Algonquin Township Phone Hacked

Algonquin Township Hall

Someone hacked the Algonquin Township phone system this morning.

When one called 847-639-2700 and selected option zero, one heard something like this:

The office of Algonauin Township is closed

For patronage and employment, press 1

For information or to learn more about wasting money, press 2.

For legal defense fund, press 3.

For Gasbag press 5.

The final option, of course, gives one a lead on who violated the law.

At noon, the substitute message had been removed.

Reached for comment, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser said,

Andrew Gasser

“Whoever did this needs to be fired.

“If it’s a contractor, they contract needs to be terminated.

“This is childish and pettiness that the voters elected me to get rid of.”

CL Moves to Stricter Regulation of Massage Parlors, Some of Which in Past Have Offered Prostitution

Prostitution arrests in message parlors have been made over the years in at least the McHenry County towns of Crystal Lake, Woodstock, McHenry and Algonquin.

Last night the Crystal Lake City Council passed an ordinance requiring the licensing of massage parlors.

The memo presented to the Crystal Lake City Council last night might be of interest to some.

Background: Several years ago, the State of Illinois passed legislation that changed the manner in  which massage therapists were regulated. As a result of this change, all massage therapists are now licensed and regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDPR). Local municipalities no longer have the authority to license or regulate massage therapists.

Legislation does, however, allow local jurisdictions to license and regulate massage establishments. There are over 30 neighboring communities in the northern Illinois area that have established massage licenses for massage establishments. The attached ordinance creates a process for a massage establishment license, as well as the standards by which they will be regulated. Licensing massage establishments is an important component of ensuring that only legitimate massage businesses operate within the City.

Since December of 2013, the Crystal Lake Police Department has made arrests for the offense of Prostitution at six separate massage establishments. After several arrests made in 2017, Police Department staff observed potential code violations occurring at some establishments. Specifically, there were resident complaints on a current massage establishment, where the resident felt that there were employees living in the business and that there was 24 hour activity occurring at the business. The Police Department, during one investigation, also discovered that a business owner of a Crystal Lake establishment was also an owner of a massage business in a different municipality where there were prostitution arrests made. Some of the Crystal Lake establishments are no longer in business, while others remain open. While the Police Department can continue to enforce criminal activity and make arrests where appropriate, it is difficult to enforce City code without a massage ordinance in place. Having the ability to regulate the establishment will give the City the authority to involve the business owner and potentially Agenda Item No: 13 2 employ an administrative process to close their business in response to the illegal activity.

Ultimately, this sends the message that the City will not tolerate this illegal activity and thereby lessen the chance of its occurrence and potentially prevent any future illicit business from opening in the city.

An invitation was sent to the City’s massage establishments to an Open House, which was held on September 11, 2017, at 6pm, at City Hall to review the parameters of the proposed Massage Establishment License Ordinance, collect feedback and answer any questions. A summary of feedback that staff received is attached.

At the February 6, 2018, City Council meeting, business owners of massage establishments presented the City Council with some suggested changes to the proposed massage ordinance. The changes to correct the term “masseuse” and to include a sentence that exempt businesses should not have their clients disrobe were added. Based on advice from our special counsel for this, the other suggested change could not be accommodated, without interfering with free speech rights. Adding some of the suggested changes are outside of the City’s purview and are best regulated by the State’s provisions.

Key Factors:

  • This license would be for the business, not the massage therapists employed by the business. They are licensed separately by the State.
  • The massage business license fee of $50 applies only to new massage establishments. Massage establishments existing prior to 2016 would not be charged a fee for their license.
  • The license application requires the business to complete the application, complete a background check, and provide annual updates of the information.
  • This is a similar process to the tattoo parlor license that has been enforced by the City for many years.

The City’s special counsel has reviewed the attached ordinance and it is in an acceptable format.

Votes Required to Pass: A simple majority vote.


