Thompson Center to Water Park-Hotel?

That is one idea that is being floated (no pun intended) for keeping the Helmut Jahn building.

As I have pointed out preciously, Governor Jim Thompson decided to trade the double-paned windows for single-paned ones to save money during a recession.

The result was an inability to cool and heat the building adequately.

Harvard Police Throw Book at Deceptive Rockford Man

From the Harvard Police Department:


09-05-21 at 1529 hrs, police were dispatched to the intersection of E Diggins St and N Division St for a two-vehicle property damage accident.

As a result of the accident investigation, Mauricio Antonio-Hernandez (m-26 yoa), 4401 Mila Ave, Rockford, IL was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Obstructing Identification.

Antonio-Hernandez was criminally charged with Obstructing Identification after he provided police with a false name and date of birth and was issued traffic citations for

  • Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident,
  • No Valid Driver’s License,
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol,
  • Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle,
  • Illegal Transportation of Alcohol by Driver,
  • Illegal Transportation of Alcohol by Driver,
  • Failure to Transfer Registration,
  • Failure to Secure New Registration,
  • Failure to Comply with Registration or Title Statutes,
  • No Valid Registration, and
  • Improper Use of Registration.

Antonio Hernandez was released with a Court date of 10-13-21 at 1330 hrs.

Lakemoor Man Gets 38 Years on McHenry and Lake County Drug Charges

Frm the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office:


Ivan Olan

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announced that Ivan Olan, 58, of Lakemoor, Illinois, was sentenced to a total of 38 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the Offenses of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver. 

The defendant was sentenced to 20 years in prison on September 7, 2021 by the Honorable McHenry County Judge Wilbrandt.

On September 14, 2021 he was sentenced to an additional 18 years in prison, to be served consecutively, by the Honorable Lake County Judge Rossetti. 

These cases were investigated by members of Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group and Round Lake Park Police Department.

They were prosecuted by Neil Adams and Brette Dunbar of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Rabine Comments on Blog

Gary Rabine in the Johnsburg parade.

Glory be.

Republican gubernatorial aspirant and McHenry County resident Gary Rabine read an article on McHenry County Blog.

The article was the one about how unemployment compensation taxes (paid by all Illinois businesses) are going nowhere but up because $4.2 billion borrowed from the Federal government this year and last has to be repaid.

(See Higher Unemployment Compensation Taxes, Maybe Much Higher, Coming to Illinois Business.)

Of course, Illinois Democrats could use Covid money from the Feds to make the repayment, as Ohio has, but, instead Governor JB Pritzker is spreading it around to people he hopes will vote to re-elect him.

At the end of this post, I’ll put up the latest Covid distribution, which was announed yesterday, but, first Rabine’s comment:

Pritzker has no interest or no clue in how to save jobs and small businesses in Illinois, if he did he would have done like all smart governors and reduced our spending and stopped paying bonuses for people not working.

Instead Pritzker’s answer is 24 more taxes and fees as he and Biden strategize on how to dictate mandates best.

Here is Pritzker’s press release:

Gov. Pritzker Announces Nation-Leading Childcare Investments to Support Parents and Providers in COVID-19 Recovery

State to Provide 3 Months of Childcare Assistance for Unemployed Parents Seeking to Reenter the Workforce

Gov. Announces up to $1,000 Bonuses for Eligible Childcare Workers, $300 Million in Relief Funding to be made Available for Childcare Providers

CHICAGO – Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Secretary Grace Hou today announced a series of nation-leading investments to strengthen access to childcare for parents seeking to reenter the workforce while simultaneously bolstering childcare providers and their employees. As families across Illinois continue to get back on their feet amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, IDHS is expanding Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) eligibility to include three months of free coverage for unemployed parents who meet the CCAP eligibility requirements to help residents get back to work.

The Pritzker administration is also providing bonuses of up to $1,000 for eligible childcare workers. These bonuses will be followed by two more rounds of childcare restoration grants, plus an additional phase of grants in 2022, with $300 million to be made available to providers across the state.

