Views of Traffic Slowed by Snow

All in all, it was a very bad night for traffic. Route 62 was worse than that part of Algonquin Road east of Route 31, which is a county road. Maybe it was the beet juice mixed with the salt. … Continue reading

Year’s Reconstruction of Route 31 Completed

A press release from the McHenry County Board: Illinois Route 31 @ Virginia Road/Klasen Road Widening and Reconstruction Improvement; Completion of the final Stage III has occurred and the roadway is ready to be open to traffic. [November 28, 2012 … Continue reading

Windy Rakow Road Ribbon Cutting

This morning’s ribbon cutting for Rakow Road had a bit better weather than the snowy day when the road was inaugurated. The sides to the tent weren’t lowered today. No participation, but wind strong enough to lift the unweighted tent … Continue reading

Non-Dedicated Road Coalition Ask County Board Transportation Committee Chairman Anna Miller to Recuse Herself

My first public meeting was a hearing at the Algonquin Township Garage while I was still in college. For some reason, my father was interested in a Silver Lakes non-dedicated road hearing. At the time, Silver Lakes, near Cary, had … Continue reading

Scott Summers Weighs In on County Transportation Plan

A press release from Democratic Party District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Scott Summers: McHenry County’s draft 2040 transportation plan — predicated on dysfunction? Yesterday (August 23, 2012), I attended an open house hosted by the McHenry County Department of … Continue reading

Highway Plans for the Future Can Be Viewed August 23rd at CL City Hall

A press release from the McHenry County Department of Transportation: McHenry County Division of Transportation 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Open House WOODSTOCK, IL – The McHenry County Division of Transportation (MCDOT) is working on the 2040 Long Range Transportation … Continue reading

Destructive Mowing on Fleming Road by the McHenry County Department of Transportaton

If one believed in conspiracies in McHenry County, one might think the gouging of the grass along parts of Fleming Road was deliberate. There certainly could be motive for McDOT’s defacing the shoulders along the stretch of scenic rural highway. … Continue reading

Fleming Road Update – Meeting of Citizens with McDOT

I’ve been dropping the ball in keeping people update on what is happening regarding Fleming Road. After hearing the comments of County Board candidates who have personally dealt with the McHenry County Department of Transportation, I believe residents need more … Continue reading

The Route of the Planned Algonquin Road Extension and an Idea of How to Finance It

If you didn’t get to the open house held by the McHenry County Department of Transportation Thursday night, here’s the main exhibit–the route from Route 47 to Harmony Road: The first American economist of note was Henry George. He advocated … Continue reading

McHenry County Wins National Associaiton of Counties Awards

A press release from the McHenry County Board: McHenry County Receives Three National Association of Counties Achievement Awards WOODSTOCK, IL – McHenry County was recently recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo) for implementing innovative county government programs to … Continue reading

Have Fleming Road Landowners Found a New Way to Defend Fight “Improvement” of Road?

The following came in an email from The Land Conservancy of McHenry County. From what little knowledge I have of Fleming Road, it is an extraordinary drive through the hills left by the retreating glacier. Residents of the area fear … Continue reading

Fleming Road Alliance Calling for Comments by April 9th

That’s the deadline the McHenry County Department of Transportation has set for commenting on what should be done to Fleming Road.   The following is what the Fleming Road Alliance wants to share with readers: REMINDER: COMMENTS on FLEMING ROAD IMPROVEMENTS … Continue reading