Remembering Running for Office at Age 23

Jason Blumenthal, a 23-year old is running for State Representative.

Boy, did that bring back memories from 52 years ago.

I was the same age when I stood outside in the really, really cold weather on the steps of the old Courthouse across from the Woodstock Square.

There was no random drawing.

It was first come, first serve.

When I got inside, I saw that opponent Gene Brewer was standing next to me in front of McHenry County Clerk Vernon Kays.

He could have taken Brewer’s petition or mine.

He took mine, putting me on the ballot first.

(Since I won by 72 votes, ballot position was probably crucial.)

The Republican Primary Election was sensibly held in June.

That allowed me to knock on a lot of doors.

As a young man, I could approach people’s houses late into the long summer nights.

I doubt if an older man could have gotten residents to open their doors as twilight deepened.

I got the feeling that a lot of what then seemed to be “older women” thought of me the way they thought of their grandsons.

Knocking on about 4,000 doors, I got about one vote per house.

Unlike today, I did not have lists which showed me where those who had voted Republican before.

I knocked on every door in the neighborhoods I covered, passing out a mimeographed leaflet.

Besides approaching people at their homes, I went through all the business districts, including inside grocery stores.

I didn’t ask permission and rarely was told I was not welcome.

The low budget campaign for County Treasurer featured this Memiographed pole signs.

The other way to gain name identification was stapling small signs on telephone and electric poles around the county.

There was just me, although feedback indicated opponents thought there must have been at least six people were putting them up.

I remember walking into bars where everyone was older than I was.

In Hebron, one of the men at the bar asked if I were going to buy a round of drinks.

“What do you think I’m running for, Sheriff?” I asked.

At a tavern in Marengo, there was money on the bar and it was not to pay for drinks.

There were two candidates running for the GOP nomination for Sheriff–John Carroll and Ray Chirempes.

Chirempes asked me to come to his headquarters across from where the Crystal Lake Brewery now located.

He explained that he was in a coalition with Harvard Police Chief Gene Brewer, who was running for County Treasurer and wanted me to run for State Representative instead.

George Lindberg from Crystal Lake and son of a prominent physician was making his first run.

I told Chirempes that I felt more qualified to run for Treasurer, having been a Budget Examiner for the United States Bureau of the Budget.

There was one other thing I picked up that readers might find of interest.

Chirempes told me that each candidate for Sheriff had been given $10,000 by gravel pit interests.

This was over a decade before campaign reporting became law in Illinois.

On another topic, there were newspapers in pretty much every town:

  • Marengo Republican
  • Harvard Herald
  • Woodstock Sentinel (the only daily)
  • Crystal Lake Herald
  • McHenry Plain Dealer
  • Fox Lake Press
  • Nu-View News
  • River Valley Clarion (Cary & Fox River Grove)
  • Crystal Lake News
  • Huntley Farmside
  • Barrington Courier-Review
  • Richardson Publications in Wonder Lake, Cary-Fox River Grove, Algonquin

Each had a continued need for copy and were willing to publish press releases from candidates and public officials.

In a way, McHenry County Blog is an attempt to recreate the ability of politicians to communicate directly with constituents and potential constituents.

That’s why I publish press releases from candidates and public officials.

Consider that candidates are likely to receive no more than three mentions in McHenry County’s newspaper of record, the Northwest Herald, before an election:

  1. the candidacy announcement
  2. a questionnaire response
  3. a pre-election couple of sentences in a story about the race

Another local politician, Sandra Salgado won election to the McHenry County Board in her mid-twenties.

She was 23 when she ran for the County Board; 25 when elected.

Woodstock Gun Shots Lead to Investigation

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm Investigation

Barbary Lane, Woodstock

The Woodstock Police Department has opened an investigation regarding the discharge of a firearm that occurred within its jurisdiction.

On Friday, October 20th, 2017, at 3:28 a.m., the Woodstock Police Department responded to the 700 block of Barbary Ln. in reference to the report of gunshots.

