Franks Re-Election Campaign Surfaces

A text sent to an 847 phone number shared by a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Hi XXX, this is Sue, a volunteer for McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Early voting expands today and we wanted to share info:’s reduced the county’s property tax levy by 28 million, rebated 15 million to homeowners and passed term limits.


This msg came in at 2:25 pm and was immediately repeated.

Grafton Township First to Decide to Hold Republican February Township Primary Election

In the past, Republicans in the largest townships in McHenry County have typically held primary elections to select their candidates for the April election.

Grafton Township

The exception was McHenry Township last time around, which held a caucus after which the GOP-nominated candidates for Supervisor and Road Commissioner were defeated by Independents who were appointed while Republicans.

In order to invoke a primary election, major parties have to notify the County Clerk.

Grafton Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Orville Brettman did just that yesterday.

He didn’t do it on his own.

Members of the Central Committee voted for the action.

Attending the meeting were Carolyn Schofield, Cheryl Myer, Charles Hoffman, Fred Wickham, George Gow, Jeffrey Thorsen, Joe Camp, Shannon Teresi, and Orville H. Brettman. 

All township offices are up for election next spring.

IL-14: Oberweis Shows Visits to Police Stations

From the looks of the mailing that arrived today from State Senator Jim Oberweis in his quest to replace Lauren Underwood in Congress, he has been visiting a lot of police departments.

And the officers are allowing him to take photos of them with him.

It’s 12 by 15 inches, so easy to read.

Police in Yorkville, Sycamore, Oswego, St. Charles, Shorewood and the Will County Sheriff’s Department are seen above.

Jim Oberweis suggest people put this image in window.

Jeannie Ridings Counting on Coattails of Democratic Party Congressional Candidates

That’s what I conclude from looking at her lighted billboard on Route 176 just east of Route 31.

Jeannie Ridings plays the Democratic Party card.

The upper right hand corner of the billboard tells of endorsements from Members of Congress Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten.

She is running against appointed Circuit Court Judge Justin Hansen, who emphasized her representation of AJ Freund’s mother.

Mail Battle in Dave McSweeney’s District Heats Up

State Rep. David McSweeney is retiring after four terms in the Illinois House.

Republicans nominated unopposed Barrington Hills Village President Marty McLaughlin in the GOP Primary.

No one filed in the Democratic Party Primary.

This summer, Island Lake’s Marci Suelzer got permission to run and she successfully gathered enough petition signatures to gain ballot access.

Suelzer gained Mike Madigan’s financial support and put out five positive mailings before McLaughlin mailed one.

Then, there were three hit pieces against McLaughlin, which he finally countered with one introduction piece.

Since I put the hit pieces first on the last article, I’ll publish McLaughlin’s come back first, then, Suelzer’s new hit pieces. (I do not know in what order the mailings were delivered by either candidate.)

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
8 1/2 by 11 inches. Tying Marci Suelzer to Mike Madigan.
6 by 11 inches. Includes Daily Herald endorsement.
Compares positions of Mary McLaughlin and Marci Suelzer.
All four newspapers endorsed Marty McLaughlin.

Now we, move to on to the mailings paid for by Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party.

There were three pounding McLaughlin for not paying his propety taxes on time.

Of course, such late payments could be the result of cash flow considerations.

Real estate taxes paid late have one percent per month interest tacked onto the original amount owed.

Again, I do not know the order of the hit pieces.

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
8 1/2 by 11 inches.

There were also two mailings saying McLaughlin doesn’t like women, both financed by Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party.

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
6 by 11 inches.

In addition, there was a letter mailed by Breaker Press from the Marci Suelzer Campaign Committee urging early voting.

Federal Anti-Crime Efforts in Chicago Area – Part 1

From the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

U.S. Attorney’s Office Provides Update on Federal Prosecutions and Strategies to Combat Violent Crime in Chicago

Federal Firearm Prosecutions in Fiscal Year 2020 Remained Steady Despite Challenges of COVID-19

CHICAGO — John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, today provided an update on federal prosecutions and strategies to combat violent crime in Chicago and the surrounding area.

The centerpiece of the federal fight against violent crime continues to be the revitalized Project Safe Neighborhoods, as well as Project Guardian, which focuses on firearms prosecutions, and Operation Legend, the Department of Justice’s recent initiative to address violent crime in several U.S. cities, including Chicago, which has been facing a significant increase in homicides and shootings.  