Today’s announcement builds on the administration’s ongoing commitment to providing affordable, accessible childcare for all Illinois families. Earlier this year, the Governor announced CCAP co-pays would decrease for 80% of families who participate in the program. Families who meet certain income eligibility requirements, with income below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level have seen their monthly co-pays reduced to $1.

Since the pandemic began, the State has invested more than $700 million in COVID-19 relief funding in the state’s childcare industry. Through the first round of Child Care Restoration Grants, over 5,000 providers have received monetary support, representing 85% of eligible childcare centers and 40% of licensed family childcare homes. On average, childcare centers have received over $270,000 each and childcare homes have received an average of $13,000.

“Childcare is an essential part of a strong and equitable economy, and I’m proud that Illinois is leading the nation in supporting families and providers,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Without safe and affordable childcare, too many caregivers – especially women – can’t return to the workforce. We’re taking a major step to address this problem in Illinois, and rebuild our childcare ecosystem – and rebuild it better.”

Beginning October 1, 2021, parents who are unemployed and actively seeking employment will be eligible for three months of Child Care Assistance, provided they meet the standard CCAP eligibility requirements. If parents become employed or enroll in an education program before the end of the three-month period and meet all other CCAP eligibility requirements, their eligibility will continue for 12 months in total.

Families interested in applying for support through the Child Care Assistance Program, can contact their local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R) which can be found online at or by calling 1-877-202-4453 toll-free.

In addition, DHS will launch the Child Care Workforce Bonus program next month. Through the program, all staff at licensed and license-exempt childcare centers and homes will be eligible to receive up to a $1000 bonus, provided they meet all licensing and health and safety requirements. Childcare workers will receive the payment through their employer between October 2021 and March 2022.

Application information about the program will be available for employers via the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (INCCRRA) in the coming weeks. Employers are required to pay staff 100% of the bonus amount awarded by the state.

“Thanks to the unwavering leadership of Governor Pritzker, our administration is mobilizing federal recovery dollars to provide grants that will help Illinois businesses continue with reopening, bring back their staff, and rebuild stronger,” said IDHS Secretary, Grace B. Hou.  “At IDHS, we have taken necessary steps to support front line workers who are the fabric of communities across the state. The childcare network is essential to rebuilding our economy.”

The administration will also launch a final round of 2021 Child Care Restoration Grants and later this year will open applications for 2022 Stabilization Grants. The Child Care Restoration Grants administered through IDHS continue to offer childcare providers access to funds that can help counterbalance losses due to COVID-19 and take advanced steps to rebuild from the impacts of the pandemic. The program has been in place since 2020, when it provided $290 million to small businesses and childcare providers across the state. $270 million in additional funds have been invested in providers, to date, in 2021.

“Access to early childhood has the power to change the future of our city and state. on behalf of children and families, I’m incredibly grateful to have a governor whose COVID-19 response and recovery plan includes a significant investment in early childhood. Our children’s learning needs to start early, and parents need to be back at work. The plans the Governor outlined today will make sure that’s possible,” said Libby Shortenhaus, Chief Executive Officer, Christopher House.

The administration’s comprehensive support programming has prevented the mass closure of childcare facilities across the state and provided parents with safe places to care for their children as they reenter the workforce. Of the licensed childcare centers who received a state grant in 2020, 98% are still open and serving children. Approximately 30% fewer childcare centers closed over the last year than closed on average each year from 2016 to 2018.

Currently, 93,406 children are served through the CCAP. For more information on childcare support opportunities, visit

Senator Dave Syverson Explains ComEd Bailout/Electric Rate Hike Vote

Democrats have place long-time Rockford area State Senator David Syverson in a district that comes deeply into McHenry County.

For example the district line in Crystal Lake is where Grafton and Algonquin Township meet.

Here is his press release on the legislation to bail Commonwealth Edison out by raising electric rates:

Senator Syverson reacts to passage of controversial energy legislation

On Sept. 13, Senate lawmakers returned to Springfield to vote on a controversial energy package that includes the largest utility rate increase in Illinois history on consumers.

 Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) issued the following statement, after voting no on Senate Bill 2408 that unfortunately passed:

 “While I wish I could have supported this bill to save the Byron Nuclear Plant, the fact is this energy package does more harm to the people of this state than it does to protect them.

