Madigan’s House Blocks Rauner Human Rights Agencies Reorganization

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner: A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner: General Assembly Blocks Human Rights Executive Order that Would Provide Better Service to Taxpayers –New structure would be similar to those used in City of Chicago, … Continue reading

Idea Surfaced in 2002 Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Campaign Gaining Legs

When an idea gains strength journalists say it has “legs.” The idea for a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms a person could be House Speaker or Minority Leader and Senate President or Minority Leader was a major … Continue reading

More Contributions for Bartman from Farm Bureau, Union & Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party

Right before the $200,000 came from Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC, a Political Action Committee related to Operating Engineers Union Local 150, came two contributions from the Illinois Farm Bureau PAC called “Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR Fund.” They totaled … Continue reading