Bruce Rauner Says Lisa Madigan’s Dropping Out Increases Chances of “Shaking Up Springfield”

A press release from GOP primary gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner: Bruce Rauner Statement on Lisa Madigan Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner released the following statement regarding Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s decision to run for re-election instead of running for … Continue reading

30-Day Delay on Federal Court Decision Ordering Concealed Carry in Illinois Disturbs McHenry County Right to Carry Association

A communication from the McHenry County Right to Carry Association: Concealed Carry Suspended another 30 days Attorney General Lisa Madigan has secured a 30 day extension from the US 7th Court of Appeals on their previous ruling. Gov. Quinn now … Continue reading

David McSweeney Passes Constitutional Amendment to Abolish Office of Lt. Governor

State Rep. David McSweeney is on a roll. Yesterday he passed a bill stimulated by McHenry County College’s potential of borrowing over $40 million to almost double the size of the campus, plus build a health and fitness club that … Continue reading

Tobin Excoriates Lisa Madigan’s Defense of 88% Toll Tax Hike

A press release from Jim Tobin’s Taxpayers United of America: No thanks, Lisa! A Madigan Christmas gift: 90% Toll-Tax Increase on January 1st!!! December 20, 2011: Judge Rita Novak, of the Cook County Circuit Court, granted Lisa Madigan’s motion to … Continue reading

Lisa Madigan Sues Huntley “Illegal Immigration Service Provider” who Defrauded Customers of $25,000

A press release from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office: ATTORNEY GENERAL MADIGAN FILES IMMIGRATION FRAUD CASES Madigan Joins FTC Initiative in Combating Immigration Services Scams Chicago – Attorney General Lisa Madigan today filed two lawsuits against Chicago area immigration servicers … Continue reading

Illinois House Moves to Overturn Lisa Madigan FOIA Ruling on Making Public Gunowners’ Names

When the Public Access Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office ruled that the names of Firearm Owner’s Identification Card holders under the Freedom of Information Act, gun owners hit the roof.  I admit to not knowing what the problem … Continue reading

Dan Duffy Reacts to Court Decision Dumping Video Gambing, Liquor and Candy Taxes, Calls for Enforcement of Balanced Budget Mandate

With the backdrop of the appellate court having invalidated the law that imposed higher taxes on liquor and candy, plus the spreading of video gambling machines all over the state, State Rep. Dan Duffy made the following comments: I agree … Continue reading

Special Interests for Jack Franks Mainly Unions, but “Sheriff of McHenry County” on List

The invitation is out for State Rep. Jack Franks October fund raiser. That’s the one where he solicited all over McHenry County and beyond building a political base for his anticipated run for the United States Congress in 2012. As … Continue reading

Getting Lisa Madigan One Step Closer to the Executive Mansion

So many ideas to share, so little time. When I heard that House Speaker Mike Madigan was proposing doing away with the office of lieutenant governor, my first thought was the he was setting up his daughter Lisa, now Attorney … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Request for Special Prosecutor Postponed Until After the Election

With the recusal of Judge Michael Caldwell from the case resulting from GOP primary candidate Zane Seipler’s requesting a special prosecutor to look into the alleged use of taxpayer money and resources to advance the campaign of McHenry County Sheriff … Continue reading

Calculating One’s Cost-Benefit Ratio on the Doomsday Budget

When Rod Blagojevich and the Democrats took total control of state government, Blagojevich claimed the deficit was $5 billion. That was after the election. I figured that was over a two-year period. He raised all kinds of fees, virtually asking … Continue reading