Byron nuclear power plants as seen from Interstate 39.

 “The Governor and his allies have created a no-win situation with this energy proposal, holding Byron and other nuclear facilities hostage.

“Under this proposal, the only way Bryon was to be allowed to remain open was if lawmakers supported the largest utility rate increase in Illinois history and awarded massive subsidies to wind and solar energy companies.

“The estimate annual cost to consumers $1.4 billion.yet, even then, Byron will only remain open until 2028.

 “For the past two years, we have tried to find a compromise that recognized the importance of Illinois’ nuclear fleet while also supporting wind and solar companies.

“But we’ve been ignored. Instead, we are left with a bill that will accelerate job loss, undercut Illinoisan’s energy reliability with no viable replacements, and bolster the economies of our neighboring states to the detriment of hardworking Illinoisans. The damage will be irreversible.

 “This proposal could have helped safeguard the future of our state’s nuclear presence, but the majority party prioritized bailouts and subsidies over what was best for Illinois homeowners and job creators.  

“I’m disappointed that I could not support this energy package, but this proposal was merely a Band-Aid fix for nuclear with permanent consequences for ratepayers and businesses.”

The Johnsburg Parade Yields Political Messages

The Saufen und Spiel celebration in Johnsburg features a parade.

I arrived after the loud sirens, but that meant I also missed the convertibles with the village officials.

Bowling ball chases down pins.

The first entry that caught my eye was a guy dressed up like a bowling ball chasing others dressed up as pins. Didn’t catch the name of the sponsor.

Next came a vehicle advertising McHenry County Board hopeful Carl Kamienski of Johnsburg. McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio, Coroner Michael Rein and State Senator Craig Wilcox.

The beginning of the Republican contingent.

Komienski was walking the parade next to a truck from which State Representative Tom Weber was talking to spectators. (I am surprised that no other politician has followed his example.)

Carl Komienski walked the parade.

State Senator Craig Wilcox was running to keep pace with the GOP contingent.

Craig Wilcox hoofing it on the parade route.

The Republicans were moving pretty fast, but I managed to get a photo of State Rep. Tom Weber as his trailer passed.

Tom Weber talking to those along the parade route.

An entry from McHenry Township was next.

Riding in the cart was newly-appointed Supervisor Barla and Highway Commissioner John Condon.

Gary Barla and John Condon.

Sheriff candidate Tony Colatorti ‘s supporters followed.

The Tony Colatorti for Sheriff entry.

An anthusiastic boy was running the route.

A boy led the followers.
Not to be left behind was this boy.

The supporters were really strung out.

Tony Colatorti was handing out cards.
Tony Colatorti courting voters.

Bringint up the rear was a Jeep covered with signs for the candidate.

The handout follows:

The rear “bookend” was a jeep covered with signs.

The next political entry was for Colatoriti’s GOP primary opponent Robb Tadelman.

Robb Tadelman’s banner led his contingent.

The candidate and his family followed.

Robb Tadelman is in blue.

Gopt a close-up of Tadelman and his wife.

Robb Tadelman and a suporter.

Hometown boy Gary Rabine, running for the GOP nomination for Governor, had the next entry.

Following the Gary Rabine banner was an enlargement of his face.

Next came the Rabine bus.

Gary Rabine bus.

Following was another vehicle festoned with Rabine signs.

Another Rabine attempt to gaiin name identification.

Rabine had a running boy, too.

These people walked behind the bus.

A man on what looks a bit like a moped crisscorssed the street, going from front to back.

A feather baanner with Rabine’s name and slogan waved in the wind.

Then, along came candidate Rabine himself.

Gary Raabine running to keep up.

The McHenry County Libertarian Party contingent came later.

The Libertarian Party banner.

Below is what the Libertarians were handing out:

McHenry County Libertarian Party handout.
McHenry County Libertarian Party handout.

Something I have not seen in other parades was the final political entry–New Illinois.

The organization’s message was carried on the side of a ickup truck; Leave Without Moving.

“Leave Without Moving.”

