Frangible Ammo Manufacturer Replies to McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Eric Woods’ Suit

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog reported on the complaint filed by McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Eric Woods concerning his shooting range injury. In the suit against the frangible ammunition’s manufacturer, Pennsylvania’s International Cartridge Corporation, Woods blamed defects in the bullets for … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Deputy Injured on Firing Range Sues Frangible Ammunition Firm

The firm that provided the ammunition that is supposed to disintegrate upon impact was sued by McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods in Federal Court on January 25, 2011. McHenry County Blog obtained the purchase orders through a Freedom of … Continue reading

Shooting Range Ammo Used Day Eric Woods Got Wounded

Still trying to discover the details of what happened March 15th when McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy is reported to have been shot by ricocheting frangible ammunition, I filed a Freedom of Information request asking for its purchase order. Here’s what … Continue reading