The investigation by the responding officers revealed that at least one residence had been struck by at
least one bullet.

At this time, there are no known physical injuries sustained from this incident.

Additionally, no one has been placed into custodial arrest for this incident, at this time.

Evidence has been collected by the detectives of the Criminal Investigations Division.

The investigation will continue until every piece of known information and evidence has been collected and processed that will, hopefully, lead to an arrest and successful prosecution of the perpetrator.

The Woodstock Police Department Patrol Division will increase their patrols of the area in an effort to provide an increased level of safety to the citizens while the investigation progresses.

However, the public is asked to have a level of vigilance by reporting any suspected suspicious behavior by unknown individuals within Woodstock.

Due to this incident being considered as an “open investigation,” no additional information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Woodstock Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at (815) 338-2131.

Woodstock Marijuana Arrest

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Woodstock Man Arrested for Cannabis

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Police Narcotics Task Force (which includes Task Force Officers from Lake in the Hills PD and McHenry City PD), with cooperation from McCullom Lake Police Department and Woodstock Police Department, on Friday raided the residence of Douglass Glenn in Woodstock, arrested him and charged him with possession and delivery of cannabis.

After receiving multiple complaints of drug activity over the last month, members of the Narcotics Task Force conducted surveillance and undercover buys from Glenn’s residence in the 1900 block of Tappan St., Woodstock.

Friday, members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team, Woodstock Police K-9, and members of the Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant on the residence.

As a result, Detectives recovered

  • 183 grams of cannabis;
  • 24 grams of psylociben mushrooms;
  • scales;
  • drug pipes;
  • packaging material; and$460 USC.

Total street value of the narcotics seized is approximately $5,000.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone with information regarding criminal activities to contact either the McHenry County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-762-STOP (7867), The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (815) 338-2144, or the tip line email address; [email protected] Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the offender(s).

Arrested:   Douglas R. Glenn (Male 29), Woodstock, Illinois


  • Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis (class 3)
  • 2 counts Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis (class 4)
  • Unlawful Possession of Cannabis (class 4)
  • Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (class A)
  • 2 counts – Unlawful Possession of Cannabis (class B)

Next court date: TBD
Bond: TBD

The charges against this individual are merely allegations against him. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Three Teens Arrested for Orchard Heights Burlary

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:

Three Teens Arrested in Burglary, Suspected in Others

Teghan Appleberg,

One adult, Teghan Appleberg, 18, and two juveniles, were arrested in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday in connection with burglaries in unincorporated McHenry.

At 2:15 a.m. deputies from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the area of West Riverside Drive in the Orchard Heights Subdivision for individuals possibly burglarizing vehicles.

Upon their arrival, officers located Appleberg and the two juveniles, who were taken into custody.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the juveniles entered a garage and committed a theft.

Appleberg was charged with Burglary for taking items from a vehicle, and was transported to the McHenry County Corrections Facility.

The two juveniles were charged with Burglary and Residential Burglary and were transported to the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division is also investigating their connection with multiple vehicle burglaries in that area. Investigators have requested anyone who might have been a victim to contact them at 815-334-4750.

Arrested: T

  • Teghan Appleberg, Male, 18, Wonder Lake, IL , Burglary
  • 17-year-old Juvenile Burglary, Residential Burglary
  • 13-year-old Juvenile,  Burglary, Residential Burglary

The charges against these individuals are merely allegations against them. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Four Vehicles in Route 31/Virginia Street Road Park & Ride Lot

Three vehicles were in the Park & Ride lot owned at the corner of Route 31 and Virginia Street Road. It is owned by McHenry County, but financed largely with Federal tax dollars.

Three [a commenter found four] vehicles in the only Park & Ride lot in McHenry County on October 8, 2017.

Could that be record usuage?

In 2013, the McHenry County Transportation Committee passed a resolution to award a $99,597 contract with Civiltech Engineering for “construction management and inspection services.”

