IL-14: Ted “the Truth” Gradel Who Will “Kick Tails in Congress”, Part 1: Strengths

Ted Gradel

Today, McHenry County Blog continues its series based on the initial rankings published October 18, ranking the candidates in the 14th district Republican primary.

The rankings, based on the objective evidence of 3rd quarter fundraising and observations are as follows, with links to their articles focusing on their candidacies:

  1. Jim Oberweis (Part 1 & Part 2)
  2. Ted Gradel (Prelude)
  3. Sue Rezin (Part 1 & Part 2)
  4. Catalina Lauf (Part 1Part 2a & Part 2b)

All four of the top-tier candidates according to McHenry County Blog were confirmed by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) as On the Radar Young Guns candidates, after the latest NRCC announcement on October 30.

Today, we begin a 2-part series to focus on Ted Gradel, who ranked #2 of the top-tier candidates, and was named to the NRCC On the Radar list in mid-August.

Given the impressive write-up Gradel received from the Chicago Tribune last week about his competitive boxing while at Notre Dame, “the Truth” boxing nickname he earned in pugilistic sports is the one to be used for his moniker.

Gradel’s strengths can be outlined into 3 parts:

  • Love of God & Country
  • Business Success from the Pits to Self-made Millionaire
  • Fundraising

Love of God & Country

When Ted Gradel’s announcement came across the radio he was running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 14th district back on April 23, after the initial “who?”, I looked up his information online, through the links provided by Capitol Fax.

After reading about him, I wrote the following on the Illinois Review blog the following morning:

“Ted Gradel is a genuine, Psalm 128 Kingdom Man. A family man, a Christian, whom God blessed with a successful career and more importantly, a family.”

John Lopez, 4/24/19 on Illinois Review

For someone who genuinely loves God & country, you do not have to ask if they do. Love shows, or “judge them by their fruit” as the Scriptures teach.

That was the first impressions of Gradel between the announcement video and the information on his website. His genuine sincere passion for what is really important in life was taught to his family, and inspired his daughters.

In April, it was learned his two oldest daughters followed in his footsteps and attended Notre Dame, while the youngest is still in high school.

In the boxing article, in the feature in the Chicago Tribune it was learned his daughters also followed in his footsteps and earned championships in boxing at Notre Dame.

Gradel inspired his family.

And Gradel gives back to the community, in particular his contributions to youth sports, both through his church and through youth basketball. According to his campaign website, Gradel has coached over 1,500 youth basketball and soccer games.

And he is coaching even now.

Given how he had to earn his spot on the Notre Dame football team as a walk-on, and earning his championship as a boxer, he taught Millennials and teaches Generation Z the life lessons he learned earlier in life through sports.

Business Success from the Pits to Self-made Millionaire

On April 28, I wrote the following, also on Illinois Review about Gradel:

“… from the pits of the CBOT and CME as a floor trader, who graduated from the pits at the turn-of-the-century to be an independent investor, comparisons will be drawn to what all of the candidates have done with their lives to determine who is best qualified to challenge Congresswoman Lauren Underwood in November of 2020.”

John Lopez, 4/28/19 Illinois Review

Clearly, Gradel has been blessed with the fruit of his labor and living out the American dream not only for himself, but for his wife whom he’s been married for 29 years, and raising three daughters, as well as the giving back to the community.

Reading Gradel’s Financial Disclosure statement he filed earlier this year, it is noticed he has very little earned income. The bulk of his income is is in the section describing his business investments, which provides for him and his family’s needs.

Not many people, in their mid-50s, achieve this kind of financial independence, and it was earned as the fruit of the American dream through the provision of God.

In Gradel’s testimony three years ago before the FDA, a glimpse of his challenges with the federal government can be possible ties into his congressional campaign.

From the prelude article (link above):

“I am having a hard time understanding how… I feel like I should have the right to have those cells [from my body] injected back into my own body, without having to deal with government regulations and extensive testing or anything like that.

“That decision should rest between me and my physician. If you surveyed the average U.S. citizen and asked whether they should be allowed access to their own blood, tissue or cells or whether they would prefer the FDA restrict that access, I have a very strong opinion that the vast majority would say that decision should be theirs and their physician’s.”