Summary of Comments on Draft Massage Establishment License

  • Correct terminology from masseuse to massage therapist on all documents.
  • Sometimes there is not a manager on site, just the therapists. (Response – those entrusted to run the business in your absence would be responsible).
  • What businesses are exempt from this requirement (Response – head/shoulder, hand or foot massage are exempt from State requirements to license their therapist so would be exempt from the City’s license) Should be only if the massage takes place in the open.
  • On the second page remove the word, “amusement.”
  • What type of photo is needed? (Response – the Police Department can take the pictures for you for free if you schedule the appointment with Records ahead of time).
  • Do all employees need to have a background check? (Response – only those primarily responsible for massage business). [Need to clarify this]
  • If it is an existing business/building already occupied, would we need a new inspection or any of the retrofits discussed in ordinance? [need to exempt existing businesses]
  • What about people that work out of their home. (Response – they are not covered under State licenseing and would also be exempt from this license) Also what about the schools some of them have a massage therapist on site. [need to look into this exemption].
  • If head/shoulder, hand or foot massage is exempt they also cannot use word ‘massage’ in business name, per State requirements. [It was found that this is only regulated by the Illinois Department of Professional Services, not criminal code, not enforceable by City]
  • Why can’t City just enforce what State already has. (Response – we have tried. We have reported the misconduct on the States website, but no one comes to shut the business down. The only recourse we have is to hold the business owner accountable).
  • Can you just use our corporate ID # so we do not need to provide actual certificate.
  • Can you just photocopy the driver’s license so we wouldn’t have to fill out all the application information.
  • Shouldn’t have to pay the fee or pay annually, just another fee for the City to make money. [need to look into exemption for existing businesses]
  • This industry is already overregulated, this is just one more form and fee.
  • Enforce what the State requires, if a business employs professional they need to register with State. [It was found that this is only regulated by the Illinois Department of Professional Services, not criminal code, not enforceable by City]
  • Will not eliminate prostitution problem, just force it underground.
  • What about therapists that only rent a room for a portion of the time [thoughts on this are that this business offers massage therapy and would be subject to SUP and license requirements].
  • What if the business owner is a licensed massage therapist?

Local 150 Turns Down Negotiation Request from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser

On February, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon sent an email to Local 150 of the Operating Engineers asking if the union was entering into contract negotiations.

It was a short message to Bryan P. Diemer with copies to Bob Paszta, Mark Gummerson, Michael E. Avakian.

Subject: Algonquin Township settlement proposal


I write to you to ascertain if we could arrange a settlement in connection with the various claims of Local 150 on the purported contract that has us engaged in multiple actions in Court and before the Labor Board. Accordingly, perhaps it would benefit everyone if we agree to stop litigating and sit down and negotiate a contact that works for everyone, both sides would benefit.

To the extent that you wish to consider this option, please let me know. Perhaps our collective business judgment will avoid further expense to both sides.

Robert T. Hanlon

Below is Operating Engineers’ reply:

Handgun Photo Put on Internet by Woodstock North High School Brings Police

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Social Media Threat Assessment – Juvenile Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Woodstock North High School

During the morning hours of February 20th, 2018, the Woodstock Police Department (WPD) was made aware by Community Unit School District 200 officials of a social media exchange
between numerous Woodstock North High School (WNHS) students.

It was later determined that a 17 year old male student of WNHS sent a photo, via social media, depicting a handgun with a caption attached which could be construed as threatening.

The WPD School Resource Officer was contacted and informed of this incident.

Working with WPD detectives, the student and his guardian were immediately located and subsequently interviewed.

A comprehensive threat assessment was conducted and a search of the juvenile’s home was consented to by the juvenile and his guardian.

It was determined that the photo sent was obtained by the juvenile on the internet and he never actually possessed the depicted weapon, or any other jeapons.

The juvenile was placed under arrest and was subsequently charged with Disorderly Conduct, and ultimately released back to his guardian’s custody.

In an effort to make juveniles fully aware of the consequences that could occur, the Woodstock Police Department strongly recommends that parents discuss with their children the effects of conducting alarming or disturbing actions.

No further information will be released about this incident since this investigation involves a

GOP Invite Oops; Date Changed from 3-16 to Saturday, 3-17

The first invitation emailed out for the McHenry County Republican Party’s spring fundraiser, a corned beef dinner in a Lake in the Hills Airport hanger, said the event would be held on Friday, March 16th.

The connection of eating meat on Friday being a no-no to Catholics was not caught.

Since a lot of Republicans are Catholics, the Party has changed the date to Saturday, March 17th, as you can see in the invitation below:

The final and correct invitation to the Republican Party”s fundraiser. Expect a lot of candidates to attend.

