Grafton Township Meeting Quiet, Short

With Township Supervisor Linda Moore in Texas for her daughter’s college graduation and Rob LaPorta also absent, the meeting was relatively short and peaceful. No one raised his voice or went off on a rant. Trustee Gerry McMahon even sat … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustee Rob LaPorta: “I Want You to Quit Screaming.”

I didn’t attend last Thursday night’s Grafton Township Board meeting. Frankly, it’s not calm enough for me. The following two-minute portion was forwarded to me. From it, you can see what goes on at some point in virtually every meeting. … Continue reading

Linda Moore Asks Judge Caldwell to Approve John Nelson as Grafton Township Attorney

At the last meeting of the Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore asked her adversaries on the Township Board to approve the man whose arguments unseated their choice for Township Attorney, Keri Lyn Krafthefer, in Judge Michael Caldwell’s court. To no … Continue reading

Grafton Trustees Reject Moore Attorney Selection

Thursday night, the Grafton Township Trustees rejected Supervisor Linda Moore’s selection of Rockford’s John Nelson as Township Attorney. Little surprise there, since Nelson’s representation of Moore led to the dismissal of both the Trustees’ favored law firm Ancel Glink, but … Continue reading

Judge Caldwell’s Feb 24th Grafton Township Suit Concluding Comments – Part 5 – Contracts, Who Does What

The final part of Judge Michael Caldwell’s comments at the February 24, 2011, hearing had to do with contracts.  The judge is still disturbed at the Trustees “trying to marginalize” Supervisor Linda Moore. He warns the Trustees (and maybe their … Continue reading

Post-Grafton Township Meeting Altercation beween Trustee Gerry McMahon and David Moore Ends in Arrest of Moore

The press release below was issued by the Huntley Police Department. It relates to a confrontation between Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s husband David and Township Trustee Gerry McMahon. David Moore is one of the mildest men I have ever met, … Continue reading

Grafton Township Board Meeting & Meeting & Meeting

So how many times did the “Family Feud” Grafton Township Board meet in the first year since Linda Moore replaced John Rossi as Supervisor? Past boards have met once a month, plus the Annual Town Meeting of Electors. The Supervisor … Continue reading

Chris Krug on Value of Township Government

Sunday Northwest Herald Executive Editor Chris Krug wrote of taking some heat from a reader who criticized him in a letter to his boss John Rung. In response, Krug said he was going to list the benefits of township government. … Continue reading

Tidal Wave of Opposition Overwhelms Trustees’ Desire for New Grafton Township Offices

With over 700 registered voters in attendance, electors at the Annual Town Meeting overwhelmingly refused to follow the script laid out by Ancel Glink partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. There were so many people in attendance that the 700 pink ballots designed … Continue reading

Free Bus Ride Offered Lakewood & Crystal Lake Residents to Grafton Township Meeting Tuesday Night

As the Grafton Township meeting on Tuesday approaches, efforts by those who wish to spend millions of dollars to obtain or construct new township offices and those in opposition are intensifying. Opponents have hired a bus that will leave the … Continue reading

Fender’s Severance Pay Cut to Three Months

The meeting room was pretty full for the regular monthly township meeting last night. There must have been something of a backlash at the attempt to include ten months severance pay (as reported exclusively yesterday on McHenry County Blog) in … Continue reading

Apparently Legal for Grafton Township Board to Sue before Open Meeting Approval

So, after hearing of the counter suit filed the Monday before last by township trustees against Supervisor Linda Moore after Moore filed her Separation of Powers suit, I wrote the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office asking whether a governmental body … Continue reading

Grafton Township Board Appoints Lakewood’s Harriet Ford Clerk

The Huntley-centric Grafton Township Board reached out to the northeast corner of the township to select a Lakewood woman as township clerk. On a 5-0 vote, the board voted for Harriet Ford. Ford edged out Kristy Borchart and Joan Citro, … Continue reading

Grafton Township Edifice Complex Alive and Well

At last Thursday night’s meeting of the Grafton Township Board, Township Administrator Pam Fender presented a real estate listing for the old R & R Metal Craft Building at 11012 N. Blakley Street in Huntley. (Near the library and village … Continue reading

Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 3

“Do you think the trustees have management (power) day-to-day?” Supervisor Linda Moore asked Ancel Glick partner Keri-Lyn Krafterfer. She replied in the affirmative to which Moore asked her to “Please put that in writing.” On the offensive again, Moore asked … Continue reading

More Funny Business in Grafton Township

You gotta love the infighting among Republicans in Grafton Township. Supervisor Linda Moore posted video of the last township meeting. My speakers are so poor I had a hard time hearing what people were saying in the first segment, but … Continue reading