These initiatives have enabled the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago to sustain significant levels of federal prosecutions of violent offenders despite the recent unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite a global health crisis that continues to impact the criminal justice system, our office has maintained or exceeded its recent levels of prosecutions of violent criminals, including trigger-pullers, carjackers, and those who illegally use and possess firearms,” said U.S. Attorney Lausch.  “We are using every available federal law enforcement tool to reduce violent crime in Chicago and hold violent offenders accountable.”

“The number one priority of government is to keep its citizens safe,” said Attorney General William P. Barr.  “Violating federal firearms laws is a serious crime and offenders face serious consequences.  The Department of Justice is committed to investigating and prosecuting individuals who illegally buy, sell, use, or possess firearms.”

According to preliminary data for the 2020 Fiscal Year, which ended Sept. 30, 2020, 262 defendants were charged with a firearm offense in the Northern District of Illinois. 

This number is higher than 14 of the previous 15 years, with the lone exception being 2019, which had 8% more firearm defendants. 

The number of firearm defendants in FY20 was 33% higher than 2018, and 48% higher than 2017, according to preliminary data. 

These increases were particularly significant considering that, prior to 2019, the 2018 and 2017 fiscal years stood as the two highest years of federal firearm defendants in more than a decade.

The sustained focus on federal prosecution of firearm offenses in the Northern District of Illinois was enhanced by Operation Legend, which launched in Chicago in July. 

Under Operation Legend, approximately 176 defendants have been charged with federal offenses impacting violent crime in Chicago, including 130 charged with firearms-related offenses, 40 charged with narcotics-related offenses, and 6 charged with other violent crimes. 

Approximately 1,057 defendants have been charged throughout the country under Operation Legend, including 568 with firearms-related offenses, 411 with narcotics-related offenses, and 78 with other violent crimes.

“The number of violent crimes in Chicago remains stubbornly high, including homicides, shootings, and carjackings, and we have seen troubling increases in these areas in 2020,” said U.S. Attorney Lausch. 

“Our goal as federal prosecutors is not simply to bring more cases against more defendants, but rather to reduce violent crime, and one way to do that is by continuing to bring quality, impactful cases. 

As federal prosecutors, we endeavor to disrupt violent crime by seeking pre-trial detention for defendants who pose a danger to the community, employing federal resources to enhance law enforcement’s efforts to build strong cases, and pursuing appropriate sentences in federal prison to deter dangerous individuals from continuing to wreak havoc in our neighborhoods.”

Nationally, the Department of Justice announced last week that more than 14,200 defendants were charged in federal courts across the country with firearms-related crimes during Fiscal Year 2020. 

“Reducing gun violence requires a coordinated effort, and we could not have charged more than 14,000 individuals with firearms-related crimes without the hard work of the dedicated law enforcement professionals at the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), our U.S. Attorneys’ Offices across the country, and especially all of our state and local law enforcement partners,” said Attorney General Barr.

Through enforcement actions, prosecutions, and community partnerships, the U.S. Attorney’s Office works to reduce violent crime and make neighborhoods safer.

= = = = =

More tomorrow.

Algonquin Police Still Tagging Speeders, One with Pot

With enhanced enforcement starting in at least three communities in southeastern McHenry County–Algonquin, Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills–one would think speeders might get the message.

Before it began, Algonquin caught two last week, one 21-year old woman was found to have marijuana that apparently was not purchased at a state-approved (and taxed) store.

Crystal Lake’s Lundahl Middle School Coronavirus Outbreak Closes School Until Day After the Election

Dr. Kathy Hinz, Superintendent of Crystal Lake Grade School District 47, told Board members Monday evening that the McHenry County Health Department had declared a Covid-19 outbreak at Lundahl Middle School that morning.

Six cases among students and staff were enough to make the determineation.

Kathy Hinz

The County Department did not tell District 47 what to do, but fifty people were recommended quarantined.

That about 10% of staff and students at Lundahl.

The Superintendent decided to close the school.

Teachers’ access to the building has been suspended.

Remote learning will be required of all students.

The school has been open for in-person attendance only two weeks.