Should County Board Trust Jack Franks to Spend Over $20,000 without Board Approval?

That’s the question that astute members of the McHenry County Board have noticed is hidden deep in the agenda at tonight’s meeting.

Look at agenda item 19.1.a on page 356 of the agenda packet.

Below is the relevant part of the ordinance, which is enlarged:

If this passes, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks can spend not the current $20,000, but up to $30,000 without approval of the McHenry County Board.

I’m remembering that old TV show, “Do You Trust Your Wife?”

Tribune Endorses Carole Cheney for Congress to Run Against Peter Roskam

Carole Cheney

Carole Cheney, the woman who served as District Chief of Staff for Congressman Bill Foster has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune in her 6th District Primary Election effort to run against incumbent Republican Peter Roskam this fall.

In contrast, the Chicago Sun-Times endorsed Kelly Mazeski and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks endorsed Sean Casten.

You can read McHenry County Blog’s article about her appearance before the local Democratic Party here.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller Gives Daniel Newman $19,650 in Unexplained “Miscellaneous” Pay Since Beginning of 2013

This Northwest Herald reader poll published the day after its Sunday front page article on bonuses given by former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller indicates most do not receive bonsuses.

Another favorite of immediate past Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller was Daniel Newmann.

Newmann received $19,650 in unexplained miscellaneous pay in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 until Miller’s term expired on May 15th.

The same pattern of large payments near Christmas exists.

Three thousand dollars in what private enterprise might call “bonuses” shows each of each year.

As with other favored employees–including Miller’s wife and two sons-in-law–payments continued after Miller lost his GOP Primary race to McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

No documents were found by Gasser’s Freedom of Information Officer justifying the irregular payments.

The extra income Newmann received follows:

Latest Political Staffer Sent to Purgatory by Embattled Mike Madigan Ran Vicious Campaigns Against David McSweeney & Steve Reick

When I heard the name Shaw Decremer on television news, it sounded familiar.

Shaw DeCremer was featured on six o’clock newscasts.

He is the latest political operative that House Speaker Mike Madigan has had to abandon.

So far for unknown reasons, but the last one for sexually harassing another Madigan operative, a female.

A search of McHenry County Blog found Decremer’s name in the following story about State Rep. David McSweeney’s campaign:

And apparently Madigan assigned the same guy to take out Steve Reick in his 2014 Republican Primary Election:

Decremer was the front may for the pop-up Political Action Committee called “Government for the People”financed by Madigan allies.

It was a vicious campaign designed put a loyal follower of Jack Franks on the fall Republican ticket who would–Madigan opponent style–roll over an play dead allowing Madigan to continue to have a patsy like Jack Franks in office.

The PAC was first registered at his address, 2857 W. Leland Ave., Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60625.

Thought on Township Road District Abolition from a City Dweller

Under the article about the McHenry Township Trustees having put abolition of the Road District on the ballot this fall in McHenry Township appeared the following vommernt from”Dante”:

Township Road District employees, families and friends spoke at last Tuesday’s special McHenry Township meeting.

“The road districts need to have different tiers for taxing.

“Tier 1 is for people who live on township roads.

“Tier 2 is a lower tax rate for people living in the township but don’t live on township roads.

“Residents near Lake Kilarney aren’t helping residents of Crystal Lake, why should Crystal Lake residents have to pay for the maintenance of residential roads near Lake Kilarney or other township roads?”

McHenry County Republican Party to Host Barnstormer Fundraiser – Date Update

The event will be held on Saturday, March 17, instead of Friday, March 16th.

Enjoy Corned Beef and Cabbage at LITH Airport

Friday, March 16th is the date chosen by the McHenry County Republican Party for their “Barnstormer” fundraiser.

This is the only fundraiser scheduled this year by the McHenry County GOP to raise money for candidates.

The event will be held at:

Lake in The Hills Airport
8195 Pyott Rd.
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

Taxpayers Finance Jack Franks’ Congratulatory Messages to School Students

What appeared to be a slick method of campaigning by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks turns out to be taxpayer financed.

On February 1, 2018, McHenry County Blog published a certificate received by a Johnsburg Middle School student.

