Reader Urges Tax Revolt

This comment from just popped up under this May 5, 2014, story about McHenry County’s high taxes”

Tax House + DollarsWell I see that the entire McHenry County is a shocked as I am.

Solution ….. Tax Revolt by the people!

Enough is enough!

What are they going to do put a lean on thousands of peoples homes? Put us all in jail? I don’t think so.

My taxes are now on a 417,000 fair cash value home 15,600 ish dollars.

Soon I’ll have to abandon my home.

Oh by the way….. *** Someone at McHenry County when I called said that there are pockets of McHenry county that are all ready abandoning their homes due to being unable to sell them due to the outrageous taxes.

If anyone would like to organize this revolt with me please e-mail me @ [email protected]

How high are McHenry County taxes compared to other high real estate tax counties in Illinois?

How high are McHenry County taxes compared to other high real estate tax counties in Illinois?  The percentage figures are found by dividing one’s tax bill by the value of one’s home.


I am totally serious…..

It is up to us…..

I always wanted be on national news …lol.

And this certainly would make national news.

= = = = =

  • the McHenry County Board is on track to extract another $3 million for its nursing home, Valley Hi, while it has over $40 million in the bank and is breaking even on its $10-11 million operating budget and
  • school districts throughout McHenry County are again planning to tax to the max, assuming there is not a tax freeze passed by the Illinois General Assembly.

Blue Lemonade Stand Raises Awareness about Prostate Cancer

A press release promoting the SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Run on September 13th:

A Refreshing Way to Raise Awareness for Prostate Cancer: SEA of Blue Lemonade Stands

Lemonade Stand 8-15

Children from the Dencs family of McHenry (from left to right: Evey, 4, Richie, 8, and Connor, 6) at their SEA Blue lemonade stand.

The Dencs children of McHenry created a SEA of Blue Lemonade Stand last weekend to raise awareness for prostate cancer and the upcoming SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk/Run scheduled for September 13.

Meghan Dencs (mom) and her children have been volunteering for the SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk/Run for more than five years.

As volunteers they have met many families whose lives have been turned upside down from prostate cancer. This year, the three siblings decided they wanted to do more.

They dressed up in “everything blue” and served blue lemonade to highlight the fact that blue is to prostate cancer as pink is to breast cancer.

“We didn’t want people to drive by without noticing us,” said Richie.

Weather permitting, the kids will hold a repeat performance next Friday, September 4, starting at 3:30 p.m. at the Chain O’Lakes Brewing Company. All proceeds will be donated to the SEA Blue Walk.

More than 220,000 men are diagnosed each year with prostate cancer. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. For more information on the SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk, please visit

= = = = =
The “SEA” stands for “Support, Educate, Advocate.”

Rauner Appointments

It’s Friday again and Governor Bruce Rauner is announcing more appointments:

Governor Announces Appointments

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner announced today he has made appointments to the Illinois Workforce Investment Board, the State Employees’ Retirement System, the State Board of Health and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Name: Julie Adkins

Position: Member – Illinois State Board of Health

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Julie Adkins to the Illinois State Board of Health. She previously served on the board from 2011-2014.

Currently, Adkins is an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) and family nurse practitioner at SIMCA. She has been with the practice since 2012. Prior to her time at SIMCA, Adkins was a nurse practitioner with Charles Neal, MD from 2001-2012.

Akins also serves as a state representative for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and is a past president of the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing.

Adkins earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Kaskaskia College and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In 2011, she earned her doctorate in nursing from University of Alabama at Birmingham. She lives in West Frankfort.

Name: Melinda M. Rowe-Sullivan

Position: Arbitrator – Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Melinda M. Rowe-Sullivan an arbitrator for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. She brings 12 years of law experience to the commission.

Currently, Rowe-Sullivan is an associate attorney at Ganan & Shapiro. Her primary responsibilities surround case management of workers’ compensation defense litigation. She has been with the firm since 2008. Her prior experience includes a year at Schweickert & Ganassin and four years with Quinn, Johnston, Henderson & Pretorius.

Rowe-Sullivan earned a bachelor’s degree in community health and health administration and a law degree from Northern Illinois University. She also received an MBA from Lewis University. She lives in Peoria.

Name: Alicia Martin

Position: Board Member – Workforce Investment Board

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Alicia Martin to the Workforce Investment Board. Martin brings nearly eight years of experience in business development to the board, as well as an understanding of state government.

Martin is currently the President and CEO of the Illinois Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. She provides top-level executives strategic operations planning to further business development. Previously she was the Vice President of Membership and Business Development.

Martin earned her bachelor’s degree from Blackburn College. She lives in Jacksonville.

