Cook County Jailers Charged with Cooperating with Inmates to Smuggle Drugs, Etc.

A press release from the U.S. Attorney: CORRECTIONS OFFICER AND THREE INMATES AMONG SEVEN CHARGED IN ALLEGED PLOT TO SMUGGLE CONTRABAND INTO COOK COUNTY JAIL CHICAGO — Nearly three ounces of marijuana was confiscated after it was found hidden inside … Continue reading

Chicago Police Officer Who Ran Plates for FRG Castle Owner Neighbor Loses Her Job

Jennifer Martin, a friend of Fox River Grove Castle owner’s across the street neighbor, has lost her job as a Chicago Police Patrol Officer for using the state license plate data base for non-official purposes. The July 17th vote was … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A License Plate

One of the things I accomplished while separated from the internet was scheduling our vacation. This year, with my son being the age I was when we moved to Salt Lake City from Easton, Maryland, I thought it might be … Continue reading