A handout told more.

Then it was south to the Dundee Township Republican Party picnic.

Rabine Receives Law Enforcement Endorsements

From the campaign of Republican gubernatorial aspirant Garyu Rabine:

Gary Rabine receives key law enforcement endorsements

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim and former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran endorse Rabine for Governor

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine’s campaign for Governor received a boost today as both McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim and former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran have formally endorsed his campaign.

“Gary is a personal friend, and he has always been a friend to law enforcement,” Prim said.

“Illinois needs a true outsider who will change the culture of corruption in Springfield. Gary is the leader we need to create jobs, lower taxes and end the decades of bad policies that are hurting working families.”

Curran said he is supporting Gary because he is the candidate best suited to take on JB Pritzker in the 2022 General Election.

“I have known Gary Rabine for 20 years and I admire him as a wonderful family man, friend and business owner,” Curran said. “Gary Rabine’s success story is inspirational. Gary made it happen unlike the current Governor that was given everything. I believe Gary will end Pritzker’s War on Families.” 

Take on ComEd Bailout Bill from the Illinois Environmental Council

Here is what the IEC sent out after the bill’s passage:


To say we’re elated to share this news is an understatement.The Illinois General Assembly just passed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, the most comprehensive and equitable clean energy legislation in the nation.

For us, this is a story about the power of people and the environmental movement in Illinois standing up to big fossil fuel and utility companies–and winning. 

To say we’re elated to share this news is an understatement.The Illinois General Assembly just passed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, the most comprehensive and equitable clean energy legislation in the nation.

For us, this is a story about the power of people and the environmental movement in Illinois standing up to big fossil fuel and utility companies–and winning. 

he passage of this bill is proof that years of education, advocacy and movement building have secured a strong climate action majority in the Illinois General Assembly.Click here to send a ‘Thank You’ email to your legislators who voted in support of this bill!

This bill achieves all of our core objectives:puts Illinois on a path to 100% clean energy and delivers carbon-free power by 2045 creates thousands of good-paying jobs, especially in communities most impacted by climate changee stablishes nation-leading equity programs, reduces pollution at the scale science demands and holds utility companies accountable for corruption.

As expected, we will have more in-depth analysis on this legislation for you in the coming days, but we wanted to share this news with you as soon as it became official.

TIn the meantime, you can read our full statement about the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act here.Click here to send a ‘Thank You’ email to your legislators who voted in support of this bill!

While we’re celebrating, we want to also extend a few, of many, important thank yous of our own. 

First and foremost, we want to thank YOU and all of the thousands of Illinoisans like you who joined this fight over the past three years.Truly, your actions were the wind at our backs.

Every time we spoke with a legislator about their level of support for climate action legislation, we knew they’d been contacted by hundreds of constituents from their districts back home.

That gave us the power we needed to lock in the votes to get this thing across the finish line.

So, thank you.In the spirit of celebrating, we want to lift up the climate champions who held the line when fossil fuel interests moved the goalposts repeatedly. Gov. JB Pritzker and his staff, particularly Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell, were instrumental in this accomplishment.

Legislative leaders like House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Senate President Don Harmon, Leader. Marcus Evans, Leader Robyn Gabel, Rep. Ann Williams, Sen. Cristina Castro, Leader Bill Cunningham, Rep. Kam Buckner and Sen. Celina Villanueva all made sure we got here today.

Finally, our hundreds of partners in the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition developed the fundamental principles within this bill, kept equity at its core and empowered tens of thousands of Illinoisans’ to hold decision makers accountable to secure the clean energy future we all deserve.

Again, more to come, but for now, we spread the good news and celebrate this historic leap forward in creating a more equitable and thriving environment for generations to come.

Thank you for standing with us,

Jen Walling, Executive Director
Colleen Smith, Deputy Director

Thank My Legislators Who Voted YES Now!

Knife-Wielding 14-Year Old Arrested in Harvard

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 09-03-21 at 1503 hrs, police were dispatched to the 900 blk of E McKinley St for the report of an assault involving a knife.

