McHenry County Board’s Chuck Wheeler Opposes Tax Hike Referendums in McHenry

From McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler: Chuck Wheeler on McHenry Referendum Questions First the City of McHenry placed a referendum on the November ballot to fund a $30 million water park and rec center. As if that’s not enough, … Continue reading

Cutting County Taxes Without Cutting Spending: Use Savings

How is that possible, you ask? By taking money McHenry County has in the bank and spending it. That is apparently what McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks intends to do next year. Here is the relevant policy change passed … Continue reading

NWH Notes County Tax Cut Not 11.2%, But 9.5% Without Mentioning Jack Franks’ Name

A couple of Friends of McHenry Count Blog sent me a Northwest Herald article entitled, “Board’s 11.2-percent property tax cut drops to 9.5 percent” One commented, “Funny I don’t see a quote from Franks!?” The reporter wrote that after the … Continue reading

What Is the Law Allowing Purchase of Political Giveaways?

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: McHenry County – Jack Franks’ “political trinket” resolution conflicts with law. BY KIRK ALLEN ON AUGUST 20, 2018 • ( 1 COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –We covered McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks’ political resolution in this article that would allow county board members … Continue reading

Jack Franks Seeks Taxpayer Money to Finance Name Identification Enhancement

Illinois Leaks’ headline nails this effort by McHenry County Board member Jack Franks to use taxpayer money and manpower to advance his political interests. The names of County Board members and how to contact them is below their article. Jack … Continue reading

County Board Member Michael Rein Holding Fundraiser August 15th

Michael Rein, one of the McHenry County Board members not afraid to stand up to Democratic Party Chairman Jack Franks, is holding a $50 Woodstock Square fundraiser the night of August 15th. Because of his standing up against our Board … Continue reading

Politics at the McHenry County Fair

I made my annual trip to the McHenry County Fair Saturday afternoon looking for political aspects. Coming in the back of the only air conditioned building, I saw the McHenry County Citizens for Choice. Next was the McHenry County Republican … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 19 – Tom Weber

Tom Weber, running to replace State Rep. Barbara Wheeler had an impressive entry in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade. Never have I seen a candidate used a loud speaker system to talk to those lining a parade route. The … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 17 – Lori Parrish

McHenry County Board candidate Lori Parrish had an entry separate from the other Republicans. And, she had a fire truck. On top of the fire engine was a big sign displaying her name and that she is running for the … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 16 – Tom Georges

Walking slightly behind the Drew Georgi entry in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade was Tom Georges. He looked like a candidate, so I asked him what he was running for. “State Senate” was the answer. He is running against incumbent … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 15 – Drew Georgi

The final candidate in the Democratic Party’s long entry was Drew Georgi. He is running for McHenry County Clerk with the assistance of the dark, anonymous, scurilous assistance of the Illinois Integrity Fund of which he probably has no knowledge. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 14 – Trisha Zubert

Volo resident Trisha Zubert is running to replace State Rep. Barbara Wheeler. Zubert was in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade as part of the Democratic Party’s contingent. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 13 – Suzanne Ness

Susanne Ness is running as a Democrat in McHenry County Board District 2. Unlike past Democratic Party candidates, Ness has a contingent in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade. Marching with her contingent was a young man with a Kelli Wegener … Continue reading

Defenders Seek Visual Support for Solar Panel Zoning at Tuesday County Board Meeting

A message from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County: McHenry County Board to Vote on County’s First Community Solar Projects On Tuesday evening, July 17, the McHenry County Board will vote on the first community solar projects in our county. This … Continue reading

Craig Wilcox Asks about Mike Walkup’s McHenry County Board Law and Government Committee Absences

Not quite sure what brought me to the June 4th minutes of the McHenry County Board’s Law and Government Committee minutes, but this paragraph under “Member Comments” caught my attention: Mr. Wilcox noted this is the fifth committee meeting that … Continue reading

Jack Franks Called Out for Not Moving to Eliminate Health Benefits for County Board Members

The following letter to the Northwest Herald is from Greenwood Township Trustee Kelly Liebmann and is printed here with her permission: County Board Size a Political Battle It is easy to control, manipulate, reward, and fund the campaigns of a … Continue reading