You can see it below:

Subsequently, a Freedom of Information request produced the following bill for special paper on which the certificates of appreciation were printed.

It is for 5,000 sheets of special vellum paper.

Note that patronage worker Bridget Geenen, who came from Franks’ campaign operation, has her name written on the January 18, 2018, bill from Woodstock’s Copy Express.

Bridgett Geenen’s McHenry County employee identification card.

It doesn’t take a lot of intuition to guess that lots of Geenen’s time is spent

  • gathering student names from school districts
  • typing those names on certificates
  • addressing those certificates for mailing
  • postage for the mailings

And all of it is to benefit Jack Franks personally for when he runs for office again.

McHenry County Blog was willing to give Franks the benefit of the doubt by assuming that he was using campaign  money for this effort to increase his name identification.

No more.

Dylan Stern Another of Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Favorites

“Miscellaneous” income payments made during the last fifty-three months of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s time in office totaled $244,875.63.

Family members got the most, but other employees also got substantial unsubstantiated additions to their paychecks.

Dylan Stern received $21,700 more than his regular salary.

As with others who were privileged enough to receive such discretionary largess, the largest os Stern’s came near Christmas.

This is part of the over 500 page source document examined to find miscellaneous income. Stern received $,1700 extra money in November of 2015.

Here is where a $1,500 “bonus” showed up in December, 2015.

He also was blessed with money–$1,200–after Miller lost the February Republican Primary Election to McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

The miscellaneous payments follow:

Fire Protection Districts Are McHenry County’s Tax Increase Leaders

McHenry County Levy Increases Outpace Municipalities

In a previous McHenry County Blog articles Comparing McHenry County Property Tax 2002 Versus 2016 it was discovered that while the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased 33.8% from 2002 to 2016, most McHenry County governments’ levies have increased in excess of CPI.

In the graphs below, you can see how different taxing bodies compare in terms of levy increases.

McHenry County has increased property taxes at almost twice the rate of townships governments.

You can read all of the posts in this series at:

Part 1 on McHenry County numbers can be found here: Comparing McHenry County Propery Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 1.

Part 2 on Library & Park district numbers can be found here: Comparing Library and Park District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 2.

Part 3 on Fire district numbers can be found here: Comparing Fire District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 3

Part 4 on School district numbers can be found here: Comparing School District Property Taxes 2002 Through 2016-Part 4

Part 5 on Township numbers can be found here: Comparing Township Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 5

Part 6 on Township Road District numbers can be found here: Comparing Township Road & Bridge Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 6

Friend of Bob Miller Rakes in $24,712.50 in Addition to Salary at Algonquin Township Highway Department

Bob Miller

It paid well for Algonquin Township Road District employee Douglas Helman to be a friend of his boss, Highway Commissioner Bob Miller.

In addition to his salary, Helman received $24,712.50 in so-called miscellaneous income from the beginning of 2013 until he retired at about the same time that Miller’s term as Road Commissioner expired.

$1,050 of that amount was given to Helman after Miller narrowly lost the February Republican Election to McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

Like others who received miscellaneous income, large chunks came shortly before Christmas.

Helman received the highest payroll period amount in his October-November, 2016, check.

It was for $1,900.

Three $500 payments followed in the three periods after that.

The amounts paid and their dates follow:

Serwatka on Lakewood Matters

Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka continues to be one of the few elected officials willing to give his take on his government’s activities over the internet.

His latest missive is below:

Bringing you up-to-date on recent activities of our village & village board – there are 4 items I want to call to your attention.

Lakewood Text Sign-Up

1 – A Reminder – One of the many new & improved services we are implementing in our village – the Lakewood Police Dept. has recently started a new program called “TextCaster.” TextCaster provides effective day-to-day information about public safety, traffic issues, community events, and emergency communication to Lakewood residents.

A number of residents have already signed up for these text reports and have found them to be quite useful. Most recently this was used to alert residents that garbage pick-up would be delayed until Saturday, due to the snow.

It’s a FREE service. It takes about 30 seconds to sign-up and you can sign-up by simply clicking on  here..


2 – I have spoken quite a bit about performance based compensation of employees vs. the typical past practice of annual 3% raises for everyone regardless of performance, as well as big (usually secret) bonuses that had been typically awarded to upper management every year, also regardless of performance.

