An Illinois Leaks Revelation about Previous Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Sick Time

The following is reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township – Why are two documents that are supposed to be the same, not?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –To get a real feel for what this article is exposing, it is going to require a printer and the printing of the two documents found here.We posted them below but it is not as clear to see the problems as it will be if they are printed and you use the old school investigative research tool of placing one over the other and then hold them up to the light.

The differences are telling!

We will list the distinct differences in those two documents below that we found.

Let us know in the comments if you find something we missed!

We will call this one, Interactive Media!

We understand that one appears to be tilted but that is probably from whoever scanned the document.

Focus on lining up words, not the paper, and identify the differences.

  • When you overlap the word “Algonquin”, note that the end letters of the word DO NOT overlap the last letters.  Shift it to line up the last letter and you see the “A” no longer lines up.
  • When you overlap the word Township, note that the end letters of the word DO NOT overlap the last letters.  Shift it to line up the last letter and you see the “T” no longer lines up. 
  • Line up the word “Memorandum”. Just as outlined above, the same problem. When the first letter is aligned, ending letters are slightly off.  Line up the last letters and sure enough, the first letter is no longer aligned. 
  • Overlap the address by perfectly overlapping the “3702” number and note how the rest of the address is slightly off and does not align.  
  • Overlap the right-hand list of public officials.  Similar discrepancies.  
  • Overlap the Date, To, From, and Subject lines………similar discrepancies!  Things don’t line up! 
  • Overlap the two paragraphs, same issue, things don’t line up. 

And now for the best part of it all, note the signature.

The memorandum claims it was “From” Tom Schober.

We have been told that Mr. Schober is no longer alive so there is no way to confirm he signed this short of a forensic handwriting expert.

All that aside, note the location of the signature in relation to the last paragraph.

You don’t have to be an expert to see they are not the same.

And about now, someone is saying they just printed two copies and he signed it at a different spot on the paper.

Now that sounds good but if it was two pages printed why does the printing not line up when you overlap the words?

Why does any of this matter?

It appears this particular document is what was used by Robert Miller, the past Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner, to obtain a cash payout of claimed sick days.

As we understand it, that payout was for $47,381.84.

Our question is simple:  Is this document a forged document that was created to support a payout that may not have been legal?

We say “may not have been legal” because elected officials only get compensated based on the compensation setting resolution and we have yet to have our FOIA request fulfilled for that resolution and we have reason to believe, no sick days are part of an elected officials compensation.

We also understand there has been an insinuation or claim made that these sick days were accumulated from when Miller was an employee.

Anyone want to take any bets on whether or not we can prove it was not accumulated during that time?

The letter indicates an audit was taken of Miller’s past employment.

We have filed an FOIA request for a copy of that audit.

It will be interesting to see what that audit says, if it even exists, compared to other records.

For those not familiar with what it means to make a false document or alter any documents and use it to obtain benefits, look no further than our Illinois State Statute on Forgery.

(720 ILCS 5/17-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 17-3)
Sec. 17-3. Forgery.
(a) A person commits forgery when, with intent to defraud, he or she knowingly:
(1) makes a false document or alters any document to make it false and that document is apparently capable of defrauding another; or
(2) issues or delivers such document knowing it to have been thus made or altered; or
(3) possesses, with intent to issue or deliver, any such document knowing it to have been thus made or altered; or
(4) unlawfully uses the digital signature, as defined in the Financial Institutions Electronic Documents and Digital Signature Act, of another; or
(5) unlawfully uses the signature device of another to create an electronic signature of that other person, as those terms are defined in the Electronic Commerce Security Act.
(b) (Blank).
(c) A document apparently capable of defrauding another includes, but is not limited to, one by which any right, obligation or power with reference to any person or property may be created, transferred, altered or terminated. A document includes any record or electronic record as those terms are defined in the Electronic Commerce Security Act. For purposes of this Section, a document also includes a Universal Price Code Label or coin.
(c-5) For purposes of this Section, “false document” or “document that is false” includes, but is not limited to, a document whose contents are false in some material way, or that purports to have been made by another or at another time, or with different provisions, or by authority of one who did not give such authority.
(d) Sentence.
(1) Except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3), forgery is a Class 3 felony.
(2) Forgery is a Class 4 felony when only one Universal Price Code Label is forged.
(3) Forgery is a Class A misdemeanor when an academic degree or coin is forged.
(e) It is not a violation of this Section if a false academic degree explicitly states “for novelty purposes only”.