It was reported to police that two unknown youths approached the Harvard Resident (m-14 yoa), and one of the youths pulled a knife out, yelled some derogatory statements and fled the area in an unknown type of red vehicle.

As a result of the investigation, on 9-5-21 at approximately 1605 hrs a Harvard Youth (m-14 yoa) was arrested for counts of Aggravated Assault.

The Harvard Youth was petitioned to McHenry County Court Services and released to a parent.

Three Vehicle Satuday Night Crash at Route 31 and Crystal Lake Avenue Sends Female Motorcycle Passenger to Hospital by Helicopter

From the McHenry Countuy Sheriff’s Department:


A 36 year-old McHenry woman is in serious condition following a three-vehicle crash in unincorporated Crystal Lake on Saturday evening.

On September 11, 2021, at 9:31 p.m., members of McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, Crystal Lake Police Department, Oakwood Hills Police Department, and Crystal Lake Fire Department responded to Route 31 and Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake for a crash involving a car and two motorcycles.

Preliminary investigation indicates that a 2011 Ford Fusion, traveling northbound on Route 31, was slowing down in traffic when a 2005 Harley Davidson struck the rear of the vehicle.

The male driver and female passenger were ejected from the motorcycle.

Another motorcycle, a 2003 Yamaha VStar, who was following behind the Harley Davidson, attempted to avoid the crash by laying his motorcycle down.

The driver of the Yamaha was ejected, and the motorcycle then struck the female passenger who was laying in the roadway.

The drivers of both motorcycles were transported by ambulance to Northwestern Hospital in McHenry and later released with minor injuries.

The passenger of the Harley Davidson was transported to Advocate Condell Hospital in Libertyville via helicopter where she remains in serious condition.

The driver of the Ford was treated and released on scene.

The operator and passenger of the motorcycles were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

The airbags did not deploy in the Ford.

The investigation is ongoing by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Major Traffic Crash Investigation Unit. Vehicle:


  • 2011 Ford Fusion Driver, 35 year-old McHenry woman
  • 2005 Harley Davidson motorcycle Driver: 38 year-old McHenry man
    Passenger: 36 year-old McHenry woman
  • 2003 Yamaha VStar motorcycle Driver: 32 year-old Trevor, WI man-

Senator Craig Wilcox Leads Off the Opposition to ComEd Bail Out/Electric Rate Hike Bill, Bill Passes, Roll Call

From state Senator Craig Wilcox:

Craig Wilcox

The RPS, or Renewable Portfolio Standards, collects a fee from every ComEd and Ameren customer bill and is deposited into the Renewable Portfolio Fund.

This bill doubles that fee to Subsidize renewables, but we didn’t change any of the RPS standards for credits, despite many known limitations and outright problems with the program after FEJA enacted it years ago.

We will still pay out based on installer estimates of production for solar arrays versus paying based
on validated production output.

This component of the bill costs ratepayers $360 million per year, adding up to $3.6 billion over the next ten years.

Will the benefits of the program outweigh that sizeable cost?

Specifically, will the investment in renewables:

1) lower our carbon footprint

2) sustain our electricity needs

3) help our struggling small businesses and families, or will we be back here in a few years
from now asking for more rate hikes because this energy bill is shortsighted?

FEJA never came close to producing enough renewable energy to meet the goals, and we significantly overpaid for it.

Thijs graphic was used before the Illinois General Assembly bailed out Exelon’s Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants in 2016.

We are on track to overpay again, and maybe put IL into a similar position that Europe is seeing now, skyrocketing energy prices when the renewables fail to produce as designed

While this bill fixes the solar cliff, ComEd has been rebating $1 million per day since the deadline passed, that rebating stops as soon as this bill is signed.

Will this be a case of some people getting a rebate and others not?

Will those who got rebates have to pay that money back?

We’ve also seen so many scandals under this dome with ethical standards being a constant problem, yet apparently we can’t find it in us to put ethical standards in place for wind and solar industries

What makes them above ethics requirements and reporting?

We had an opportunity to increase ethical standards for all of our energy companies that have proved to have such problems and remove legislators from the ratemaking process all together.