Hinz said the premises would continue to be deep cleaned tomorrow, as well as Election Day, the day before the junior high will be re-opened.

She explained that social distancing was being practiced everywhere but on buses.

The Illinois Department of Public Health allows up to fifty students on a bus.

If one tests positive for Covid-19, students sitting within six feet are told to quarantine.

Man making Public Comment at District 47 Board Meeting.

During Public Comment a father complained at the reduction in the length of teaching from six and half hours last year to five now, the minimum required by state law.

“In year’s past, we barely have [had] enough time to get through the curriculum.

= = = = =

The following email was sent to District 47 parents in English and Spanish:

Dear parents or guardians: 

We were notified by the McHenry County Department of Health today that they consider the confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Lundahl Middle School to be an outbreak. As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of all students and staff, we have decided to close the building and move everyone to remote learning for the next 14 days. Per our reopening plan, rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be implemented at Lundahl as outlined by the IDPH. Please see below for what this transition to remote learning means for LMS student(s):

  • There will be no school this afternoon (Mon., 10/19) from 2 pm-3 pm for remote and in-person students to allow teachers time to prepare for the transition to remote learning. 
  • All students will engage in learning from home with their current teacher(s) for the next two weeks. In-person instruction will resume on Wed., Nov. 4th. 
  • Tomorrow (Tues., 10/20) students who were currently receiving in-person instruction will receive the daily template through Seesaw from their first period teacher. The same daily templates will be used and will include embedded links for remote instruction. Nothing will change for students who are currently in the remote learning model. Class schedules and teachers will not change for remote or in-person students. 
  • Students do not need to quarantine unless they have been notified that they are a close contact. 
  • Food distribution for remote families (including all LMS families) will take place at Hannah Beardsley Middle School on Tuesday, 10/20 from 3 pm-6 pm. 
  • For tech support over the next two weeks, Lundahl families can email or stop by Indian Prairie Elementary School (651 Village Rd, Crystal Lake). 

As we continue to implement our return-to-learn plan and the hybrid model, I understand that these situations can appear to be setbacks along the way. Please know that we understand the inconvenience and hardship that the schools not being open can cause for families. Our decision today is one of the ways in which we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all. If you and/or any member of your family exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, please feel free to call the school’s health office during this period of remote learning. 


Dr. Hinz

Dr. Kathy J. Hinz


Businessman Jim Kearns Endorses Businessman Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman

From the Mike Buehler campaign:


HUNTLEY, IL – Jim Kearns, a member of the McHenry County Board representing the 6th District, has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.  

Jim Kearns

“Mike isn’t a politician.

“He’s a businessman who understands the bottom line,” said Kearns.

“And the bottom line for the McHenry County Board is conducting business on behalf of residents of the county.

“Our current chairman tries to bully people into going his way.

“Mike understands that he’s not there to force board members to agree with him; he’s there, or will be there, to help the board arrive at the best decisions that will benefit residents and taxpayers.” 

Kearns was among a strong majority of board members who voted to rein in the current County Board Chairman in terms of how the board handled budgetary matters and rules for committees.

Kearns described the atmosphere created by the chairman as confrontational rather than cooperative and productive.

He’s confident that will change with Buehler as Chairman. 

“While running his business for 25 years, Mike has demonstrated leadership skills that don’t rely on bullying people into doing their jobs,” said Kearns.

“He leads by inspiring people to do their best – by letting them know that their opinions are respected and that they won’t be punished for daring to suggest something that doesn’t fit his ideas.

“He welcomes all input because he knows that’s how we’ll reach the best decisions.” 

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Tribune Repeats Endorsements – UPDATED

From the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune:

Marty McLaughlin

Because his district is out of the sequence of other State Rep. numbers–his is the 52nd District–I forgot to include that Marty McLaughlin was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

Besides posting this article again, let me allow one of his supporters, Johathan Knight to explain why he is supporting the Barrington Hills Village President:

52nd District

Think it’s tough trying to get things done in Springfield?

Try Barrington Hills.

When Republican Marty McLaughlin became mayor in 2013, the Village Board split on issues was 5-2 and McLaughlin was one of the two minority votes.

Still, he got his initiatives through, including a consolidation of 911 services that saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

As an investment manager, he knows money.

And he knows that because of the pandemic, revenue from state taxes will be a sliver of what they were before.