Name: Thomas Ashby

Position: Board Member – Workforce Investment Board

Governor Bruce Rauner has reappointed the Centralia Mayor Thomas Ashby to the Workforce Investment Board. He has been a member of this board since 2008.

In addition to his role as mayor, Ashby is the President of Coordinated Transportation Development where he manages the transit operations of Rock Island, Ill. He previously was the Director of the South Central Mass Transit District for 13 years.

Ashby attended Kansas Newman College and Eastern Illinois University, and earned an industry certification from the Transportation Association of America. He lives in Centralia.

Name: Carl Jenkins

Position: Member – State Employees’ Retirement System

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Carl Jenkins to the State Employees Retirement System Board. Jenkins’ has more than 20 years of experience in banking and investments making him well suited for the position.

Currently, Jenkins works for BMO Harris Bank in the corporate finance division serving as the Managing Director and Group Head of Community Invests. He has worked for the bank since 2000 and has held a number of roles in community development lending and capital markets.

Jenkins earned his bachelor’s degree from Washington University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. He lives in Chicago.

Landscape Equipment Theft Arrests

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:


Two Marengo men were arrested and charged Friday with a series of area burglaries that netted more than 40 pieces of commercial-grade lawn equipment, such as

  • backpack leaf blowers
  • weed trimmers
  • hedge trimmers
  • similar tools

according to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

The pair allegedly targeted landscaping businesses’ trailers.

Terrance McNulty, 26, and David Westra, 27, of the 800 block of Woodland Lane, Marengo, were charged with various counts of burglary, theft and criminal damage to property following a two-month investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

800 block of Woodland Lane, Marengo

800 block of Woodland Lane, Marengo

The MCSO took its first related burglary report to a landscaping business in the Woodstock area on July 19th.

David Westra

David Westra

Terrence McNulty

Terrence McNulty

Over the next several weeks, the Sheriff’s Office took nine more reports of burglaries to landscaping businesses. Information developed by the MCSO led to McNulty and Westra as being possibly involved.

The Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant, with the help of the Carpentersville and Marengo Police Departments, and was able to gain enough evidence to arrest McNulty and McNulty and Westra are currently in the custody of the McHenry County Correctional Facility.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone that believes they may have information that could assist with this investigation to contact our Investigations Division at (815)338-2144.


  • Terrance McNulty (Male, 26)
  • David Westra (Male, 27)


9 counts of burglary (Class 2 Felony), 9 counts of theft (Class 3 Felony), 1 attempted burglary (Class 3 Felony), 1 criminal damage to property (Class A misdemeanor)

Bond amounts and Next Court Dates were pending.

Walsh Endorses McConchie

A press release from former Congressman Joe Walsh:

Former IL Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Dan McConchie for State Representative in Illinois’ 51st District

Former Illinois Congressman and current AM560 The Answer radio talk show host Joe Walsh is proud to endorse Dan McConchie, a candidate for the Statehouse in Illinois.

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie is running for State Representative in Illinois’ 51st District in Lake County.

The current Representative Ed Sullivan, has decided not to seek re-election.

Dan is a long time advocate for conservative causes, both social and fiscal.  He has been a leader on the life issue and is a firm believer in both free enterprise and limited government.

Like State Representative Dave McSweeney, Dan will go down to Springfield and be a warrior to fight tax increases

Walsh said:

Joe Walsh“Dan is a wonderful, thoughtful conservative.

“It appears that the party establishment and party bosses have another candidate they are trying to get in, someone they can control.

“We can’t let that happen.

“The people of the 51st District, not the party bosses, will decide who their representative is.

“This race will be a contest between the establishment and the people.

“Dan McConchie is the peoples’ choice.”

Walsh is hosting a campaign launch for McConchie this Saturday, August 29th, 4:00-5:30 PM at his home.  Please contact Barb Babbey at 847-804-2112 or at [email protected] to RSVP.

Walsh Freedom is Illinois’ largest grassroots organization advocating for freedom and limited government. Walsh can be reached at 312-451-4092

To learn more about Dan McConchie visit or call 847-796-0395

Franks’ Tax Hike Proposal

Found this on WTTW on Monday, August 24th:

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

“’Tax loopholes': it’s a nebulous phrase that often gets tossed around, but nobody really knows what it entails.

“Chicago Tonight has learned that a new bill will be filed, perhaps this week, by Democratic state Rep. Jack Franks.

“According to Franks’ estimates, that bill would close $3 billion in loopholes and will bring in new revenue without cuts or tax hikes.”

And, then, there was this:

“…House Speaker Michael Madigan is heavily supporting this effort…and has met with Franks multiple times to discuss the bill.”


