Zane Seipler Says Greg Pyle Used an Email Address in FBI Affidavit for Harrassment

From a comment under the article about the FBI Agent’s affidavit that lead the McHenry County Sheriff Sergeant Greg Pyle’s arrest: That is one of the e-mails that Pyle used to send me threats and meaningless rantings when he … Continue reading

The Other Tuesday Night Meetings – Township Annual Meetings & McHenry County Board’s with Vote on Slot Machines in Rural Bars

Besides the 6 PM meeting at McHenry County College at which the lame duck Board seems destined to renew President Vicky Smith’s contract, there are other meetings people might find of interest. Each of McHenry County’s 17 Townships will hold … Continue reading

Dan Duffy Asks Folks to Email Madigan and Cullerton about Tax Hike

State Senator Dan Duffy, who spoke forcefully against the Democrats 67% income tax hike bill, has issued the following statement in which he asks people to email House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton. The statement follows: “In … Continue reading