Excerpt from Ted Gradel testimony to the FDA 9/13/16

Comparisons can be, to a degree, drawn between Gradel and fellow congressional candidate Jim Oberweis. Like Oberweis back in 2001, Gradel is 55 entering his first election for public office. Oberweis had just turned 55 when he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the summer of 2001.

And while Gradel did not own a family dairy business like Oberweis, who purchased it in the mid 1980s, both Oberweis and Gradel earned fortunes through investments and asset management.

While Gradel and Oberweis are not the only successful business people running for Congress in the 14th district, his road to financial success from the trading pits is unique.


Per this comparison, Gradel’s strength in fundraising is self-evident:

While not in the lead in overall campaign fundraising, Gradel is in the lead for most contributions from donors, having raised over $438,000 from donors, compared with Jim Oberweis’ nearly $346,000 from donors (YTD Receipts minus YTD Loans) through September 30.

And given nearly $103,000 of Gradel’s cash on hand cannot be used for the primary, he has the most maxed-out donors of any candidates.

In other words, if Gradel wins the primary, he immediately has over $100K ready to use on March 18 to begin building the millions of dollars needed to compete against Congresswoman Underwood.

Gradel’s fundraising was documented in this October 18 Local Government Information Services article.

COMING IN PART 2: Opportunities for Ted Gradel’s campaign, including results of research over the past 2 1/2 months.

State Board of Education Points to District 155 Health and Physical Ed Teacher Under New Law Allowing Suspension of Educator License

Public Act 101-0531 was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker.

It strengthens protections for student safety.

The new law grants the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) the statutory authority to suspend an educator’s license immediately “if they are charged with certain crimes, including sex crimes, drug offenses, and Class X felonies, as listed in Section 21B-80 of the Illinois School Code. The license would be reinstated if the person is acquitted.” 

McHenry County Blog asked under the Freedom of Information Act for the name of any such person who might be employed by Crystal Lake High School District 155.

Matt Fralick

District 155 replied it “received notification under this law for one former employee: Matt Fralick.”

He was placed on administative leave by Disteict 155 after he was arrested by McHenry Police in early February.

The charge for the Lake in the Hills man was for felony grooming of a McHenry youth under 17, not of a District 155 student.

Fralich was a physical education and health teacher.

Pritzker on Ethics

From JB Pritzker:

Gov. Pritzker Statement on Ethics Reforms, Reiterates Call for Continued Work

Springfield, Ill. — Governor JB Pritzker released the following statement after the General Assembly passed ethics reforms in the veto session.

“The days of corruption, self-dealing and politicians holding elected office in Illinois to enrich themselves must be brought to a swift end,” said Governor JB Pritzker. 

“While significant work remains, the legislation passed today with overwhelming bipartisan majorities is a first step to strengthen ethics requirements and build greater transparency around lobbying, but they are not enough.

“Our efforts to tighten ethics reforms will continue in earnest and with urgency in the next session, and I am committed to working with leaders from both sides of the aisle get this work done.

“Illinoisans deserve public officials who operate with integrity, and this administration will not rest until trust is fully restored.”

IL-14: Informal Online Poll in Republican Congressional Primary *UPDATE* Twitter link added

Chris Hansen

DuKane A.B.A.T.E. events officer conducting Twitter poll among top-tier candidates

Chris Hansen is conducting an unscientific poll from his Twitter ID gauging the support among the 4 top tier candidates for the 14th congressional district Republican primary.

Ted Gradel
Catalina Lauf
Jim Oberweis
Sue Rezin

In the event the embedded Twitter poll is not displayed on your screen, here is the link:

The poll concludes November 18.

Included above is a Twitter response to Mr. Hansen’s poll, which sums up what the 14th congressional district election in 2020 is all about.

I responded in Twitter with the following:

“To be clear, Lauren Underwood transformed from a back office, paper pushing, no-interactions-with-patients policy administration RN into a doctor’s office, scrubs wearing, patients-interactions sham by slick advertising.”

John Lopez in Twitter 11/14/19

In other words, yes, Lauren Underwood was a charlatan since her election was the result of hoodwinking the voters of the 14th district last year, combined with a terrible campaign by the Republican incumbent.