“A big one would involve a change in the way the state collects income tax on corporations. In fact, it would be a reversion to the way the state used to collect the money up until 1996.”

Since that would cost business more, they are opposed.

The article continues,

“Franks also says he has a litany of other loopholes and tax breaks he wants to close that would add up to $2.9 billion.

“He’s proposing to end subsidies for ethanol production in Illinois and that could bring in $120 million.

“More efficient management of the Illinois lottery, he says, could net hundreds of millions, and he proposes an end to a $32 million tax break that newspapers receive on the purchase of ink.”

= = = = =
This move by Jack Franks reminds me of a disagreement I had with my father about U.S. Senator Paul Simon.

My Dad was enamored by Simon’s support of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

“That’s fine, Dad,” I told him, “but you know that Simon would balance the budget by raising taxes, right?”

Sounds a lot like what Jack Franks is proposing.

Rauner Rescues Police & Pension Fund Taxpayers

You may remember that Spring Grove voters rejected a referendum request to impose a tax to pay police pensions.

Apparently municipalities in Spring Grove’s situation, but a LOT LARGER (30 full-time police and 50 full-time firefighters) lobbied their legislators and got permission to impose a tax for that purpose even if the voters had previously rejected it.

Fortunately for taxpayers in such large municipalities, Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would allow such an end run around them.

Veto Message SB 763

Today I veto Senate Bill 763 from the 99th General Assembly, which would amend the Illinois Pension Code to create pension liability for police officers and firefighters at the local level by circumventing local voter choice expressed through a referendum.

Public safety workers put their lives in danger to protect our citizens. They deserve the right to earn good pension benefits.

Current law already provides such pensions to local police officers and firefighters in municipalities with the population of at least 5,000 people.

And even municipalities with fewer than 5,000 residents can opt, through a referendum, to extend pension benefits to public safety employees.

The referendum option gives voters the control of what benefits the municipality can actually afford.

That is as it should be.

Senate Bill 763 would take this choice away from the voters and instead allow a municipality to impose new pension obligations by a resolution of its governing body.

At a time when local governments in Illinois are struggling to make ends meet, we should not remove local voter control over decisions for which the same voters will have to pay through higher property and other taxes.

Therefore, pursuant to Section 9(b) of Article IV of the Illinois Constitution of 1970, I hereby return Senate Bill 763 entitled “AN ACT concerning public employee benefits”, with the foregoing objections, vetoed in its entirety.

= = = = =
Legislation like this tends to be copied by all municipalities once it gets on the books.

Township Consolidation Comment Cards – Part 5

This is the fourth installment of what people wrote on note cards at the McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force Open House.

Public Comment Cards from 8/18/15 Township Consolidation Open House

Another view of the Township Consolidation Open House.

Another view of the Township Consolidation Open House.

  • Abolish all townships. Make the county responsible for everything.
  • The State of Illinois needs to fix their problems. The townships don’t have a problem.
  • Scenario #1 is the least one to object to.
  • Leave townships along
  • Townships are very economical and careful in the use of taxpayers’ money. They are less expensive and more efficient. No one does the job of assessments or takes care of roads better than township government. Do not consolidate them, but learn from them.
  • Consolidation is not good for taxpayers or township residents.
  • 141 miles of roads? Seriously? Bigger government does not mean better government.
  • The only reason to do this is to save money. Since there is not financial information given I have to oppose the consolidation. Get numbers together first!
  • If this can save money send it to the voters. I think this is a “silver bullet” or people think it is. It probably won’t save much but whatever. I think there will be definite winners and losers in every scenario and have little faith it will pass any of them. Probably a waste of time.
  • Why not take it one step further have county take over the townships and save even more tax dollars?
  • Townships are the closest government to the people. Taxes will have to go up if consolidation occurs. Stop listening to Bob Anderson! Say “no” to township consolidation.
  • All individuals involved in the consolidation task force should be banned/fired from participating in any county functions. Based on wasting taxpayers money and/or resources.
  • Consolidate McHenry and Boone County to save money.
  • Please make no changes, I’m against township consolidation.
  • Leave everything as is. No consolidation.
  • As a life-long Riley resident I see no financial benefit in changing the current township structure. Leave it alone.
  • Please use your time to actually save our state some money instead of just reducing government because townships provide services better than the state or county do!
  • Elimination of townships would seem to be the most appropriate selection.
  • Why is the county spending this kind of money doing all the leg work on obtaining facts and figures when all the consolidation group did was equal! Clearly a waste of our tax dollars. Leave things as they are.
  • Very bad idea
  • Leave a well working government alone. The waste of time, resources, and money that were used on this could have been spent fixing a road or  plowing snow. If this kind of action continues in McHenry County I will be moving my family to Boone County or WI.