Evertsen Calls Out Woodstock Independent for Comparing Joe Tirio to a Porn Star

Published in the Woodstock Independent, this letter to the Editor from Diane Evertsen is republished here with the author’s permission: Gentlemen: As adults we are responsible to cultivate in our children the need to have principles and standards, without which … Continue reading

McHenry County’s 1st Way Pregnancy Support Services Files Federal Suit Against Mandate to Inform Clients of Abortion Alternative

The liberals who fun Springfield passed a law which requires Christian organizations who counsel women who are pregnant and don’t know what to do to tell those who enter their doors that abortion is an option. 1st Way Pregnancy Support … Continue reading

Lawsuit Hinted re Pledge of Allegiance Recording

I don’t know if this is an indication that Melissa Bean’s campaign for re-election to her 8th Congressional District seat is in trouble or that a League of Women Voter member is really angry about the negative publicity engendered on … Continue reading