Oakwood Hills Downloading Child Porn Arrest

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:

Oakwood Hills Man Arrested for Child Pornography

Robert Rade

Robert T. Rado III, 50, formerly of McHenry County, was arrested Sunday after a warrant for his arrest was obtained for ten counts of Child Pornography.

In 2015, members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office became aware that an individual was downloading child pornography from 5810 Greenview Rd., Oakwood Hills, Illinois.

An investigation began and a search warrant was executed at that residence, which produced information that led to Robert being a suspect.

Electronics were seized during the course of that search warrant and child pornography was found on Rado’s computer.

Rado was interviewed after his computers were forensically examined.

Rado implicated himself by stating that he downloaded numerous files containing child pornography.

A warrant was obtained for Rado’s arrest in which bond was set at $50,000.

On Sunday, Rado was subsequently arrested at an apartment complex in Rochelle, Illinois.

Rado was taken into custody and is currently housed at the McHenry County Correctional Facility.

EB-5 “Buy a Visa” Fraud Gets Three Years

This press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office might be of interest because the Village of Lakewood is part of the Woodstock EB-5 district. A Tax Increment Financing District was also used to promote the fake project. Lakewood has a real TIF District covering the area where a SportsPlex was pitched.

Hotel Developer Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Exploiting U.S. Visa Program

CHICAGO — A Chicago hotel developer was sentenced today to three years in prison for exploiting a federal visa program to fraudulently raise capital from Chinese nationals who were seeking residency in the United States.

ANSHOO SETHI, the founder of A Chicago Convention Center LLC, purported in 2011 to build a hotel and convention center near O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.  Sethi solicited Chinese nationals to invest $500,000 apiece in the project, plus $41,500 in administrative fees to Sethi’s company.

Each Chinese national who participated in the project also applied for an EB-5 visa, which allows foreign investors to obtain a temporary two-year visa that could later be converted to a permanent visa upon success of an employment-generating investment.

While soliciting investors Sethi made several false statements, including lies about funding and tax credits from the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, none of which materialized.

The $900 million project never got off the ground, and no EB-5 visas were ever granted to investors.

Sethi, 32, of Chicago, pleaded guilty last year to one count of wire fraud.  In addition to the 36-month prison term, U.S. District Judge John Z. Lee also ordered Sethi to pay $8.85 million in restitution to the victim investors.

Zachary Fardon

The prosecution represents the largest EB-5 criminal fraud case in the United States to date.

The sentencing was announced by Zachary T. Fardon, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and Michael J. Anderson, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Defendant Anshoo Sethi abused the EB-5 visa program and blatantly lied to investors and the United States government on a massive scale,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sunil Harjani argued in the government’s sentencing memorandum.

“Overseas investors spent much time and energy making the difficult decision to invest in the Sethi project, and processing their visa applications – not knowing that the project was built on a bed of lies and forged documents.”

According to his plea agreement, Sethi’s fraud scheme began in the summer of 2011 and continued until February 2013.

Sethi told investors that he planned to build the hotel and convention center on a three-acre parcel of land in the 8200 block of West Higgins Road in Chicago, just east of O’Hare.

Sethi falsely told investors that his company maintained relationships with large hotel chains that purportedly were interested in the project, including Hyatt, Starwood and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

To bolster an additional false statement regarding City of Chicago funding, Sethi signed a “Redevelopment Agreement TIF” document that purported to convey a relationship between the city and Sethi’s company.

The document, which contained a bogus city ordinance implying that the project had been approved for TIF funding, was provided to third party brokers who used it to solicit investors.

In all, Sethi raised approximately $158 million from more than 290 investors.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought a civil lawsuit against Sethi and was able to restore approximately $147 million to Chinese investors.

The government is represented in the criminal prosecution by Mr. Harjani.

McHenry County Chairman v McHenry County Board

Guest Article:  Ersel Schuster

Here we go again…

Tonight, 2/21/17; the County Board Chairman will once again ram through more changes to the McHenry County Board’s Rules.

Since December 1, 2017, the Chairman has interpreted these Rules, and his ability to organize “ad hoc” committees to circumvent standing committee work on the Rules, as his right.  He deliberately mis-states the Rules to justify his ability to ram through changes for his personal benefit.