For Those Who Think the Bob Miller 5-Year Contract with Local 150 Is Too Long

One of the arguments that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser is making in his fight against imposition of the 5-year labor agreement that his predecessor and man he beat in the GOP Primary Election, Bob Miller, is that it binds the hands of Gasser for his entire term of office.

So, when I noticed that a school district is about to approve a 10-year contract, I think readers might be interested.

10-year teacher deal looms over District 15 support staff strike

An unprecedented 10-year teachers deal in 2016 should not be a factor in contract negotiations for Palatine Township Elementary District 15 support employees who went on strike Monday, a union leader says. But the school board president says the union has cited it in negotiations. Full Story

A big difference is that the school district contract is being considered in public with appropriate public notice and the ability of taxpayers to comment at open meetings.

Spring Grove Residents Fight Gravel Pit Encroachment

Spring Grove residents who live just outside the village have appeared at the last two meetings of the McHenry County Board seeking help in stopping a Thelen Sand & Gravel plan to dig up to the edge of their homes.

Where Thelen Sand & Gravel plans to expand its operations.

Here is what Drew Knobloch told County Board members in the three minutes he was allocated:

“First, I want to thank all the board members who reached out to me since I made the public comment last month.

Thank you for emailing us, for talking and meeting with us, for attending meetings with us, for helping us organize, for reaching out to various other officials on our behalf and all of the other things you’ve done to support the residents in this fight.

“Since I was here last month we had a combined community meeting for everyone who lives within 3/4 of a mile of these proposed mines.

October meeting of gravel pit opponents.

“One two-day notice on a weekday evening there were over 225 people in attendance.

The yard sign popping up around the proposed expanded gravel pit.

“We circulated the attached petition urging our governmental leaders to limit the expansion of gravel mining in residential areas. We formed a Facebook group which has over 350 members.

“We are attending Fox Lake village meetings and Spring Grove village meetings; we’ve attended the McHenry County Gravel Advisory Council and we’re attending the McHenry County Board meetings.

“A small fraction of us made the trip here and many others are covering the Spring Grove Village meeting which was also tonight.

“Could everyone who lives near the proposed mines or is here supporting us please stand so the board can get an idea of how many we are.

“At the Gravel Advisory meeting we learned that the county makes next to nothing from these gravel operations.

The Dust Angel from the 2008 video in opposition to the Meyer Materials Gravel Pit in Cary.

“The county gets a small amount of property tax revenue from these parcels.

“It’s a fraction of what the same sized residential property would pay.

“The county gets a minuscule amount of sales tax revenue from the retail sales made by these gravel operations. over 90% of their sales are to other businesses where no sales tax revenue is collected.

“The county gets no severance tax – a per pound tax for severing the material from the ground.

“Once the material is severed the ground is ruined for residential development until there is a municipal sewer system so the property tax basis for that land is destroyed for decades.

“Meanwhile the residents bear the vast majority of the burden for repairing the roads that the gravel trucks are destroying.

“The current Spring Grove mine is already a year behind because of lagging demand for material and no place to store it.

“WHY are we so eager to open more mines and subject even more residents to years of noise, debris, and eroded property values???

“So here’s the thing, we need your help urgently to get these projects stopped.

“For those of you who haven’t been involved yet, we still need you.

“Please stand up for these residents who voted for you and work to create a sensible balance between the unfettered expansion of gravel mines and the needs of residents for a peaceful, healthy life and the retention of our property values.

“Gravel is the pits! and no one wants to live next to the pit.”

The group’s Facebook and GoFundMe links are below

Tomorrow you will be able to read the comments made in September.

See also “Gravel Pit Company Gives Franks $2,500 Four Days Before Citizens Come to Complain about Expansion.”

Sean Casten, Carole Cheney, Democratic Party Aspirants to Oppose Republican Peter Roskam in McHenry County

The McHenry County Democratic Central Committee heard eight candidates Wednesday night.

Two seek to unseat incumbent Congressman Peter Roskam in the 6th Congressional District:

  • Sean Casten
  • Carole Cheney

There are more Democrats running in this suburban congressional district where Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, but there were elsewhere on Wednesday.