And there are some blog commenters who back Underwood’s reelection having the audacity to call me a “charlatan”.

Just a reminder what the election is about.

So among the four Republicans the National Republican Congressional Committee “On the Radar” “Young Guns” running in the primary who are McHenry County Blog‘s top ranked candidates, who is your choice?

Please vote in the poll on Twitter.

If you are delaying voting due to the yet-to-be-published articles on Ted Gradel’s candidacy, those will be published by Saturday, in time to vote in the poll.

DeWitte Supports Consolidaiton of Fire, Police Pension Funds

From State Seator Don DeWitte:

DeWitte supports pension consolidation bill

Increases investment returns, decreases the cost of managing funds

Springfield, IL… On November 14, the Illinois Senate took a major step in addressing the pension crisis by passing legislation that would consolidate Illinois’ 650 downstate and suburban police and fire pension funds.

State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles) supported Senate Bill 1300 and released the below statement:

“The two concerns I hear most from my constituents are pensions and property taxes.

“This pension consolidation bill addresses both.

“This plan creates the potential for greater investment returns and helps ensure financial stability so that we can keep our promises to first responders across the state of Illinois.

“The efficiencies of 650 different investment strategies have proven to be problematic, and millions of dollars are lost to pay for hundreds of sets of administrations.

“By consolidating these funds under two boards, instead of 650, the costs of managing these funds will decrease, allowing that money to be returned to property taxpayers.

“While pension funds will be under the control of two boards, the administration of benefits will still take place at the local level giving first responders the local representation that ensures they receive the benefits they have earned for their service to their communities.

“To be clear, this is not a fix-all for the problems within police and fire pensions, but it’s a good start.”

Senate Bill 1300 now heads to the Governor for his consideration.

Ugaste Supports Local Fire and Polilce Pension Reform

From State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

Ugaste Supports Pension Reform Legislation

SPRINGFIELD—A pension reform effort recently passed in the Illinois House of Representatives to consolidate downstate police and fire pensions. 

The legislation, Senate Bill 1300, was recommended by the bipartisan Pension Consolidation Feasibility Task Force, which found that consolidated assets would increase investment returns and decrease the cost of managing the funds.

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) voted in favor of Senate Bill 1300, as amended.

“I have the utmost respect for our first responders and everything that they do for our community. 

“Their benefits are hard earned and well deserved,” said Ugaste. 

“But the pension system in Illinois is a tough financial reality that has contributed to the heavy property tax burden our residents are all too familiar with.  This pension reform effort not only protects the benefits of first responders in my district but also saves taxpayer dollars.”

Currently there are 649 downstate and suburban police and fire pension funds that are estimated to be underfunded by $11 billion.

According to the task force’s report, over the next five years, consolidation could lead to an additional $820 million to $2.5 billion in investment returns alone, which could mean lower contributions funded by property taxes.

“The state’s unfunded pension liability is a huge hinder to our success,” continued Ugaste. “This is a step forward in correcting our course and moving toward larger pension reform in the future.”

Senate Bill 1300 garnered bipartisan support and will move forward to the Senate for confirmation

Skillicorn Joins Super-Majority in Police and Fire Pension Consolidation

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Skillicorn Supports Successful Pension Reform Bill

Crystal Lake…State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- Crystal Lake) voted in favor of Senate Bill 1300 on Wednesday in order to start the process of consolidating the combined investing power of the assets of Illinois’ 649 downstate and suburban police and firefighter pension funds.

“I support consolidation, because the current trajectory of these pension systems is unsustainable,” said Rep. Skillicorn.

“According to most recently available estimates, Illinois’ 649 downstate and suburban police and fire pension funds are underfunded by a whopping $11 billion,” Skillicorn said.

“The task force’s report estimates that over the next five years, consolidation of these assets could lead to an additional $820 million to $2.5 billion in investment returns alone, which could mean lower contributions funded by property taxes,” Skillicorn said.

“I’m disappointed this bill had pension sweeteners, but the savings realized by lowering fees and creating higher returns is better for taxpayers today and in the long run.

