Grafton Township Critic Says Let Other Governments Absorb Its Functions

McHenry County Blog has some thoughtful thinkers. One has posted the comment below under the last article. Certainly people are talking about abolishing Grafton Township.   Two trustees have told me that might even favor the idea. I found one … Continue reading

Leitmotif of the Grafton Township Kangaroo Court – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog started outlining what was mentioned about the court-determined illegal actions of the prior board–three of whose members were re-elected–in notes of the 7:30 PM to 12:15 AM Grafton Township board meeting last Thursday night. The topic … Continue reading

Leitmotif of the Grafton Township Kangaroo Court – Part 1

There was a leitmotif during the almost five-hour meeting of the Grafton Township Board on Thursday night. Not too light, though. More like an elephant plunging through the local Republican Party, setting up all Grafton Township incumbents for defeat at … Continue reading

Linda Moore Fulfills Campaign Promise about No Referendum Town Hall – Grafton Township Decides to Buy Back the Old Town Hall from Itself

Getting rid of the deals that went down to build a new town hall on Haligus Road without a referendum was the primary campaign promise that propelled challenger Linda Moore to a 30-vote Republican primary victory over Grafton Township Supervisor … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustees Blow Off Second Meeting – Ancel, Glinck Partner Writes Boycott OK

For the second time in four days, Grafton Township Trustees boycotted a meeting called by newly-elected Supervisor Linda Moore. Moore was criticized by township attorney Keri-Lyn J. Krafterfer in a November 6th letter for not having included items on her … Continue reading

More on the Marc Munaretto $66,000 Grafton Township Commission Check

Pete Gonigam of the First Electric Newspaper got Marc Munaretto to talk to him about the $66,000 commission paid him by Grafton Township when Supervisor John Rossi and the trustees sold the Grafton Hall to the Grafton Township Road District. … Continue reading

"Town Hall" Litigation over in Grafton Township, 2010 Fall Elections Will Settle the Issue

The following has been received from the office of Jim Bishop, attorney for Dan Ziller, Jr., et al, in their successful case against the Grafton Township Board’s attempt to build a new township hall without voter approval: The Illinois Appellate … Continue reading

Attorney Jim Bishop Seeking Grafton Township Financial & Equipment Records

After winning his clients’ suit against a Grafton Township board that decided to build a new township hall without notifying, let alone asking township residents for their opinions, Crystal Lake attorney Jim Bishop is filing a Freedom of Information request … Continue reading

Appellate Court Upholds Judge Michael Caldwell’s Decision Stopping the Non-Voter Approved Grafton Township Hall

An all-female panel of Illinois’ Second Appellate Court ruled today that McHenry County Circuit Court Judge Michael Caldwell was right when stopped the building of a new Grafton Township Hall which was approved without public notice or vote by Supervisor … Continue reading

What Grafton Township’s Just Resigned Attorney Sees as Looming Legal Issues

Last night Crystal Lake lawyer Joe Gottemoller resigned as Grafton Township attorney. He had been selected to replace Jim Kelly, who had been chosen for the post by John Rossi, the man whom newly-elected Township Supervisor Linda Moore and her … Continue reading

Referendum on New Grafton Township Hall Set for November, 2010

A fight has been between Republicans who want to borrow about $5 million to build and finance a new Grafton Township Hall on Haligus Road in Lake in the Hills and those who don’t. On the one side was insurgent … Continue reading

New $3.5 Million Grafton Township Hall Up to Judge Michael Caldwell

I ventured into the courtroom of McHenry County Judge Michael Caldwell yesterday to hear arguments over whether the Grafton Township Board should be allowed to build a new $3.5 million (plus over $1.5 million in interest) township hall and garage … Continue reading

Grafton Township Food Pantry Does Not Seem to Be in Compliance with the Illinois Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Registration Requirements

Ever since I wrote the article entitled, Coerced Charity in Grafton Township I’ve been thinking about the Grafton Township Food Pantry. As I pointed out in that article, Crystal Lake’s Food Pantry is privately supported. Private contributions bought and remodeled … Continue reading

Pro-Lifers Mail Post Cards in Local Elections

First is was a post card in support of Republican candidate for Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore. She was challenging incumbent Township Supervisor John Rossi and won by 31 votes. Undoubtedly one could say that without the pro-life endorsement post … Continue reading

Six Write-Ins Running for Office – Part 2

There are six people who figured out sixty days before the election that they could run a write-in campaign and registered such an intention with the county clerk. That’s what a new state law requires. Two of the six write-in … Continue reading

Dan Ziller, Jr., Runs Write-In Campaign for Grafton Township Trustee

The candidates nominated in the Grafton Township Republican primary election don’t have any opposition on the ballot, but Dan Ziller, Jr., is running one of the more high profile write-in candidacies in recent memory. Early last week, there was an … Continue reading