Sean Casten

Casten characterized himself as a scientist (a chemical engineer by education) and “clean energy advocate” who had just sold his business after his investors concluded an offer was too good to refuse.

He didn’t give me the name of his firm, but explained that it dealt in produces to reduce carbon dioxide.

There was a bonding with the audience upfront with an attack on President Donald Trump, whom Casten said “abuse[d his] bully pulpit on a daily basis and is “an ethically deficient human being.”

And, Casten added that Trump does not follow facts.

“That drives me crazy as a scientist.”

He said his business found ways to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%.

And that the barriers to development were not technology, but public policies.

Sean Casten

Turning to his hoped for opponent, Casten asserted, “Peter Roskam makes things up.

“We need someone who will act as a check and balance on the White House and Peter Roskam doesn’t do it.”

He explained that “climate change is what got me into this.

“Facts [are what drive me].”

Health care bills that Roskam has voted for will “cause 20-30,000 people to die every year,” Casten charged.

Roskam “voted before the CBO {Congressional Budget Office] score.

“We cannot respect people who disagree about where we are,” he continued.

Questions were also allowed.

County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett asked each candidate how he or she would “differentiate yourself” from the other Democrats seeking the nomination.

Casten pointed out that “Roskam’s voting record is wildly divergent from [his constituents best interests].”

In answer to a question about limiting money in political races, Casten pointed out, “Politics is expensive because media is expensive.”

An employee of Jewel-Osco observed that unions now have only 7% membership [perhaps he was referring to private employees].

Peter Roskam

“Every contract gets worse,” the audience member observed.

“The weakening of unions is designed to weaken the Democratic Party,” Casten replied, saying he was against Right to Work laws.

“The biggest problem is not protecting existing employees, but…creating jobs…”

He pointed out that there were 6,000 jobs in the companies supplying his corporation.

Automation displacing people in jobs was brought up.

Casten contended that innovation was the answer.

He told of a supplier who wanted college students as interns, but since Trump took office is “worried about hiring those from other countries.”

That hesitation was injurious to the American economy, the candidate explained.

Sean Casten

Casten said he had met with Roskam and concluded that he was a “tax policy promotor.”

“He denies that climate change is happening.

“At one meeting, I told him I did not support tax credits for technology.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to pick winners and losers.’

“If I ‘m doing what you want me to do, I won’t have any income [because of revenue being invested in expansion of the business].

“Pay us $1,000 to do something,” Casten suggested in place of tax credits.

Roskam explained that it took one vote to pass a tax bill, but two votes to pass a revenue bill.

“We’ll use tax policy for social engineering,” Roskam said.

= = = = =
What Carole Cheney said tomorrow.

Gravel Pit Company Gives Franks $2,500 Four Days Before Citizens Come to Complain about Expansion

At Tuesday’s meeting of the McHenry County Board, citizens from the Spring Grove-Fox Lake area appeared to object to additional gravel pits in their area.

One of those who spoke mentioned the Thelen Sand and Gravel company.

Hearing the name of the gravel company struck a cord.

I had just looked at recent contributions to McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Here is what was Franks reported to the State Board of Elections:

Contributed By Address Amount Received By
Thelen Sand & Gravel Inc 28955 W Rt 173

Antioch, IL 60002

Supporters of Jack D Franks

Franks pointed out that the issue was not one involving County government because the property was in Spring Grove.

But one speaker told of plans by the gravel firm to put a conveyor belt under a county highway.

That certainly would involve McHenry County government.

Wannabe Terrorist Gets 15 Years

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Suburban Chicago Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prisonfor Attempting to Join Jabhat al-Nusrah in Syria

CHICAGO — A federal judge today sentenced a suburban Chicago man to 15 years in prison for attempting to travel overseas to join a jihadist militant group in Syria.