In January, I recommended that our board recognize the “above and beyond” work and attitude of our Village Clerk, Jan Hansen.

In July of last year, throughout our flood crisis, Jan stepped up, taking on additional roles, working evenings & weekends alongside me, to help facilitate all of the efforts from responding to resident needs, to helping coordinate with FEMA, the Red Cross and others, to deploying Port-O-Potties, Semi-Tankers, and on and on…

Subsequently, after the departure of our former Chief Administrative Officer, Jan again stepped up and worked many additional hours, evenings and weekends with me, in a myriad of capacities, to keep things running in the village for the 2 and-a-half month interim, before welcoming our new CAO, Jeannine Smith.

I simply could not have made it through this time without the efforts of Jan Hansen.

In acknowledgement of Jan’s stepping-up & going “above and beyond” on behalf of our entire village, the board supported my recommendation, and PUBLICLY, in an open meeting, moved to award Jan a $5000 performance bonus. Jan has been our village clerk for approximately 18 years and this is the first time she has ever been recognized for her efforts.

Surplus Police Cars

3 – A Stark Contrast in Administrative Practices – I’ve had a number of residents inquire as to the number of Police Squad Cars our village owns. I had discussed this awhile back with our Chief of Police, Mike Roth, who assured me this was among many things on his list of items to be addressed.

At our last village board meeting, Chief Roth recommended the sale of two surplus police squad cars – to be sold at public auction, based on the Kelly Blue Book value for the vehicles for their age, condition and mileage. Chief Roth’s recommendation was supported by the board and the vehicles will be sold at public auction.

I believe it is worth noting the stark contrast in the protocol followed here as compared to the past practices of our former manager and administration. In one notable example of past practice from last year, under our previous manager and administration, that has since come to light – A police squad car less than 5 years old, with only approximately 40,000 miles, was (arguably prematurely) replaced with the purchase of a new squad car.

As we later learned, this village owned squad car was sold – not at auction – but, to a private party. It sold for $5000 and while it was not sold at public auction, it was purportedly an “arms length” transaction. We later learned that the Kelley Blue Book value for this vehicle was approximately $14,000. Add to this – after this purported “arms-length” sale to this private party, this squad car subsequently came to be owned by the individual who was, at that time, our village Finance Director.

None of the parties involved in this transaction remain employed by our village and I am confident that these types of activities will no longer occur under this administration.


4 – This item really warrants two headings:


1 – Reviving Redtail – In January, the board (minus one trustee) approved the renovation of Redtail Golf Club. (Trustee Rich Ritchie, the sole opposition of this much needed renovation, has vied for building a brand new Golf Club & Police Station on Redtail property, since being elected to the board in May 2017.)

Besides drastic imporvement to the obvious “drab” aesthetics and deferred maintenance of Redtail’s clubhouse, this interior and exterior renovation will cure; non-operational and leaking windows, deteriorated/rotted and leaking siding, faulty gutter/downspouts, non-operational HVAC systems, broken plumbing and bathroom fixtures, damaged & non-operational electric, as well as a number of building and health code violations within the clubhouse.

In truth, much of this work is many, many years overdue, and is a clear indication of substantial neglect as well as a lack of “pride of ownership”. Whatever the reason, it is blatantly obvious that the success and vitality of Redtail was NOT a priority for our past administration!

The Reviving Redtail Renovation, as well as the coming Hawk’s Nest Pub & Eatery is being spearheaded by trustee Phil Stephan with my full support and occasional assistance. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that this entire project will be funded with funds generated entirely by Redtail operations, to be used for Redtail purposes!

No property tax dollars or other monies from our General Fund are being used for this essential renovation.

2 – Hawk’s Nest Pub & Eatery – Coming Soon! – Mark your calendars for this April 8th – Noon to 4:00 and come join us for the Grand Opening of our new Hawk’s Nest Pub & Eatery! (You will be notified again, You can be sure!)

The Hawk’s Nest will be a brand new, family friendly Pub & Restaurant, Featuring: All New (limited) Menu Selections, New Beverage Selections (alcohol and non-alcohol), New Service-Oriented Management and Equipment, and an All New Customer-Oriented Approach to Business.

