Second Anti-Schofield Mailing from Proft’s PAC

As readers know State Rep. candidate has received huge contributions from the teachers’ union called the Illinois Education Association and State Senator Pam Althoff. She will need it to counter the effort to elect Allen Skillicorn by Dan Proft’s Liberty … Continue reading

Proft Mails Second Piece Trying to ID Urlacher as Too Close to Democrats

Dan Proft’s PAC, Liberty Principles PAC, has mailed a second piece attacking Casey Urlacher. The message he wants imprinted in voters’ minds is that Urlacher is too close to Democrats. Again contributor¬†connections to Democratic Party Governors Rod Blagojevich and Pat … Continue reading

McConchie Supporter Sends Comparison Mailing

An independent expenditure from Illinois Restoration Political Action Committee financed a mailing last week for State Senate candidate Dan McConchie. It’s a comparison piece trying to pin the donkey on McConchie’s opponents. It echoes Dan Proft’s PAC’s attack on Urlacher … Continue reading

Realtors Fund Kick In $50,000 to Schofield & McLaughlin

When I got a copy of the independent mailing for Martin McLaughlin, candidate for State Senate in Dan Duffy’s district, I went to the Illinois State Board of Elections looking for its cost. In the report for the National Association … Continue reading

Club for Growth Supports Joe Walsh in 14th Congressional District

Both freshmen Congressmen Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren live in the 14th Congressional District.¬† It is possible they will face off in next year’s Republican primary election.¬† This press release from the Club for Growth PAC indicates on political action … Continue reading

Would Any Congressman or Congresswoman Want No Income Verification, No Down Payment Mortgages to Be Public Policy?

People sometimes wonder how the gigantic mortgage mess got created in the first place? My CPA gave me a article in October, 2008, pinning, to my satisfaction, the responsibility on the Bill Clinton administration. People say no Congressman or Congresswoman … Continue reading