“We still need a Constitutional amendment to change existing pensions, a modest cap on benefits, a reduction in cost of living adjustments for tier 1 employees, and a third tier defined contribution plan,” said Skillicorn.

Skillicorn is reminding first responders in his district that the Illinois Firefighters Association and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police supported the final piece of legislation that passed the House.

Skillicorn added, “I look forward to further pension reform starting in January with a set of new pension relief bills I will be filing to get this great state back on track!”

Skillicorn Criticizes House Passage of Price Controls on Insulin

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn: House approves price controls on insulin

Crystal Lake, IL – The Illinois House has taken a major step toward socialized medicine by passing a measure placing strict price controls on insulin.

The legislation (SB 667) limits the price of insulin to $100 per month for diabetes patients who depend on insulin injections.

“What we need is market reforms – not price controls,” Skillicorn said.

“There are ways we can reduce the price of prescription drugs without interfering with the marketplace and arbitrarily establishing price controls.

“If we can rationalize setting price controls on insulin, then we can find reasons to justify price controls of other prescriptions.

“This is a slippery slope we need to avoid.”

Skillicorn pointed to examples of how some diabetes patients could save money simply by switching from synthetic insulin to generic natural insulin if this option was offered to them.

For instance, Novo Nordisk-manufactured human insulin can be purchased at Walmart stores without a prescription for $24.88 a vial. 

Skillicorn said another way to reduce costs is to stop subsidizing prescription drug prices for European countries and Canada.

“The reality is that European countries and Canada threaten to steal patents from U.S. drug manufacturers by using compulsory licensing if they do not agree to the prices and terms these countries set for prescription drugs,” Skillicorn said.

“Because these countries do not pay their fair share, Americans are paying the price.

“This is not fair and if we start going down the road toward price controls, innovation is going to suffer and the availability of life saving medication will be limited.

“We need comprehensive reform – not likely unconstitutional overreaches such as Senate Bill 667.”

House Bill 667 passed the House with 100 votes.

Representatives David McSweeney, Steve Reick and Allen Skillicorn voted against the price fixing bill.

Republicans Continue Pressure on Dems to Pass Ethics Legislation, Dems Counter with Task Force Proposal

An objective observation is that Democrats are the impediment to the passage of significant ethics legislation in Springfield.

After all, Democrats control what legislation will be allowed a vote.

About all Republicans can do is use the bully pulpit that their office provides.

Democrats are proposing an “Ethics Task Force.”

Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Not sure what this T-Shirt found at the Nunda Township Hall at one of the First Methodist Church’s every Friday food distributions means, but perhaps someone reading will.

Two skeletons back to back.

Everyone is welcome to come for food. The best time to come is 12:15.

Where the Nunda Township Hall is located.

Algonquin Township Skips Township Abolition Referedum and Newsletter Discussions

With Supervisor Chuck Lutzow still on the mend and Trustee Rachael Lawrence absent, two of the items placed on Wednesday night’s agenda by Trustee David Chapman were withdrawn from consideration.

Algonqun Township Board with two missing.

“There being no chance of prevailing, I would ask that the following two items be remove from considerstion,” he said almost at the beginning of the one-hour meeting.

The two items:

  • a referendum to merge Algonquin Township into McHenry County government (see also here) and
  • a Township newsletter

The Board ciobsudered the Town Fund levy, which was said to be the same as last year and the levies for the Road District.

Although Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser had sent all Trustees an email on November 4th, none seemed to remember that he lowered the Equipment and Building Fund by $66,213.

Former McHeny County Board member Mary Donner, now McHenry County Community Relations Representative for Pace.

At Chapman’s invitation, she explained how the township could rent vehicles from Pace and determine who would be allowed to use them.

Should Algonquin Township decide to participate in County government’s McRide program, it would cost $10,800.

The amount is based upon population.

McConchie Goes After State Board of Elections Member, a Former State Senator with a Huge PAC

From State Senator Dan McConchie:

McConchie, republican legislators take aim at conflict of interest for Illinois State Board of Elections

File legislation prohibiting board members from funding PACs

Springfield, IL… As allegations of government corruption continue to plague the Statehouse, State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) led a group of Republican legislators during a press conference at the Capitol on November 13 to announce new legislation that aims to ensure members of the Illinois State Board of Elections aren’t funding political action committees.

