Keeping County Health Insurance While Drawing State Pension Gets Jack Franks $150 a Month

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog reported that former State Rep. Jack Franks began drawing his legislative pension of $,885.19 a month. At age 55, retired legislators are allowed to start drawing their retirement benefits. A second state retiree benefit is health … Continue reading

NWH Headline Writers Need Remedial Math

Today the Northwest Herald reports the following tax levy action by the McHenry County Board: “Last year’s budget included a $71.8 million property tax levy. The 2019 budget includes a $69.8 million levy.” The internet headline for the article follows: … Continue reading

NWH Reveals Referendum Endorsements/Non-Endorsements

The new Editorial Board members at the Northwest Herald may be a bit different from those in past times. I remember the days when the NWH endorsed every tax hike referendum on the ballot. No longer. The two tax hike … Continue reading

Board Candidates Answer Whether McHenry County Should Keep ICE Detention Center

One of the questions at the October 11th McHenry County League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night was whether candidates supported the used of the Jail as an ICE detention center. First to answer was Democrat Carlos Acosta. He said it … Continue reading

County Board Passes Noise Ordinance Gun Owners Think Aimed at Them

The McHenry County Board approved an ordinance last Tuesday night whose origin was stopping the noise of gun fire in rural areas. One of the locations was in Hartland Township next to a Conservation District property. If memory serves me … Continue reading