000 through internet fraud, I asked Chief Financial Officer Susan Shepard whether the loss might be recovered from a district insurance policy. Here’s her … Continue reading

President Barack Obama Scheduled to Speak by Satellite to Crystal Lake Grade Schoolers

Imagine my surprise when an alert Crystal Lake South Elementary School parent emailed me that District 47 was going to allow President Barack Obama to speak to its students on September 8th. Sure, I’m just too much of a cynic. … Continue reading