Yet this bill continues the ICC status quo and picks and chooses what companies need to follow ethical rules and requirements.

We also made no attempt to place carbon footprint goals on the production processes that occur all over the world to allow wind and solar to be installed in IL.

No discussion of the carbon footprint in the creation of renewable energy equipment, no discussion of strip-mining for Lithium, but we continue to push for Electrical Vehicles.

This was our chance to really change the way we work with utilities in Illinois.

We could have improved the process, made it stronger and more transparent, more ethical, and acknowledged the need to get greener deeper than just in IL, but that would have required more work and
apparently was not in the cards this time around.

Most importantly, we could have taken legislators out of the game all together, but instead, here we are, with another bailout bill that is going to be the greatest energy increase in Illinois history.

I urge a NO vote.

= = = = =

Here is the Senstr Roll Call:

Senate Roll Call on ComEd Bailout/Rate Hike legislation, SB 2408

The House Roll Call can be found here.

No McHenry County Coronavirus Deaths in Over a Month

A paragraph in the Chicago Tribune on the spread of Covid-19 to children contained the following paragraph, which led me to look at McHenry County’s figures again:

Researchers caution that we don’t know for sure how much of the rise in cases is from more testing, vs. more spread, and we don’t know how much transmission is occurring in schools or elsewhere.

It has been my belief that the significant statistic being collected is that convernin deaths.

In McHenry County, the chart below shows no Covid-19 deaths since August 7, 2021:

The 301 deaths from Covid-19 in McHenry County. The last one was on August 7, 2021.

The Tribune adds,

And deaths of children from COVID-19, although tragic, remain extremely rare, particularly compared with deaths from other causes. In Cook County, the medical examiner has reported 12 deaths of children tied to the coronavirus, most with preexisting health conditions.

In the pandemic’s past 18 months, about 100 kids died in accidents and 110 from homicide.

1,533 cases are on the County Health Department dashboard for people under 20 years of age.

Cases if Covid-19 reported for variouis age groups in McHenry County through September 12, 2021.

Messages of the Day: Jesse Sullivan, San Francisco and Gavin Newsom

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Jesse Sullivan

What is one to think when an Illinois gubernatorial candidate feels he must publish a video like this after first entering the race and raising $10.8 million prior to his formal campaign launch?

Answering Sullivan’s message, something I wouldn’t do is use corn to explain my residency, and I don’t mean the kernels that were counted at the Illinois State Fair last month.

But here is the more sobering message to Sullivan’s rivals. When launching this campaign, Sullivan’s team issued a press package, which included this slide that should chill all of his Republican primary rivals, particularly the major candidates like Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine and Paul Schimpf to the bone:

From Sullivan press kit, obtained via POLITICO

Note, Sullivan believes the minimal amount of money he needs to win the Republican nomination is $15 million, and while he had commitments for $5 million, he received over twice the originally committed amount.

Translation, over 9 months out from the primary, Sullivan has raised over 2/3 the amount he says he needs to win prior to his campaign’s launch. $10.8 million raised will do that for you.

Next campaign disclosure reports are due for the 3rd Quarter to the Illinois State Board of Elections on October 15, and will any of the Republicans be able to match Sullivan’s millions?

Gavin Newsom

But the news isn’t all that good for Sullivan.

Tomorrow’s California Recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to fail, if all of the latest polling is to be believed.

Governor Newsom was the state’s lieutenant governor during Sullivan’s time earning his MBA at Stanford in Silicon Valley. Prior to being governor lite, Newsom was mayor of San Francisco, where Sullivan’s rivals are painting him to be really from, in spite of the video issued above.

If the Newsom recall fails tomorrow as expected, some might start asking what did Sullivan, and his business and educational ties, do to help recall Newsom?

Might be a good question to ask all the Republican candidates running for governor.

But an even more important question, given several keys to Newsom’s political comeback has to do with all of the issues the Republican candidates are trying to use against IL Governor JB Pritzker, a Newsom win tomorrow could be a portend of the governor’s race next year in Illinois, especially when one compares the tens of millions of dollars Newsom and his allies have spent to defeat the recall.