ABDELLA AHMAD TOUNISI, 23, of Aurora, Ill., was arrested at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago in April 2013 as he attempted to board a flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

Tounisi had spent four months conducting online research related to overseas travel and violent jihad, focusing specifically on Syria and the violent Jabhat al-Nusrah terrorist organization.

Tounisi pleaded guilty in 2015 to one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

U.S. District JudgeSamuel Der-Yeghiayan imposed the sentence in federal court in Chicago.

The sentence was announced by Joel R. Levin, Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Dana J. Boente, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security; and John P. Selleck, Acting Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The investigation was led by the Chicago FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of Special Agents of the FBI, officers of the Chicago Police Department, and representatives from an additional 20 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

According to his plea agreement, Tounisi in early 2013 made online contact with an individual he believed to be a recruiter for Jabhat al-Nusrah.

He and the purported recruiter exchanged a series of emails, during which Tounisi shared his plan to go to Syria by way of Turkey, as well as his willingness to fight for the jihadist cause, the plea agreement states.

Unbeknownst to Tounisi, the purported recruiter was actually an FBI employee.

Tounisi, a U.S. citizen, requested an expedited passport and purchased an airline ticket for the flight from Chicago to Istanbul.

He arrived at O’Hare on the evening of April 19, 2013, and was arrested after passing through security in the international terminal.

Tounisi was a close friend of Adel Daoud, of Hillside, Ill., who was arrested on Sept. 14, 2012, for allegedly attempting to detonate a bomb outside a bar in downtown Chicago.

Tounisi recommended certain attack techniques to Daoud but ultimately decided against participating in the attack.

Daoud was charged separately and is awaiting trial in federal court in Chicago.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas of the Northern District of Illinois, and Trial Attorney Lolita Lukose of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

Canadian Robert Gould Arrested for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child in Woodstock and Island Lake

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:

International Investigation Finds Accused Child Molester; Woodstock, Island Lake Crimes Involved

Robert J. Gould, 51, of Nova Scotia, Canada, was behind bars in the McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility Thursday charged with Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault stemming from incidents in April 2017 in Island Lake and unincorporated Woodstock.

Robert Gould

The case began when Canadian authorities contacted the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office with information concerning possible criminal activity which had taken place in Illinois.

Sheriff’s Office investigators then worked with the Halifax Regional Police in Nova Scotia to conduct a criminal investigation.

Investigators made contact with Gould in August 2017, when he was visiting the Wheeling, IL, area.

Warrants for Gould’s arrest were subsequently obtained for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child; Criminal Sexual Assault; and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.

The location and apprehension of Robert Gould was turned over to the Sheriff’s Office Apprehension Unit, which is part of the United States Marshal’s Service Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force.

Investigators learned that Robert Gould had been detained by Canadian authorities on September 1, 2017, and was being extradited to the United States.

On September 19, 2017, Robert Gould was taken into custody at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts by the United States Marshal’s Service and Massachusetts State Police.

He was subsequently transported to the McHenry County Corrections Facility, where he arrived Wednesday.

Arrested: Robert J. Gould, Male, 51, Nova Scotia, Canada


  • 4 counts-Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child (class X)
  • 6 counts-Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Victim Under 13 (class X)
  • 7 counts-Criminal Sexual Assault Victim Under 18 (class 1)
  • Criminal Sexual Assault with Force (class 1)
  • 3 counts-Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse (class 2)

Bond: $500,000

Next Court Date: October 23, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

The charges against this individual are merely allegations against him. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Prayer Vigil and March to McHenry County Jail in Support of Detained Immigrants Sunday

Carlos Acosta

That’s pretty much what the flyer passed out at the candidates’ night held by the McHenry County Democratic Party at McHenry County College last night.

The request for attendance was from the first speaker, District 5 County Board candidate Carlos Acosta, but not in his role as candidate.

The otivation for the march and vigil is Sheriff Bill Prim’s not enforcing the TRUST Act, according to Acosta.

Here is the flyer that was distributed:

The back of the flyer was in Spanish.

Billionaire Dem Candidate Pritzker Backs Term Limits for Legislative Leaders

Well, what do you know?