Update to follow when our FOIA requests are complied with.

[Here are the two versions published in Illinois Leaks:

= = = = =
Compare the two versions on Illinois Leaks here.

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Attorney Robert Hanlon Reveals He Bills Algonquin Township Only for Local 150 Union Case

Robert Hanlon, attorney for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, has written a letter to Gasser explaining that he has not billed for work in the case of Gasser v. Lukasik, Miller and Miller.

He is billing for the challenge to the Operating Engineers’ and former Algonquin Township Road Commissiener Bob Miller’s have signed a contract that runs from just before the term of Gasser began to just after it ends.

Letter revealing pro bono nature of his representation of Andrew Gasser in records suit.

The end of the letter says, “Please remit Payment in the amount of $0.00 for the matter of Gasser v. Lukasik.”

Illinois Leaks Focuses on Bob Miller’s Selling Township Trucks Right Before Leaving Office Without Electors’ Approval

Another finding from Illinois Leaks about the Algonquin Township Road District:

Algonquin Township – The simplest of laws all ignored

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –In an effort to keep things as simple as possible to minimize claims the former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner did nothing wrong, we ask a simple question:

Bob Miller defending township government.

How can a Highway Commissioner sell Township property?

The short answer, in compliance with the law.

In the case of Robert Miller’s sale of Township Trucks prior to leaving office, all indications are the law was not followed.

[See these McHenry County Blog articles:

Bob Miller Selling Off Pickup Trucks Before Leaving Office


Algonquin Township Road District’s Two Pickups and a Trailer Bring $68,833 in Bids“]

605 ILCS 5/6-201.17 – …..In single township road districts, sale of road district property including, but not limited to, machinery and equipment shall be subject to elector approval as provided in Section 30-50 of the Township Code.

So for starters, the Highway Code that Miller was bound by outlines the sale of district property “shall be subject to elector approval” as provided in Section 30-50 of the Town Code.

That section points to two types of property, real and personal.

Real property is commonly known as real estate, such as land, buildings etc.

Personal property is understood to be things such as pickup trucks, machinery etc.

(a) The electors may make all orders for the purchase, sale, conveyance, regulation, or use of the township’s corporate property (including the direct sale or lease of single township road district property)…..”

The annual meeting agenda from 2017 does not reflect any agenda item for the Electors to approve the sale of any equipment.

Section 30-50 goes on to provide other options for the sale of equipment.

Anytime during the year, the township or township road district may lease or sell personal property by a vote of the township board or request of the township highway commissioner.

The minutes from a year prior to the sale make no mention of the Township Highway Commissioner requesting the sale of property, nor do they contain any vote of the Township Board.

Near the bottom of section 30-50, it provides the power for the highway commissioner to authorize the sale of personal property, which would be things like pick-up trucks.  How are they to be sold?

By public auction!

“The township board or the highway commissioner may authorize the sale of personal property by public auction conducted by an auctioneer licensed under the Auction License Act or through an approved Internet auction service.”

There was no public auction of the property!

At this point in the reading, Miller supporters are going to brag about the fact those trucks were put out for bid.

Yes, they were put out for bid.

Let’s point out the violations of that process as well and never mind the fact that is not how they were to be sold by law.

Publication requirements:

“The following information shall be published or posted with the resolution or personal property sale notice:

(i) the date by which all bids must be received by the township or road district, which shall not be less than 30 days after the date of publication or posting, and

(ii) the place, time, and date at which bids shall be opened, which shall be at a regular meeting of the township board.”

According to the records found here and here, the bid publication date versus the bid received deadline was less than 30 days which is a violation of the law.

In addition, the bids were not opened at a regular meeting of the township board, another violation of the law.

The publication was March 27th, 2017 with bid opening on April 21, 2017, which clearly is less than 30 days, thus a violation of the law.

An ad from the Alqonqquin Township Highway Commissioner for the sale of three pieces of equipment.

Who determines the winning bid when things are put out for bid, which was an option had the procedures been followed outlined in the law?

According to the bid publication, it states:

“The Commissioner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities”

What does the law say? 