If Illinois voters come out in support of mask and vaccine mandates as voters have done in California, what will be left to run against Governor Pritzker next year, given the policies the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento are similar to the ones the Democratic supermajority in Springfield has implemented.

Something else, besides Sullivan’s business headquarters, Illinoisans need to think about should Newsom survive tomorrow’s recall.

Wilcox Sets Stage for “No” Vote on ComEd Bailout/Rate Hike Bill

From stste Senator Craig Wilcox:

Senate to vote on new energy bill on Monday

The Illinois Senate is back in Springfield today (Monday, Sept. 13) to consider a new version of a comprehensive energy bill. We will take action on legislation passed by the House of Representatives late in the evening on September 9.

Building off work done in the Senate the previous week, the proposal – now contained in Senate Bill 2408 – includes many of the same sweeping provisions from the original Senate legislation, Senate Bill 18. As you may recall, I was a “present” vote on SB 18 last week.

The vote signified my belief that the bill was headed in the right direction and that with a bit more work the legislation could become something I could support. Unfortunately, the text of the new bill went in the other direction and I will be voting “no” when it comes before us this afternoon. [Emphasis Added.]

I am 100% in support of a cleaner energy future for Illinois and I cannot discount that there are several positive components of the bill. I am especially pleased to know that nuclear plants in Northern Illinois will remain operational and that a significant investment is being made in renewables. However, it is clear that the final legislation was drafted to placate labor unions and environmental lobbyists, with absolutely no consideration whatsoever given to ratepayers and to communities that rely on coal-based energy. This legislation includes no plan to backfill energy lost when coal plants close, leaving several communities, including many in the 32nd District, open to blackouts/brownouts in the future.

I believe firmly that a path to carbon-free energy and increased renewables exists that does not create overt financial hardship for ratepayers. But in the end, and at the expense of rank-and-file Illinois residents, politics was the driving force behind the final bill language. Other concerns I have with this new energy package include:

  • Creates the largest utility rate increase in Illinois history.
  • Closes the Prairie State Coal Plant seven years earlier than the date listed in SB 18. This places several Illinois municipalities on the hook for remaining debt service payments for energy they will not be receiving from Prairie State while having to also purchase energy from another source. The result will be a significant tax increase for residents in those communities.
  • Gives private companies the power to invoke eminent domain in nine counties, stretching from Pike County to Clark County, to build out new transmission lines. This is a dangerous precedent. Eminent domain laws are not meant to extend to private companies.
  • Gives nearly $700 million in ratepayer funds to bailout Exelon.
  • Excludes wind and solar from the same ethical standards that traditional energy must follow.

SB 2408 passed the House by a vote of 83 to 33.

Higher Unemployment Compensation Taxes, Maybe Much Higher, Coming to Illinois Business

It doesn’t matter whether or not an Illinois budiness kept all of its empllyees during the Covironavirus pandemic.

The State of Illinois borrowed $4.2 billion and will have to start ;paying interest next year, if it is not repaid.

Ohio decided to repay its loan, accoridng to the publication “Route 50.”

Ohio similarly sought to avoid a tax hike on employers by putting off repayment. Gov. Mike DeWine said the state used $1.5 billion in ARPA funds to pay back the loans.

“By repaying this loan in full, we ensure that Ohio businesses won’t see increases in their federal unemployment payroll taxes,” DeWine said in a statement. “Without this added tax burden, our employers can invest more money into their businesses and hire more staff.”

Employers in the state would have faced a 50% hike in federal unemployment payroll taxes next year had the loan not been repaid, according to Steve Stivers, President of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. [Emphasis added.]

Illinois Democrats seem not to care whether business are saddled with a huge new tax.

Saving Fred Hampton’s Maywood Home, But Not Reagan’s Chicago Apartment Building

The following reference to the effort to save the home of Black Panther Fred Hampton reminds me that Chicago did notthing to save the apartment building where Ronald Reagan lived as a child:

Maywood to-flat where Fred Hampton lived, Photo credit: Chicago Reader.