“Under current state law, a person can serve as a member of the Illinois State Board of Elections while at the same time run a political action committee that benefits candidates.

“Not only is this allowed, it’s currently happening,” said Sen. McConchie.

“Common sense would dictate that no member of the State Board of Elections should be allowed to fund a campaign while simultaneously presiding over and judging legal matters regarding that campaign.

“It’s an inherent conflict of interest and yet another loophole in state law that enables government corruption—something that is all too familiar in Illinois.”

On Nov. 12, Sen. McConchie filed Senate Bill 2300, which would prohibit a member of the State Board of Elections from also contributing to or being an officer of a state or federal political committee.

The bill also lays out the process by which members of the State Board of Elections must resign from political committees:

  • A member of the State Board of Elections serving as an officer of a political committee must resign from that committee within 30 days of his/her appointment confirmation in the Senate.
  • Any current State Board of Elections member has 30 days from the effective date to resign as an officer from any political committee.

Senate Bill 2300 comes on the heels of several other ethics reform measures Republican legislators are urging the General Assembly to consider in an effort to clean up Springfield.

IL-14: Ted Gradel’s Testimony Before the FDA

Ted Gradel

On September 13, 2016, Ted Gradel testified before the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a participant in a hearing to draft guidances relating to the regulation of human cells, tissues, or celluar or tissue-based products.

The two days of hearings were held at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.

Gradel testified as an individual participant and shared his experience as a recipient of stem cell injections.

The full context of Gradel’s testimony is being presented as a prelude to the analysis of his candidacy for the 14th district Republican nomination in 2020:

“Hello and thank you for the opportunity to speak today. My health issues are relatively modest compared with so many of the fine presenters today so I will gloss over those rather quickly.

“I was diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in both knees four years ago [2012] at age 48 and told I had no other options other than to endure the pain and eventually have knee replacement surgery.

“I sought out the alternative, stem cell therapy and the results have been fantastic. When you deal with chronic pain, even though mine was modest, on a regular basis, it’s quite liberating to wake up pain free every day.

“Now, four years later, I have been diagnosed with moderate to severe osteo in my left hip and two different orthopedic surgeons have told me I have no options other than endure the pain and eventually get hip replacement surgery. I am very thankful that I know about the procedure I already had. I am very thankful that I have the option of stem cell therapy right now and I plan to schedule a procedure soon.

“A couple of things I am having a hard time understanding, and I do have a different perspective than that last speaker and I respect her opinion.

“I respect how difficult this is to process but I am having a hard time understanding and talking about just the autologous stem cells, my own stem cells. How is this being considered regulated as a drug? When I look at that little vial, the little sliver of SVF, stromal vascular fraction that is sitting at the bottom of that test tube, those came out of my body and those are my cells.

“I am having a hard time understanding how — I don’t really care if the lab technician added an enzyme or if they have been manipulated either minimally or maximally, I feel like I should have the right to have those cells injected back into my own body, without having to deal with government regulations and extensive testing or anything like that.

“That decision should rest between me and my physician. If you surveyed the average U.S. citizen and asked whether they should be allowed access to their own blood, tissue or cells or whether they would prefer the FDA restrict that access, I have a very strong opinion that the vast majority would say that decision should be theirs and their physician’s.

“The other thing I am confused on is it just seems that there are so many people who are again, very smart, educated, experienced people, PhDs, Mds, that are so violently opposed to what is going on and it’s almost like they take any success stories, which we have heard so many of today and they are awesome stories. Julie and Georgianna and Shelley — all the people that have talked about how they have benefited, it just seems like so many people want to downplay those and say: ‘Well that’s just anecdotal evidence and they didn’t have proper testing.’

“Whereas you take a couple of adverse, negative adverse events and these critics want to blow those up, highlight them conspicuously and hold them up as a reason to disallow these procedures for everyone. It doesn’t make sense to me as an average, non-medical, layperson.

“I ask that you — there will be negative outcomes and those are extremely unfortunate when they happen, absolutely but we must learn from those rather than running from those. I ask that you consider how many thousands of U.S. citizens will be negatively impacted if these procedures are restricted in big ways.