“With respect to township personal property, the township board may accept the high bid or any other bid determined to be in the best interests of the township by a majority vote of the board.”

Not that it is going to matter much at this point, we also find that Shaw Media cited a statute regarding publication that is not even a state law.

There is no 5 ILCS 5/2.1 in our Illinois Compiled Statutes so how is it that the publication was posted, as they claim, in accordance with a law that does not exist?

In light of all the violations of law exposed just with the sale of two trucks we can only imagine how many other violations of law will be found.

Rest assured we have several more articles to go as this truck sale has grown legs.

Considering Miller was the past President of Township Officials of Illinois we are now starting to understand a little more as it relates to all the problems we see statewide with how Townships do business.

Our work is funded entirely thru donations and we
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McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer Announces Retirement

In the boxes of McHenry County Board members before last night’s meeting was a letter from County Auditor Pam Palmer announcing her retirement.

You can read it below:

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer’s retirement letter.

Pam Palmer

She has selected January 5th to leave office.

My understanding of the law is that McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks will name her replacement with two qualifications;

  1. The replacement must be a Republican.
  2. The replacement must be approved by the County Board.

Had Palmer resigned earlier, her replacement could have been selected by the voters.

Third Email Hit on Mary McClellan

Got to wonder about the strategy of whoever is bent on making sure that McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan does not get elected to the much higher paying job of Circuit Clerk.

Pouting on the negatives this far ahead of the March election is certainly not what political strategists would suggest.

The reason?

Lots of voters have very short memories.

I do have one question that readers could answer.

If you are not a Republican Precinct Committeeman, are you receiving these emails?

If the emails are targeted just to GOP Committeemen, then they are probably aimed at convincing committeemen not to support McClellan.

Here is the most recent missive:

This is what is on the jump page:
Sexual Harrasment

Updated: an hour ago

Al Franken, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein…and Ed Gil?

The McHenry County Blog ran a story on the McHenry County Clerk’s husband and “Chief of Operations” and a sexual harassment complaint filed against him.

Allegedly, on a variety of occasions, Ed Gil made inappropriate statements to a subordinate female worker.

  • “You are wearing those blue pants. I told you not to wear them because you look too good in them.” (September 2015)
  • “You have a great figure because you never had kids.” (September 2015)
  • “Do you mow the lawn in your bikini? The men in your neighborhood must love it.” (September 2015)
  • “Not only men look at you, but women check you out as well.” (September 2015)
    Unfortunately, the list continues. You can see the sexual harassment filing here.

After Gil’s alleged advances were rejected, the alleged victim was transferred out of Gil’s department and sent home.

With all the current perpetrators in Congress, Hollywood, and the private sector, we should not forget about ones in our own backyard.

Here are a few questions for County Clerk McClellan.

  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he have been hired in the first place?
  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he still be employed after the election day disaster?
  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he still be employed after this sexual harassment complaint?

It’s tough to believe that the answers to any of those would be a yes.1

It’s easy to get distracted by the big names in the #MeToo movement.

However, we can’t forget about our daughters, wives, and mothers who have to face harassment right here in our community.

= = = = =
This is the first time McHenry County Blog has been cited.

That’s probably because no other news medium ran a story on the subject.

Skillicorn Goes After Municipal League Conference Costs

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Allen Skillicorn

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL—It is time for the Illinois Municipal League to end its taxpayer funded annual conference.

The Daily Herald reported that “50 suburbs…spent $119,431.64 to send 151 elected officials or staff to the 2017 Illinois Municipal League conference in downtown Chicago.”

The venue is telling as the League gathered local officials to collude with lobbyists against taxpayers on the taxpayer’s dime in a city that is the worst example of public corruption and graft.

= = = = =
The Daily Herald said that registration fees for “106 elected officials and 45 staff members from the 50 towns” were paid.

Lake in the Hills parking costs were featured in the article:

“We were advised that self-park was full at approximately noon on Thursday. None of those individuals had arrived at that time,” said Jennifer Clough, village manager of Lake in the Hills, where taxpayers spent $577.50 on hotel valet parking for four people.

Costs for local municipalities for the event were printed:

  • Lake in the Hills – $11,071.50 (second highest after Round Lake Beach)
  • Barrington – $2,163.90
  • Fox Lake – $1,644.13
  • Cary – $925.25
  • Algonquin – $330.00
  • Barrington Hills – $227.73

McHenry County Citizens for Choice Picket Skillicorn CL Chamber Appearance

State Rep.Allen Skillicorn spoke to a Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce group yesterday .