Reading Capitol Fax yesterday, I learned that JB Pritzker has followed Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Danial Biss in supporting Term Limits for Legislative Leaders.

“Term Limits for Legislative Leaders, 1800-SHAKE-UP”reads the sign used on the day Cal Skinner announced his 2002 Libertarian Party campaign for Governor.

As I have reported earlier, the idea was first put into play during my Libertarian Party candidacy for Governor in 2002.

It didn’t get the play I desired because Sun-Times reporter Scott Fornek asked if I had ever smoked marijuana.

My answer was featured, rather than my substantive policy position.

I replied that my ex-wife had put marijuana in brownies for one of my birthdays and the only effect it had was putting me to sleep.

Results of Algonquin Township Clerk’s Hidden Camera Subpoena

The information sought in the “camera” subpoena sought by Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik 

When I received information contained in the subpoena (see above) from Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik served on Township Supervisor employee Ryan Provenzano, I filed another Freedom of Information request for what was provided.

Township Attorney Jim Kelly replied that everything was exempt from discover through the FOI Act this was the reply:

“Algonquin Township has tendered no documents in response to the subpoena served upon Mr. Provenzano.

“Further the information which you are requesting is exempt from disclosure pursuant to section  140/7(1)(u) of the Freedom of Information Act.

“The information you are seeking is confidential information which pertains to the operation of security systems…

“You should be advised however, in the pending lawsuit concerning the records you are seeking there is also a pending motion for issuance of a protective order which will prevent the disclosure of the documents subject to the subpoena.”

After a second inquiry, Kelly responded,

“…there is one document which would be responsive to your request which is not exempt from disclosure.”

You can see it below:

Receipt for purchase of camera found in Algonquin Township Clerk’s storage room.

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s Precinct Polling Place Consolidation Plan Brings Republicans and Democrats Together

During Public Comment at Tuesday’s McHenry County Board meeting, County Clerk Mary McClellan came into harsh criticism from both a Democratic and a Republican Party Precinct Committeeman.

First up was long-time Barrington Hills Republican Precinct Committeeman Lou Anne Majewski.

Having seen McClellan’s plan to consolidate precincts on McHenry County Blog, Majewski criticized McClellan’s excuse that school district officials, mandated by law to provide polling places, were complaining that their children’s safety was endangered by voters.

The letter can be found immediately below:

Letter from the County Clerk

Polling Place Consolidation

Over the last couple of years we have had requests from school districts to find new polling places for the safety of their children.

There is also a new law that affects election judges as well; for example HB 539 authorizes county boards to reduce the number of judges of election from five to three for primary elections.

We have also had private entities requesting removal of polling places from their facilities for their own reasons.

We have no control over the private entities and no statutory requirement to mandate a polling location at their facilities.

That being said, in an effort to create efficiencies and respect the wishes of those not wanting to participate, we have been working on consolidation of our polling places.

By working together using current polling places that have large enough spaces and adequate parking for at least two if not more precincts at one location, we have been able to change 33 locations.

We will be conducting a pilot program for the March 20, 2018 Primary Election.

These 33 location changes affect 18 schools and 20 private entities.

The impact of the proposed changes are throughout the county, the average distance between the new and old polling places in most instances is 1.2 miles to 1.5 miles.

There are three instances where the distance is an average of 2.2 miles to the new polling place.

The positive side of the consolidations at this time is that the new electronic poll books allow us to make this transition without much additional training and efforts for the election judges.

We have met with most of the election judges over the summer to discuss the upcoming changes and they are seeing this change to be positive and beneficial.

I have enjoyed fulfilling the responsibilities that my constituents have placed in me.

Please feel free to contact me directly at: [email protected] with any questions.

I appreciate being your County Clerk, because it’s my job to make the process easier for the community.

The summary sheet enclosed with the letter follows:

“We have never seen out voters as perverts and sex offenders,” Majewski said.

Jack Franks and Mary McClellan confer at the McHenry’s 2015 Fiesta Days Parade.

