More Opportunities to Join the Republican Party

Yesterday we looked at Alden and Algonquin Townships. Algonquin Township has 13 precincts with no Republican Precinct Committeeman. (I’d do Democrats, too, but the McHenry County Democratic Party web site doesn’t have a handy listing.) Today, we’ll look at the … Continue reading

Real Estate Tax Assessments Down Almost 10%, Don’t Expect a Lower Bill

The 2010 assessed valuation has been totaled for McHenry County and it’s down almost 10%. That’s what a comparison of raw figures from the McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments Office indicate. McHenry County real estate taxes this year will be … Continue reading

Township Meetings Tonight

Although every township will hold annual town meetings tonight, of the 17 in McHenry County, those in Grafton, Dorr and Nunda Townships are guaranteed to provide the most action. In Grafton, the forces behind the Township Trustees vs. Township Supervisor … Continue reading

Fender’s Severance Pay Cut to Three Months

The meeting room was pretty full for the regular monthly township meeting last night. There must have been something of a backlash at the attempt to include ten months severance pay (as reported exclusively yesterday on McHenry County Blog) in … Continue reading

Dorr Township Republican Turnout

Earlier I calculated and posted the percentage turnout in the February 2nd Republican primary election for each precinct in Algonquin Township Grafton Township and Nunda Township The figures are not for the percentage that voted in all primary elections; rather, … Continue reading

Dorr Township Not Like Grafton, Supervisor Says

“Filled to capacity” is how one person in attendance last night at the Dorr Township meeting. The Dorr Township Hall meeting room is small, so that meant about 25 residents were present. The biggest news was that Supervisor Bob Pierce … Continue reading

Dorr Township Electors Ask $1 Million Tax Rebate or Referendum Asking that Question

The following petition has been filed with Dorr Township Clerk Kathleen J. Schlapp by the requisite number of township voters: From:  The Undersigned Dorr Township Electors Re:  Request that the township clerk place an item on the township’s annual meeting … Continue reading

Lakewood Gains New Economic Development Tool

Pete Gonigam’s First Electric Newspaper reported it first, but he didn’t have the map you see below. What you see in orange is the new area within McHenry County designated by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development as … Continue reading

Dorr Township Planning Committee Recommends Asking Residents Whether to Spend Surplus or Rebate It

At the Monday budget hearing Grafton Township residents asked why a Township Planning Commission had not been appointed. Apparently, applicants were solicited and received. This was also the topic of a motion at the last Annual Meeting of the township’s … Continue reading

County Expands PACE Reach for Crystal Lake, McHenry and Woodstock Residents

Lack of inter-connectivity has always been the problem in delivering bus service to the suburbs.  To get from one town to the next, you had to be able to get from your home to the bus stop. During the 1974 … Continue reading

Barn Lovers Recruited for October 10th Tour

John Hammer, President of the McHenry County Historical Barn Preservation Association, is seeking Grafton and Dorr barn lovers for the fall tour. Here’s his pitch to folks who are already members. I’m told it’s OK to share with non-members now. … Continue reading

Frank Wedig Going Door-to-Door in Quest for Dorr Township Trustee

Green Party candidate for Dorr Township Trustee Frank Wedig is knocking on doors in his second attempt to become the first Green Party member elected to office in McHenry County while being identified as such on the ballot. The first … Continue reading