Grafton Trustees Reject Moore Attorney Selection

Thursday night, the Grafton Township Trustees rejected Supervisor Linda Moore’s selection of Rockford’s John Nelson as Township Attorney. Little surprise there, since Nelson’s representation of Moore led to the dismissal of both the Trustees’ favored law firm Ancel Glink, but … Continue reading

Fender’s Severance Pay Cut to Three Months

The meeting room was pretty full for the regular monthly township meeting last night. There must have been something of a backlash at the attempt to include ten months severance pay (as reported exclusively yesterday on McHenry County Blog) in … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Sign

There were so many signs in Crystal Lake and Algonquin at the 4th of July TEA Parties. In view of the Grafton Township Board’s having stopped the $430 a day hemorrhage to the Harris Bank for the $3.5 million loan … Continue reading