“The stand by the school districts is unacceptable,” she continued.

“Students should be taught that voting is very important.”

(I remember when I was at Emerson Elementary School in Salt Lake City in 1954 seeing people coming to canvas booths. Asking what was happening, I was told it was people voting in an election. It obviously made an impression on me.)

Right after Majewski was Democrat Cathy Johnson, who ran for County Board two years ago and is the appointed Precinct Committeeman in Riley Township.

Johnson pointed out that McClellan’s responsibility was “to make it easier to vote, not harder.”

She said consolidation in other states was “one of the tactics to suppress voting.”

Neighbors expect to be able to vote in their neighborhoods.

“Chairman Franks, you promised no services would be cut,” Johnson told her party’s man at the podium.

New Push for ERA Ratification

A press release from the Student Peace Action Network at McHenry County College:

“Equal Means equal” tomorrow Thursday 6:30 p.m. MCC

Equal Means Equal, a documentary urging the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment will be presented Thursday October 19th 6:30 p.m. in B166-167, MCC.

This ERA button says, “Ratify ERA in 1975.”

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL offers an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today.

Examining both real-life stories and precedent-setting legal cases, director Kamala Lopez uncovers how outdated and discriminatory attitudes inform and influence seemingly disparate issues, from workplace harassment to domestic violence, rape and sexual assault to the foster care system, and the healthcare conglomerate to the judicial system.

Along the way, she reveals the inadequacy of present laws that claim to protect women, ultimately presenting a compelling and persuasive argument for the urgency of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Sponsored by SPAN: Student Peace Action Network, LWV: McHenry County League of Women Voters, and AAUW: Crystal Lake American Association of University Women.

This event is free and open to the public.

Huntley Police Trick or Treat Trot for Special Olympics Sunday

A press release from the HUntley Police Department:

Huntley Police Department to host 2nd Annual 5K Trick or Treat Trot to benefit the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Illinois

On Sunday October 22, 2017 the Huntley Police Department will be hosting the 2nd Annual 5K Trick or Treat Trot to benefit the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Illinois.

Registration for the run starts at 9:00 a.m., followed by a Torch Lighting Ceremony at 10:50 a.m., and the run will begin at 11:00 a.m.

This will be a fun run and will start and end at the Huntley Town Square (on Coral St. between Church St. and Woodstock St.).

Special Olympic Athletes will award the runners at the finish line with a chocolate medal.

A water station will be set up midway into the run and at the finish line. The trot will not be timed, however there will be a clock at the end of the race for those who want to track their time.

Pre-registration for the run is $25.00 and all pre-registered runners will receive a t-shirt and treat bag.

Registration the day of the run is $30.00. For more information or to register for the run go to

On-line registration is now open. To register on-line go to:

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the single largest year-round fundraising vehicle benefiting Special
Olympics Illinois.

Special Olympics is a nonprofit organization providing year-round sports training and competition in 19 sports for over 21,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and more than 20,000 young athletes ages 2-7 with and without intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through training and competition.

State Senate Campaign Finances

There are three State Senate districts covering parts of McHenry County.

Incumbent Pam Althoff has announced her retirement.

Two McHenry County Board members have stepped forward in the Republican Primary Election:

  • John Reinert
  • Craig Wilcox.

In addition, State Senator Karen McConnaughay is running for re-election.

What each had in their campaign accounts at the end of September can be seen below:

  • Pam Althoff – $136,176.80
  • Karen McConnaughay – $108,916.12 (plus $8,000 in big contributions during October)
  • Dan McCononchie – $64,877.12
  • John Reinert – $541.92 (Since Sept. 30th, Reinert has received $5,000 from Pam Althoff, $1,000 from Mike Skala’s firm, $1,000 from Chicago law firm Beaulieu Law Offices PC and $1,000 from Heritage Title Co. of McHenry, plus lesser amounts given at his Thursday fundraiser.)
  • Craig Wilcox – $4,364.58