Don DeWitte Named GOP Spokesman on Senate Transportation, Plus Government Accountability and Pensions Committee

A press Release from State Senator Don DeWitte: DeWitte appointed as Republican lead on Senate’s Transportation Committee Springfield, IL… State Senator Donald P. DeWitte (R-St. Charles) will serve as the Minority Spokesperson for the Senate Transportation Committee in the 101st … Continue reading

NWH Endorses The Three Republican State Senate Candidates

To over-generalize,but not by much, the Northwest Herald Editorial Board endorsed all three Republican State Senate candidates over their Democratic Party opponents because the Democrats seemed likely or stated specifically that they wanted to impose a progressive income tax on … Continue reading

Tribune Endorses Dan McConchie for Re-Election to State Senate, Plus Links to Answers to Election Forum Questions

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed State Senator Dan McConchie for re-election. He was appointed to replace Dan Duffy when Duffy retired early and won the 2016 election for a two-year term. The endorsement is below: 26th District: For first-term Sen. … Continue reading