Under the Rules: Section 3 – 3.7:  Internal Support and Facilities Committee:  This committee is charged with: “Stewardship / liaison for matters pertaining to the… Administration; …”

Not only does the update to Board Rules fall under “Administration;” precedence clearly shows this committee (formerly, Management Services), for decades, has been responsible for this process.

Section 4 – Ad Hoc Committee: “The Chairman of the County Board shall have the power to establish ad hoc committees for special projects.  Such committees exist for the life of the project.”

Board Rules do give a chairman the authority to call for a “special project,” ad hoc committee.  This means that such committee is only created for the purpose of discussion and action on a “project” not covered by a regular standing committee.

At the February 2nd “Ad Hoc” Committee Meeting, once again, he is amending the Rules.

His interpretation and actions fail on both counts.  These are the “County Board’s” Rules.

Also of concern is that this person gave himself voting rights in the committee!

An ad hoc committee is a committee of “county board members.”  The county board chairman is not a county board member.  The only voting rights of a chairman elected at large, per statute; are for breaking a tie vote of the County Board Assembly.

At this last Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, in the chairman’s crafted rules changes, he conveniently omitted the fact that the at large elected chair only has the ability to break a tie vote of the Board.  Thanks to Member Nowak, at least he had the good sense to amend this section to specifically address the point.  This meeting took 12.5 minutes.

Interesting also was the makeup of this ad hoc committee.  Nowhere in the Agenda or following information are the committee members listed.  From past experience however, these Ad Hoc committee members are chosen to assured the chair a positive vote for his desired actions.

But then; that is how politicians with ulterior motives get what they want.

Wake up County Board Members… if you allow this foolishness to continue… the checks and balances you were elected to provide the taxpayers of McHenry County are being rendered useless.

Residents/taxpayers, reach out to your County Board Members.  You can reach them by typing in: www.co.mchenry.il.us:   Then select the “County Government” drop down box; select “Departments A-I;” then select “County Board.”

Springfield Pro-Life Legislative Update Scheduled Sat., Feb. 26th in Libertyville

A notice from Lake County Right To Life:

Legislative Update

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Sponsored by Lake COUNTY RIGHT TO LIFE

Location: Marytown, 1600 W. Park Ave., Libertyville


Mass is optional: 7:30AM
Registration: 8:00AM
Complimentary Breakfast
Program Begins: 9:15AM

Featured Speakers:

  • Senator Dan McConchie
  • Representative Sheri Jesiel
  • Representative Nick Sauer
  • Representative Barbara Salvi Wheeler

The 2017 legislative session in Springfield will be a very difficult year for Pro-Life.

This presentation will provide essential information to equip you for action needed to save unborn babies as well as other vulnerable lives.

Call: 847-223-7022

This Event is FREE for the Public

McHenry County Marriages and Divorces

The topic about marriages and divorces came up, so I took a look at the McHenry County statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Despite population decline, the number of marriages this decade has remained stable.

Divorces, on the other hand, are down.

Perhaps people can’t afford to get divorces because of bad economic conditions.

Here are statewide statistics since 1973:

Mary Beth Salvo Running for Oakwood Village Trustee as Write-In

Not all of Oakwood Hills’ meetings on the gas-fired peaker electric power plant were as open as this one.

In a town that packed the Holiday Inn during the peaker plant fight, there were not enough candidates filed to fill seats being vacated on the Oakwood Village Board.

Incumbent Trustee Chad Rider is running for re-election.

Newcomer Matthew Cane is also running for Trustee

The seat with no candidate has resulted in the filing by Mary Beth Salvo as a write-in candidate for Village Trustee.

Village President Paul Smith seeks to retain his position.

A Successful Petition Challenge

Since the petition challenge phase of elections has entered McHenry County big time, I thought posting a successful petition challenge might be useful to some in the future.

Here is the one that Deputy County Clerk Linda Fitzgerald filed against State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s tax limitation referendum petition:


Chris Savino Files as Write-In Candidate for Lakemoor Village President

Lakemoor Village voters will see a write-in line on their ballots.