He was greeting by women wearing red from the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, whose Facebook page reported:

“Six McHenry County Handmaids braved freezing temperatures in the early morning hours to call out IL State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-66) when he appeared at a local Chamber of Commerce event.

“Skillicorn, an anti-choice legislator, voted AGAINST HB40.

“The Handmaids expressed their determination to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal, and reminded their male, anti-choice legislator that Pro-Choice IS Pro-Life.”

Part of 200-person demonstration against State Reps. Jack Franks’ and Mark Beaubien’s sponsorship of legislation similar to House Bill 40.

Not much of a turnout compared to the demonstration against State Representatives Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien when they were sponsoring similar legislation.

Senior Phone Scammer Gets Five Years

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Woman Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison for Bilking Elderly Man out of $4.1 Million

CHICAGO — A federal judge has sentenced a woman to five years in prison for bilking an elderly suburban man out of $4.1 million through a telephone sweepstakes scam.

CORINNE DZIESIUTA was working for a call center in Costa Rica when she made numerous telephone calls and sent letters to the elderly victim, who lived in Palatine.

The victim was told that he won millions of dollars in a sweepstake but had to pay various fees and taxes in order to collect.

Dziesiuta and her co-schemers tricked and bullied the man into transferring large sums of money to accounts she and her co-schemers controlled.

Dziesiuta knew the man had not actually won any money, yet she continued to participate in the scheme for more than six years, causing the man to pay more than $4.1 million.

Dziesiuta, 39, who is originally from New Jersey, pleaded guilty in August to one count of wire fraud. U.S. District Judge Thomas M. Durkin on Tuesday imposed the 60-month sentence in federal court in Chicago.

The sentence was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and Jeffrey S. Sallet, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Nani M. Gilkerson.

The investigation revealed that Dziesiuta, using the name “Lisa Conti,” communicated with the victim from 2010 to 2016.

The man made 37 payments, ranging from $23,751 to $210,000.

In 2016 the victim began cooperating with law enforcement, who directed him to inform Dziesiuta that he would only provide additional funds in person.

Dziesiuta agreed to travel to New York to meet the victim and collect additional money from him. Dziesiuta was arrested when she arrived at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.

David McSweeney Preparing Bill to Allow Voters to Abolish Township Government

David McSweeney

State Rep. David McSweeney has seen enough.

Reading about what is happening in Algonquin Township, he has decided to introduce a bill that would allow voters to abolish township governments.

The legislation would require a petition to trigger a referendum signed by five percent of the voters of any township.

A majority vote could abolish any township government.

“My conclusion after reading what’s going on in Algonquin Township is that we need to eliminate township government.”

He told of hearing criticism of the high legal fees, as well as other revelations that have been found on McHenry County Blog and other places.

“The who thing is just an example of what is wrong with government.

“It’s an example of government at its worst.”

= = = = =
The Illinoins State Constitution says,

“Townships may be consolidated or merged, and one or more townships may be dissolved or divided, when approved by referendum in each township affected.”

Gasser Fires Another Salvo at Miller Clan, This Time at Anna May’s Overtime

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser has dug out the overtime that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s wife Anna May was paid in overtime from 2012-17.

The article on Gasser’s web site is entitled \

Nepotism: Anna May Miller Hauls in $94,638.76 in Overtime and Other Pay

Anna May Miller

This is the summary:

“Payroll reports show that Anna May Miller, wife and employee of former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Robert J. Miller, was paid $94,638.76 for 1,374.64 hours of overtime and other pay between 2012-2017.”

Gasser produced the chart below showing who \got how much overtime during the five-year period.

Further analysis of the data finds:

“Every week that Anna May Miller was employed at the Algonquin Township Highway Department se was paid 5.27 hours of overtime on average.”

Algonquin Township Road District overtime from 2012-2017.


“I am not questioning any of the overtime accrued by the guys,”Gasser writes, “but I do question how an administrative assistant can accrue more hours than a guy who plows snow 17 hours straight on the Saturday after Thanksgiving or responds to an accident at 2:30 in the morning.”

