Motion for Sanctions Legal Fees & Costs Set at $260,156 for Zane Seipler

Sheriff Keith Nygren’s motion for legal fees to be paid by Deputy Zane Seipler in his wrongful termination suit total $227,905. There is an addition $32, 252.16 in “costs and expenses” for the contempt of court hearings. Judge Frederick Kapala … Continue reading

Point, Counter Point – Sotos, Horwitz Both Request Sanctions – Part 5

Besides violating the confidentiality court order in former Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination case, his attorney Blake Horwitz argues in his motion for sanctions that defendant McHenry County Sheriff’s lawyer James Sotos has wrongfully withheld a long video interview … Continue reading

Sheriff Seeks Sanctions for Privacy Violations, While Violating Privacy Order or “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

I have a new toy.  It’s called Pacer. It’s a portal to all Federal court filings. Eight cents a page to look and download documents. (Up to ten cents next year.) The suit I am looking at today is Zane … Continue reading

Zane Seipler’s Latest Move against Keith Nygren in Federal Wrongful Termination Suit

The document just filed does look exactly as I received it (different formatting), but I bet some readers will find it interesting. IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS WESTERN DIVISION ZANE SEIPLER, Plaintiff V. … Continue reading

Philpott Hearing finds Nygren Attorney Saying,”Seipler Was Terminated for Complaining about Racial Profiling”

When Woodstock Advocate blogger Gus Philpott went to Rockford Federal Court to object to Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attempt to get all of his emails to and from any number of people, Philpott challenged the decision and won his motion to … Continue reading

Philpott Beats Nygren

Acting as his own attorney, Woodstock Advocate blogger Gus Philpott prevailed Wednesday in Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren lawyer. James Sotos, Nygren’s attorney in former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination suit, sent his associate … Continue reading