Tribune Features Problem 1994 Skinner Legislation on Gathering Information on Teacher Sex/Physical Abuse Would Have Solved

This weekend the Tribune highlighted the problem of school districts not being able to find out if prospective teachers had been found to have sexually abused students. In 2009, eight years after bringing too many boxes home my legislative office, … Continue reading

South School Seniors Seek Patents

A press release from High School District 155: Crystal Lake South Senior Applies for Two Patents before Graduation Caroline Rausch will graduate from Crystal Lake South High School in one week and she has already applied for two patents. She … Continue reading

Hastert Case Reminding Me of Marty Wilson

The sister of one of Denny Hastert’s students says that the teacher and coach introduced her brother to homosexual relations. The brother died of AIDS. That reminds me of what Virgil Laughlin, a principal at Lundahl Junior High School in … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Middle School Fight Club?

That’s what sprang to mind about noon as I was listening to the robo-call from Crystal Lake Grade School Director of Communications Lori Parish. Read what she said and see if you come to a similar conclusion: “School administrators have … Continue reading

The Teacher Sex/Physical Abuse Roll Call Nobody Every Used in a Political Campaign

Eight years after bringing too many boxes home my legislative office, I was doing some throwing away this past month. I found a roll call on an amendment I offered on June 7, 1994. It was my second year of … Continue reading