As with the transformation of the rest of our village administration – The Transformation of Redtail and the introduction of The Hawk’s Nest Pub & Eatery promises the end of “Business as Usual” at Redtail and marks the beginning of the Redtail Revival.

The success of this renovation, the restructuring of golf club management & staff, and the coming new Hawk’s Nest Pub, promise the generation of revenues never before achieved from Redtail – the ultimate goal being the ability to allocate a portion of these revenues to our General Fund and offset a portion of what would otherwise be property taxes paid by residents.

I promise to to provide updates as we move forward. In the meantime, I hope you will share this newsletter with other Lakewood neighbors and help spread the word of our efforts..

Comparing Township Road District Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 6

48.37% Average Increase in Road & Bridge Funds

Today McHenry County Blog is revealing numbers for Township Road Districts.

In summary from 2002 to 2016:

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased by 33.8%.

County Population increased by 10.55%.
County Assessments have increased 29.44%.
Township Road District tax collections increased by 48.37%.

A levy increase more than 33.8% and identifies government bodies that are living beyond the taxpayers’ ability to pay OR the voters approved referendums which increased levies.

  • Dorr Township takes the prize as leader with levy increase of 368.52%, four times the amount as the next highest taxers.
  • Dunham Township residents saw the least amount of increase from their Road Commissioners. At 15.33%, levy increases are well below CPI.

The contents of the table below were extracted from the McHenry County display of property taxes for 2002 and 2016.

Part 1 on McHenry County numbers can be found here: Comparing McHenry County Propery Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 1.

Part 2 on Library & Park district numbers can be found here: Comparing Library and Park District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 2.

Part 3 on Fire district numbers can be found here: Comparing Fire District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 3

Part 4 on School district numbers can be found here: Comparing School District Property Taxes 2002 Through 2016-Part 4

Part 5 on Township numbers can be found here: Comparing Township Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 5

Ryan Green Highest in Algonquin Township Road District “Miscellaneous” Pay After Three Miller Family Members

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller gave three family members a total of $86,066 above and beyond their regular salaries since 2012 while they were being paid by tax dollars:

Derek Lee

Anna May Miller

  • Wife Anna May Miller – $31,146

Anna May Miller Took Home $31,146 in “Misc” Income Since 2013

  • Son-in-law Andrew Rosencrans – $24,235

Bob Miller Son-in-Law Andrew Rosencrans Received Over $24,000 in “Miscellaneous” Income from Algonquin Township Road District Since 2013

  • Son-in-law Derek Lee – $30,355

Bob Miller Favors Son-in-Law Derek Lee with $5000 More in Miscellaneous Algonquin Township Road District Income Than His Other Son-In-Law

Miller left office in mid-May last year after being narrowly defeated by County Board member Andrews Gasser.

But the Road Commissioner’s family members were not the only ones to receive hefty unexplained “miscellaneous” income payments over the four-plus years.

Ryan Green received $24,035.

As you can see below, the largest amounts entered his checking account around Christmas shopping time.

Shannon Teresi Campaigning for County Auditor Appointment

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer resigned last month.

Her top assistant was Shannon Teresi, the woman now running the office.

She has an impressive resume, published previously.

Last night she attended McHenry County Board member Michael Rein’s Woodstock fundraiser.

That’s where I found the card (enlarged below) that is being distributed on her behalf:

A card promoting Shannon Teresi’s candidacy for McHenry County Auditor.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has asked for applications and, presumably, is interviewing candidates.

Nancy Gonsiorek

Before asking for applications, there was a Northwest Herald story indicating that former Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 Board member Nancy Gonsiorek wanted the job and agreed with Franks that the elected office of Auditor should be abolished.

Jack Franks

The abolition argument did not sit well with those who believe that government needs checks and balances.

Many saw it as just one more effort of Franks to centralize power.

Teresi is asking for the support of County Board members.

If Franks nominates the one he appeared to endorse in the NWH article, he will have to gain a majority of County Board votes to put her in office.

Shannon Teresi

Failing such a majority, Franks probably submit another person’s name.

Or he might just refuse to do so in a fit of pique.

That would leave Teresi in charge of the office until whoever is elected in November to fill out the two-year term took office in December.

The person selected by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

Five people applied for the post.