Fred Hampton is having a moment – Chicago Reader

Former Illinois Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton’s son is leading an effort to save and repurpose his father’s childhood home. Last Sunday, one of those potential sites, Proviso East High School, dedicated its Social Justice Room to Hampton, a 1966 graduate. The dedication in the school auditorium featured impassioned speeches by Illinois senate majority leader Kimberly Lightford and house speaker Chris Welch, among many others.      

Marathon Pundit highlighted the opportunity, but Chicago officials allowed the Reagan apaetment building’s demolition.

Ronald Reagan’s Chicago residenrce as a child. Photo credit: Marathon Pundit.

Democrats are talking about putting a statue of Reagan on the Capitol grounds, however.

Large Turnout for McHenry County GOPac Pro-Life Event Saturday

McHenry County GOPac demonstrated its money raising prowess at ite Pro-Life fundraiser held at Cor Jesu Catholic Mission in northern Grafton Township.

Part of the crowd.

The $50 fundraiser had attendance of over 250.

The check in point was as far inside the building.
This was taken before the big Gary Rabine bus arrived from the Wilcos-McConchie fundraiser in Cary.

Standing in the line in front of me was Illinois Supreme Court hopeful Mark Curran, who ran against Dick Durbin for US Senator in 2020 and previously served as Lake County State’s Attorney and Sheriff.

Mark Curran

There were signs on the wall.

McGOPac sign saying, “I’m commited to life.”

Two prominent McHenry County businesses were sponsors, Alliance Contractors and Gary Lang.

Alliance Contractors and Gary Lang were sponsors.

There was a sign for River Ridge Church in Spring Grove.

River Ridge Church promotion tells of September 28th Grand Opening featuring Mike Singletary.

It appears that State Senator Dave Syverson sponsored the dessert table.

Dave Syverson sponsored the dessert table.

Various candidates worked the crowd.

Inside the entrance was Dave Syvertson’s challeng Eli Nicolosi.

Eli Nicholosi courted a voter.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Gary Rabine and Senator Dave Syverson got to know people in attendance.

Gary Ravine and Dave Syverson.

Not on the ballot, but at the event was McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler.

Mike Buehler mixes with those in attendance.

Two McHenry County Board members were spotted, Jim Kearns and Tom Wilbeck.

Jim Kearns on the left and Tom Wilbeck on the right. Donnie Kaminski in the middle.

Running for the GOP nomination for Sheriff, Tony Colatorti worked the tables.

Tony Colatorti advanced his candidacy.

State Rep. Marty McLaughlin and Tom Wilbeck, both from Barrington Hills were in attendance.

Tom Wilbeck and Marty McLaughlin with Dave Syverson inbetween.

Running to show was Karen Tirio, the head of McHenry County GOPac.

Karen Tirio

Unfortunately, the sound system was not up to the size of the room, so those from about halfway back could not distinguish what was being said.

Carl Kamienski

Carl Kamienski, running for the McHenry County Board out of the McHenry area, read the names of the thirteen members of the Armed Services who were killed during the tumultuous debacle at the Kalbal Airport. It was noted that President Joe Biden has not mentioned their names.

Peter Kopsaftis

Barrington Township Republican Committeeman Peter Kopsaftis, found out about the event at the fundraiser for Senators Craig Wilcox and Dan McConchie and decided to attend. His organization helped elected two members of the Barrington School Board. He is willing to talk to others interested in making inroads into what are generally teacher union-dominated boards.

Darren Bailey

Republican gubernatorial aspirant Darren Bailey arrived along with nightfall and was gretting people outside as I was leaving.

On each table were flyers about the event, when can be seen below:

What I Remember of George Ryan’s Death Penalty Announcement Timing

George Ryan from an exhibit in his trial.

Illinois Times has an article about a private reception for former Governor George Ryan’s 2020 book about his conversion to a death penalty opponent.

This sentence brought back a memory:

Ryan’s death row decision came as federal prosecutors were building their case against him and 78 other state officials. 

I was in the northeast corner of back office of the Governor’s second floor complex when i heard a news flash from WBBM-Radio.

It said that the U.S. Attorney’s Office was expected to indict Ryan.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but Ryan made his announcement the next day.