Oakwood Hills’ Documents Show Electric Generating Peaker Plant Proceeding Apace

For some reason, the above scene from the Wizard of Oz came to mind when I read the most recent reply to my most recent Freedom of Information requests the Village of Oakwood Hills. What was it the Wizard said? … Continue reading

Reader Suggests “Attorney for the PEOPLE”

After looking at a couple of the articles on McHenry County Blog about the multi-ten thousand dollar March legal bill from Ancel Glink, one reader came up with the following idea: “These Attorney’s are hired to protect the Government, at … Continue reading

Federal Stimulus Providing $310,000 in Sewer Improvements to Lakewood’s East Side

At Tuesday night’s meeting of neighbors at Rick and Ernstiena Clark’s home on Meridian Street, newly-elected Village President Erin Smith told the upwards of 30 people gathered that Lakewood has been approved for a grant of about $330,000 to complete … Continue reading