Chris Savino has decided to run for the office, but the name won’t be on the ballot unless people write it in.

No loner can one write in Donald Duck, the original angry bird.

Anyone can run as a write-in, buy the Democrats in Springfield have been making it tougher and tougher.

Used to be you could write in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

Democrats got tired of reading Mike Royko’s columns about the number of votes such candidates received, so required people to sign up at the Clerk’s Office a week ahead of time.

Then, it was two weeks.

Now it is over two months ahead of the election.

Another Day Off Proposed for State & Local Employees – Be Still My Heart

“Yes We Can,” says this tee shirt found on a Lower Manhattan vendor.

A bill has been introduced to make August 4th a legal holiday.

What happened August 4th?

That’s the day that former President Barack Obama was born.

The state already gives public employees Lincoln’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day off.

But, the Democrats control the Illinois General Assembly and one can’t predict was Republican Governor Bruce Rauner would do if the August 4th Obama Birthday bill reached his desk during his re-election campaign.

The bills to watch are

The Single Member Districts Jack Franks Wanted for This Decade

One of the emails from Jack Franks political operative Oliver Serafini sent before he got his full-time job as “Communications Specialist” went to County Board member John Jung.

A reader asked if I had a copy of the map.

Looking in McHenry County archives, I found the following map for a 16-person County Board:

Jack Franks’ third suggestion for single-member districts.

Signs the Recession Not Over in McHenry County

When I went searching for the people Democrat Jack Franks wanted to hire, I thought he would have done so in December.

Turns out that he didn’t accomplish the goal of hiring a caseworker (whom he calls an Executive Assistant) and a Communications Specialist until January.

Part of my search consisted of filing a Freedom of Information request for Human Resource Department paperwork.

I asked for all the new hires in county government during December.

Most surprising were three in the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

They were for the position of Court Specialist I.

This is an entry level job.

Paying not much.

What surprised me was that three of those higher had bachelor’s degrees.

One was saving money to go to law school and seeking court experience.

The other two were not.

It reminded me of reading about college grads sweeping streets in India decades ago.

When I asked Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe about it, she replied,

“I am always surprised by that as well. We have hired quite a number with Bachelor’s Degrees over the last few years, and our recent group of hires oddly enough all had degrees.

“Court Specialist I is our entry level position that we have in all our divisions, but generally work our counters, phones, and clerk in the courtrooms.

“We have been very lucky to get some really great pools of applicants through the County’s HR Department.

“This last group of hires are all working out very well.

“The biggest risk of hiring those with degrees is that sometimes they leave fairly quickly because they get better offers.

“If we have higher level positions that open up and we are able to promote them, sometimes we can keep them.

“If we don’t, many times they get poached by attorneys or even other departments here in the Courthouse.

“My theory is that I would rather have sharp people for a shorter time, than ‘not so sharp’ for a long time.”

Asked about pay, Keefe sent the following:
“[They] start at $12.25 per hour, but after 6 months they are evaluated and if they meet certain training goals they are eligible for an additional $.50 per hour.

“They are eligible for an additional $.50 per hour at the end of 12 months of employment if they are doing well.”

Listen to the County Board’s Committee of the Whole Meeting Thursday

Want to hear Ringmaster Jack Franks try to tame the Republican lions who have not shown themselves to be pussy cats at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday.

You can do so by clicking on the audio button on February 17th.

Typing “McHenry County Board” in Google will bring you to this page.

What you will see is below:

Click on the “Meeting Portal” button near the top right and it should take you to a page which will allow you to listen to the meeting. The “audio” button does not work until the meeting starts at 7 PM.

If that doesn’t work, click here.

The meeting starts at 7 and the Democrats have been recruiting people to criticize Republican members and praise Chairman Jack Franks, so it might be a show you want to attend in person.

If you listen or attend, please share what’s happening in the comment section for those who are otherwise occupied.

A month ago, you will remember that Chairman Franks sprung three referendum questions on the members right before he adjourned the meeting.

That’s despite his explanation of the purpose of Committee of the Whole meetings was to allow members to discuss what would be considered at the upcoming Tuesday Board meeting, which starts at 9 AM.