“An American” Is Becoming a Regular on Extended Commentary

Under the Sunday article about the election of McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Kristina Zahorik as head of the Illinois Democratic Party Chairs’ Association, “An American” has this to say: Oh please. The Bernie people endorsed her opponent, Alison Squires, … Continue reading

Inoculation by Litigation

Prior to the Primary Election allies of Jack Franks sent scurrilous postcards against Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Clerk. The beneficiary in the GOP Primary Election was the former Clerk of the … Continue reading

Reapportionment the Best Reason to Re-Elect Bruce Rauner

Governor Bruce Rauner’s campaign for re-election is almost over. TV ads, fly-arounds, visits with local chambers of commerce, tours of factories, etc. But, why would Republicans want to re-elect him? In McHenry County Rauner showed no concern for the Republicans … Continue reading

MaBarker Riffs on Relationship of Jack Franks to Sean Casten

Another poem from OldMaBaker: Ok, here’s my latest poetic contribution about our Wonderful, Great Leader and his slimy pal, Wannabe-Carsten: ***************************************************************************************************** “Franks’ Little Casten-Cuckoo” or “Franks’ Long March to Succeed Rat-Durbin” Tell it to the Fake News NWH (Killer of … Continue reading

Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund Identity Postponed Until December

McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio was in court today again in a suit against Breaker Press. That is the printer of the smear pieces claiming he had taken a vacation using a “slush fund,” as well as hired “cronies” … Continue reading

Joe Tirio Says He Will Serve as Both Recorder and Clerk, If Elected; State’s Attorney Says It’s OK

A press release from Joe Tirio: If elected, Tirio agrees to serve as Recorder without pay until offices are consolidated WOODSTOCK, IL – As election day looms near, some are asking what will happen to the Recorder’s office if Tirio … Continue reading

Mike Walkup Announces Resignation from County Board, Jack Franks Will Appoint Replacement

I was at the District 155 High School Board meeting Tuesday night and didn’t bother to listen to the concurrent McHenry County Board meeting tape. Had I, I would have heard District 3 County Board member Mike Walkup announce his … Continue reading

“I’m Your Boss” Jack Franks Swears at Employee of Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhornr

Here are the notes of McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools employee Edgar Pereda, who is Director of Evergreen School, of a phone conversation with County Board Chairman Jack Franks: Around 2 pm a representative from Mr. Franks office called and asked … Continue reading