“People suffering from chronic debilitating conditions — as mentioned by so many speakers, the demand is there and other countries have approved these procedures.

“If we force thousands of patients to look overseas, it will likely be more costly and less safe.

“Many thousands more won’t be able to afford those procedures in traveling and so they’ll be forced to live with debilitating conditions when they might otherwise have had an option.

“I truly believe that these stem cell therapies have the ability to positively impact so many lives and I ask that you keep that decision making ability where it belongs, in the hands of the individual patient and their physicians.

“Thank you.”

Ted Gradel, 9/13/16 testifying before the FDA on Stem Cell Therapy
From the transcript available online from the FDA

Gradel raises multiple, significant concerns on a variety of topics including government preventing people from receiving the treatment needed to chronic conditions, the opiod crisis, people’s own bodies being regulated as a drug, among other topics.

And these can and should be discussed within the context of a congressional campaign, especially when the incumbent Democratic congresswoman is a licensed registered nurse.

Later this week, McHenry County Blog will assess Gradel’s candidacy for Congress in depth.

And we will be reviewing the facts around Gradel’s involvement with a stem cell clinic in detail, based on over 2 months of research and the cooperation of Ted Gradel’s campaign.

Please limit comments to the testimony from 2016, and all of the facts will be shared during the series on Gradel’s candidacy about events taking place after his testimony.

Tom Weber Seeks to Protect Non-Chicagoans from Bailing Out Chicago’s Pensions

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

Weber Resolution Aims to Protect State Taxpayers from Chicago Pension Fund Liabilities

SPRINGFIELD – As Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker pushes for the consolidation of Illinois’ police and firefighter pensions, State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) is sponsoring legislation to protect the state from bearing the liability of Chicago and Cook County’s chronically mismanaged funds.

The legislation, House Resolution 600, also protects downstate and suburban pension funds from being consolidated with Chicago and Cook County funds.

Tom Weber

“Chicago has to stop turning to the rest of the taxpayers of this state for its inability to manage its own assets,” said Weber.

“In addition, the pension funds of downstate and suburban police and firefighters should not be made to bear the burden of their failure either.

“Any move for consolidation that doesn’t recognize these realities would be a disservice to taxpayers.”

To protect the state taxpayers, along with the downstate and suburban police and fire pension funds, HR 600 states,

“…We urge Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Pension Consolidation Feasibility Task Force, in further studying the impact of any pension consolidation proposal, to refuse any attempt to consolidate downstate and suburban pension funds with the City of Chicago or Cook County pension funds or any attempt for the State of Illinois to absorb any liability for any City of Chicago or Cook County pension funds.”

IL-14: Jim Oberweis Endorsed by Lake County Right to Life PAC

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis announced this morning on his campaign website he has received the endorsement of the Lake County Right to Life PAC.

The website post is here:

Source: Jim2020 Campaign Website

The verbiage of the post reads:

The Lake County Right to Life PAC has endorsed State Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) for Congress in the 14th Congressional District for the upcoming Primary Election based on his long track record as ad advocate for the unborn.

Oberweis’ campaign Facebook page posted this quote in addition to the release:

“I appreciate this important endorsement. Thank you.”

Jim Oberweis, Congressional Facebook Post, 11/13/19

Dems Holding Lakewood Event for Three Women They Hope to Elect to the Bench Friday

As revealed to McHenry County Blog during the Countyu Fair by the far leftwing radical husband of one of the candidates (the one who loudly called me “a racist” for a couple of minutes), local Democrats are putting up three women against the three appointed incumbent men.

Their campaign theme is “Balancing the Bench.”

They are Elizabeth Vonau, Kimberley Crum Klein and Jeannie Ridings

From 5-8 Friday at Lou Malnati’s Pizzera in Lakewood, the three will hold a joint event.

They write,

Come celebrate with us!

Please join us for this family friendly event. We will have pizza, salad, and appetizers. A cash bar will also be available. There will be a face painter for the kiddos too!

We are excited about these three campaigns and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. The event is an open house so feel free to attend for whatever part of the 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. works best for your family. The candidates will be speaking at 6:30 p.m.

We are grateful for all the support they have already received and are excited to officially kick off our campaigns with you!