Gasser also analyzed what he calls “other pay,” which he defines as “sick pay, vacation pay, clothing allowance, and miscellaneous pay.”

Again Anna May Miller is on top.

“The friends and family plan at the Algonquin Township Highway Department is over,” Gasser declared.

“Nepotism paid handsomely for the political elite,” he continues, “but when you elected me we ended it… together.

“Not only did we end it but we are showing Illinois just how screwed up the Illinois Township Code is.

“How can we allow highway commissioners to get away with things like this?”

Adding a little humor, the Road Commissioner says,

“The standing joke about highway commissioners is the following:

‘What is the difference between God and a Highway Commissioner?

‘One of them gets a truck.’

Gasser concludes with criticism of the Northwest Herald:

“The Northwest Herald continues to refuse to report the real news.

“The Algonquin Township Highway Department cut taxes by five (5) percent and has only spent 48.2 percent of its budget through eight (8) months.

“This only re-affirms to the majority of America, and our community, that our media is corrupt.

“There has been a very calculated decision to demonize the transparency effort at the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

“Why doesn’t the Northwest Herald put just as much energy into investigating the past 24 years of unethical behavior as they have in criticizing the township in the last six months?

“The only reason the Northwest Herald has even begun to report this story is because of websites like McHenry County Blog and the Edgar County Watchdogs. This is called ‘forced media’.

“The paper would rather run softball editorials instead of addressing real problems that need correcting.


“It is ok.

“We press on and continue to expose it all because ‘the media’ will not.

Chiropractor Owner of Algonquin Physical Medicine Sentenced for Health Insurance Fraud

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

North Suburban Chiropractor Sentenced to 20 Months in Prison for Billing Insurance Carrier for Medically Unnecessary Treatment

CHICAGO — A chiropractor who owned several clinics in the north suburbs of Chicago has been sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for billing an insurance carrier for medically unnecessary or nonexistent services.

As a licensed chiropractor and owner of the facilities, STEVEN PAUL required the clinics’ chiropractors and medical doctors to order x-rays, MRI scans and neurological diagnostic testing, without regard to medical necessity.

Paul billed Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for the unnecessary services, and he also billed the carrier for physical therapy services that were never provided.

Paul, 46, of Northbrook, previously pleaded guilty to one count of health care fraud.

U.S. District Judge Ronald A. Guzman on Tuesday imposed the prison sentence in federal court in Chicago. Judge Guzman cited Paul’s “extraordinary cooperation” in the government’s investigation as a basis for imposing what the Judge said was the lowest possible term of imprisonment he would consider for Paul’s fraud scheme.

The sentence was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Jeffrey S. Sallet, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and James Vanderberg, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General.

Paul and a co-defendant, chiropractor BRADLEY MATTSON, jointly owned six chiropractic clinics in the north suburbs of Chicago:

  • Hawthorn Physical Medicine,
  • Woodfield Physical Medicine
  • Stratford Physical Medicine
  • Algonquin Physical Medicine
  • Northshore Physical Medicine
  • Cumberland Physical Medicine.

Paul and Mattson admitted in plea agreements that they required patients to receive an initial x-ray and a pre-set schedule of clinic visits for a period of six months, without regard to the medical necessity of the visits.

Paul admitted that from 1999 to 2008, he directed billings to Blue Cross Blue Shield totaling $3.65 million for medically unnecessary tests or physical therapy services that were not provided, and his clinics collected $1.33 million in fraudulent reimbursements from the insurance company.

During the investigation, an undercover FBI agent visited the Hawthorn clinic for treatment of a purported back strain.

Mattson diagnosed the agent with a pinched nerve and ordered a pre-set treatment plan that began with daily visits for two weeks.

Mattson rendered his diagnosis despite the opinion of the clinic’s medical doctor and a physical therapist that the agent did not have a pinched nerve but rather a pulled muscle.

Mattson, of Lake Forest, pleaded guilty to health care fraud and was sentenced in 2012 to six and a half years in prison.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Renai S. Rodney.

County Board Candidates Across the Kane-McHenry County Border

Incumbent Maggie Auger of Algonquin is being challenged by Algonquin’s Jim Patrician and Carpentersville’s Jonathan E. Radke in District 23

In District 9, incumbent T.R. Smith is retiring.

Vying to replace him on the Kane County Boaard are Tom Koppie of Huntley and Connie Von Keudell of Hampshire.

McConnauhay Gets Democrat Opponent

Nancy Zettler

Karen McConnaughay

State Senate Karen McConnaughay has garnered an opponent from the Democratic Party.

Her name is Nancy Zettler.

She has long been a District 300 School District activist and last year ran for State Representative against Republican Allen Skillicorn.

Zettler lost that race 57.6% to 42.4%.

It is my belief that a woman running against a man has about a five percentage point advantage.

Any advantage that Zettler had running against Skillicorn obviously will not work against McConnaughay.

Meanwhile, no one filed against Skillicorn in either the Republican Primary.

Neither did anyone file as a Democrat for State Representative.

= = = = =
I have offered to publish Zettler’s press releases, but she has failed to send any.

No Record Found of Bob Miller’s Having Reimbursed Algonquin Township for Disneyland Visit

That former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner visited Disneyland while on a trip to LA for a conference is common knowledge (see 6-30-17 McHenry County Blog article) now, whether he paid the township for the entrance fee for him and his wife Anna May is not.

So, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

The answer has come via Township Attorney Jim Kelly:

Precinct Committeemen Contests Few Except in McHenry Township GOP

Haven’t done a count, but it seems that fewer people are running for party precinct committeemen.

There are some contests, however, which are listed below.

Most are in McHenry Township, where the Old Establishment, remnants of the Al Jourdan organization, lost control of the Central Committee and of the nomination process for the last McHenry Township election.

The new folks held a caucus and nominated those not aligned with the organization Jourdan put together.  The Old Establishment won the Supervisor and Road Commissioner slots, but not the Clerk or the four Township Trustees.

Subsequently, State Senator Pam Althoff introduced legislation that prohibited weighted voting in party caucuses.

Republican Party

Algonquin 18

  • MARY E CARDELLI, incumbent
  • MELISSA A. SANCHEZ-FISCHER, former Township Trustee who ran unsuccessfully for Clerk

McHenry 4


McHenry 6


McHenry 8

  • BOB ANDERSON, Township Trustee and Harrison Grade School Board member

McHenry 11

  • PAMELA J ALTHOFF, State Senator and County Board candidate

McHenry 15

  • STEVEN J. ROONEY, Vice Chairman of the County GOP Central Committee

McHenry 29


McHenry 30

  • JAMES E. CONDON, McHenry Road Commissioner


McHenry 31

  • GARY BARLA, former township trustee

McHenry 33

  • MARSHA A. NELSON, former township clerk

Nunda 16


Two More Candidates for McHenry County Office

Leslie Schermerhorn

Toward the end of the filing period, two more people filed for McHenry County Office.

Incumbent Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn presented petitions for re-election.

She is a Republican and, unless Democrats decide to slate a candidate, Schermerhorn will be running unopposed.

Andrew Georgi

Joe Tirio

Janice Dalton

Democrat Andrew Giorgi will be running as the Democratic Party candidate for County Clerk.

His opponent will be the winner of the Republican Party Primary Election.

It will pit Joe Tirio, now Recorder of Deeds, and former McHenry City Clerk Janice Dalton.

Georgi served on the Hebron Village Board.

He will appear on the ballot as “ANDREW ‘DREW’ J. GEORGI JR.”

Second Anonymous Email Attack on Mary McClellan

The anonymous web site calling itself McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC is at it again.

Via email came the second attack on McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, who is running for the much higher paying job of McHenry County Circuit Court Judge.

When one clicks on the “Read more” button, here is what comes up today:


McClellan and Gil’s No Good Very Bad Day

Bipartisanship is rare these days.

One of the few bipartisan moments of 2016 was the Election Day disaster presided over by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan and her husband, Edward Gil.

Elected officials on both sides joined newspapers in denouncing McHenry County’s handling of the election.

Polls were late to open. Voters were delayed or turned away.

The disaster led to a judge ordering the Clerk’s office to extend voting hours, the only voting jurisdiction out of 109 in Illinois to have to do so, and yet many polls were still closed at 7 p.m.

“The problems caused so many complaints to both Democratic and Republican officials Tuesday that they jointly asked the office of State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi to intervene,” said the Chicago Tribune.

“This was the worst election I’ve seen — not by a little, by a lot,” said McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett.

Even County GOP Chairwoman Sandra Salgado said, “This was not a small incident. I think it is serious, because now we have people who didn’t vote.”

State election official confirmed that “Some voters might have been prevented from casting ballots in the March primary election in McHenry County because of problems with the county clerk’s voter database and lack of adequate communication with poll workers and the public.”

McClellan was force to issue an apology.

“I’m very unhappy that voters were denied the right to vote,” McSweeney said Friday.

“We need to make sure that it never happens again.”

What led to this debacle and incompetence at the county level?

One could assume nepotism – Here’s why.

One of the many problems with nepotism is that it can lead to hiring unqualified individuals.

Which explains County Clerk McClellan’s hiring of her husband, Edward Gil, as Election Administrative Supervisor.

Does Edward Gil have a background in elections or as an administrative supervisor?


His qualification for the job could be described that he is the husband of Mary McClellan.

Let’s not forget how uneasy this hire made the county board.

Is it any wonder that McHenry County has faced unprecedented problems with our elections ever since?

Harvard Lays Out Welcome Mat for Builders

A press release from the City of Harvard:

Harvard City Council Reduces Fees to Make Harvard the Most Affordable City to Build a New Home in McHenry County

Harvard, IL – The Harvard City Council wants it to be clear that Harvard has the lowest residential building and impact fees in McHenry County by a longshot.

Alderman Carl Opper, Alderwoman Bona Heinsohn, Alderman Raul Meza, Alderman Jay Schulz, Alderman Korey Coffer, Alderman Ron Burlingame, Alderman Kevin Williams. Seated -Mayor Michael P. Kelly. Not pictured Alderwoman Tammy Herrera.

The council voted in November to reduce all residential building fees for new home construction, including permit, inspection and school, park, library and fire district impact fees.

Impact fees to build a 1,500-square foot, three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home with a full basement and a 400-square foot garage in Harvard have been reduced to $8,043.29 – an amount that is less than half of the county average fee total of $20,441.

“It will cost substantially more to build that same home anywhere else in McHenry County,” according to Harvard Mayor Michael P. Kelly.

Fees to build a similar home in other McHenry County communities range from $12,469 in Hebron to $35,540 in Huntley, which has the highest combined rate in the county.

Fees in nearby Woodstock total $19,563.

Marengo impact fees for new home construction total $17,098.

“Harvard’s fee structure was already one of the lowest in McHenry County,” noted Harvard Mayor Michael P. Kelly.

“The Harvard City Council created this bold new ordinance to make it crystal clear that Harvard has the lowest fees to build a new home in this county by a wide margin.”

“They want to see new home growth and they took action to make it happen,” he said.

The move is part of an active strategy by the council to attract more residential growth to Harvard, said Kelly.

“The new Harvard-Woodstock Enterprise Zone has put our community on the radar of expanding companies. Retail and manufacturing businesses are investing in Harvard.

“Arrowhead Industrial Park has more than 200,000 square feet of new construction underway.”

“Harvard is ripe for growth and the city council is working hard to help cultivate and encourage activity by both builders and individual homeowners,” he noted.

“Harvard has a good supply of ready to build lots and a city council which supports productive growth.

“Our school district has a new superintendent at the helm and he is supported by a new school board and a strategic plan that is focused on student development.”

“This is a very good time to invest in Harvard, as a homeowner or a business owner or both,” Kelly noted.

“The cost to build is low and the quality of life is high and rising.”

Melissa Victor Responds to Rebecca Lee Phone Records At Algonquin Township

Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Victor responded to Andrew Gasser’s blog post. You may read it below.:

The Dominique – Melissa Victor palm card displayed in Facebook post by Victor.

As I understand there are many rumors going around facebook regarding misuse of funds with the Millers and the township. I found that many of these accusations were not accurate. Please see below, there is a lot to this, but the truth needs to be heard. Thank you in advance for your support and for taking the time to read, I am happy to discuss with anyone in person, please feel free to contact me to meet as I will not partake in the facebook negativity:

Bob Miller

The account was in Mr. Miller’s name and on his personal account, he chose to put the township on it as the township rarely uses tolls. Once Mr. Miller lost the election, he called the company, attempting to take the townships name off of his account. This took place in March of 2017. It was not until November of 2017 after going on a family vacation, when he received an updated IPASS bill that he realized they had confusing accounts and came to find out that Mr. Gasser cancelled his account, took his money by stating the transponders were stolen. Mr .Miller then mailed the transponders back. At no time did the township pay for the township vehicles or his personal vehicles from township funds. Mr. Miller was actually paying for the township vehicles to use his account for many years.


Rebecca Lee

Two years ago for Christmas, the employees all chipped in (with their own money) together and bought Mr. Miller a “Gear 2” version of a smart watch. This was NOT public money. Derrick Lee, being the foreman at the time, was tasked with picking it up. He delegated that to his wife, Rebecca Lee. When she arrived to pick up the phone, she paid for it as Verizon made her attach it to her account. It was then given to Mr. Miller for a Christmas gift and it was agreed upon that Mr. Miller would transfer the cellphone to his account. For the two years he had the phone, it was paid for out of his personal account, NOT THE TOWNSHIP.

Mr. Gasser currently bills the township for his personal cell phone bills monthly.

The Algonquin township replaces sweepers every 5 years.
There are three ways a township can sell equipment:
1. Sell by an intergovernmental agreement at a mutually agreed price
2. Advertising and putting it out for a sealed bid
3. Ebay, Craigslist or auction house

The sweeper was sold by entering an intergovernmental agreement to Island Lake Public Works. The sale of the sweeper was negotiated in July of 2016- long before it was known that Mr. Gasser was running for office. This was not a done last minute as Mr. Gasser claims. It was also agreed upon that whenever the Algonquin Township needed to use it (while waiting for the new sweeper to be ordered and arrive), they were free to use it at any time. The Algonquin township took the lowest responsible bid in the best interest of the road district.


Anna May Miller

Every township received money between the township and road district to attend educational seminars and for American Public Works Association conferences which Mr. Miller has been a part of for the past twenty years. Policy was that if a family member wished to attend, the township would pay for the spouse. The entire township was at each one of the seminars and every one of these bills was open for inspection, properly presented to the board and voted on very carefully and unanimously by EVERY board member, including Larry Emery, who diligently went thru every bill. If there was ever a question, it was answered. Not one trustee from the board questioned one of these bills.

I was extremely disappointed to find that as I was attending sessions at the last Township conference in Springfield two weeks ago, Trustee Racheal Lawrence, walked into two sessions I was in, I witnessed her sign in and leave within fifteen minutes of BOTH sessions. When I walked out of the session, I personally saw her sitting on the floor outside the door on her laptop with her facebook page open. Is that an appropriate use of our tax payer dollars? To pay for someone who cares more about her image and attention then participating in educational sessions and actually cares about our township? I learned so much during this conference and was very saddened that she deliberately missed out on two opportunities to learn more about bettering our township.

Mr. Gasser, in my opinion, was also an embarrassment to our township by getting into a heated argument at the Banquet dinner with numerous other state legislators. We should be making postive connections with others and learning from them, not arguing with them and making our township look like a joke!

Each and every worker received a minimum allowance of $400.00 for clothing each year. All got paid for appropriately thru the township and Mr. Miller was generous to all of the township workers.

Gift cards were purchased for damage reimbursement for road projects to replace bushes and trees.

KEITH (IT TECH)/ Billing for Computer Usage:
Anything the IT tech person did for Mr. Miller was billed directly to him personally, NEVER to the township!
Once again, this needs to stop. Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusion before getting the facts straight. Could it possibly be a big misunderstanding. YES. Mr. Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, along with myself are all newly appointed elected officials.
However, I now have THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTED proof of all of the above and am happy to meet with anyone in person to discuss and show. I will not cave into the fights on facebook with those who like to hide behind their computers but are unwilling to meet in person.

The Millers have given their entire heart and soul to the township for many years, do we need to make some updates and changes? Of course. But let’s stop bringing down the people who have made a positive impact on our township and with several community partners for decades.

The election is over and it is time to move forward and continue to do what is best for the township and tax payers! We all need to work together for our community, the tax payers. The union workers who were unlawfully let go due to political vendettas need to all be rehired. The law suits need to end. I am still hopeful that this all can still be forgiven and can still be turned around for the greater good of all people. Please like and share the TRUTH with all you know.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am still optimistic for a much more positive meeting in December!

Trustee Melissa Victor