Other states, he says, have decided to slash spending to brace for less money coming in.

That’s the course Illinois should take as well, McLaughlin says.

His opponent, Island Lake Democrat Marci Suelzer, is a business executive and a licensed mental health counselor.

Her skill set is extensive, but McLaughlin is endorsed.

Also running is Green Party candidate Alia Sarfraz.

Crystal Lake’s Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Running Today Through Halloween

From the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Don’t be haunted by scary decisions – drive sober

Crystal Lake is stepping up enforcement of impaired driving, distracted
driving, speeding and occupant protection enforcement for Halloween

Crystal Lake, IL – While Halloween celebrations may be different this year, many ghosts and ghouls will still be on the “haunt” for a frighteningly good time. The Crystal Lake Police Department today reminded motorists of the importance of planning for a sober ride home before the scares start and keeping watch for little goblins walking along roads after dark

This CL Police stop occurred yesterday on route 14 before Enhanced Enforcement.

Driving impaired by alcohol, marijuana or any other substance in Illinois is not only scary, it’s illegal.

Remember: DUIs are not restricted to alcohol-related offenses.

If you drive high, you’ll get a DUI.

The Crystal Lake Police Department asks everyone to follow these simple tips to help keep our roads safe this Halloween:

 Plan for a safe and sober way home before you go out: designate a sober driver, take public transportation, use your favorite ride-sharing service, or call a sober friend or family member.
 If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact local law enforcement as soon as you can safely do so.
 If you see an impaired person about to drive, take their keys and help them get home safely.
 Don’t speed and wear your seatbelt
 Put the phone down while you drive

The Halloween enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by the portation and is part of the statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket campaigns.

Reick’s Campaign Finance Report for the Third Quarter

Previously, McHenry County Blog wrote about Democratic Party challenger Brian Sager’s July through September campaign finances [add $2,500 from Rivers Casino in Des Plaines] and what incumbent Republican Steve Reick took in since that reporting time period.

Now let’s take a deep dive into what Reick did during the third quarter of the year.

He received $19,250 from the following entities:

  • $1,000 – Altria Client Services LLC, Richmond, VA
  • $1,250 – AT&T Services, Inc., Chicago
  • $200 – Tom Baker, Mulberry, IN
  • $1,200 – Jame Bruner, Palmetto, FL
  • $500 – Julius Buehler, Arlington Heights
  • $200 – Patrick Dummer, Hampshire
  • $200 – Judith Esch, Harvard
  • $500 – Ralph Frank, Dixon
  • $250 – Steve Gaines, Colorado Springs
  • $5,800 – Norman Hart, Barrington
  • $5,800 – Theora Hart, Barrington
  • $200 – Mike Hepperlen, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Kasper & Norttage, PC, Chicago
  • $200 – Les Kimmel, Yorkville
  • $250 – Paul Nagel, Palatine
  • $500 – Brian Petrovich, Prescott, AZ
  • $200 – Evan Poulakidas, Lake Zurich
  • $200 – Steve Rauschenberger, Elgin
  • $500- Robert Savage, Schaumburg
  • $1,500 – Chicago Journeymen Plumbers L.U. 130 U., Chicago
  • $57,800 – Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC, Countryside
  • $10,000 – Citizens for Durkin
  • $1,000 – Community BancPac, Springfield
  • $500 – Energy Transfer PAC, Austin, TX
  • $1,000 – Friends of Dave Severin, Benton
  • $1,000 – Friends of Sue Rezin, Morris
  • $1,000 – Health Care Services Corporation Employees’ PAC, Chicago
  • $500 – IL Optometric Assn. PAC, Chicago
  • $2,000 – IL State Medical Society PAC, Chicago
  • $500 – Cheers Holdings, Woodstock for rent
  • $7,100 – Citizens for Durkin, billboards
  • $9,400 – Citizens for Durkin, phone bank
  • $12,000 – Citizens for Durkin, digital media on Northwest Herald
  • $85,00 – House Republican Organization, polling (ARW Strategies, LLC)
  • $3,945.24 – House Republican Organization, salary for staffer John Ivansek
  • $250 – House Republican Organization, mileage for John Ivansek
  • $7,345.24 – Illinois House Victory Fund, media production from Ascent Media, Denver, CO

An additional $1,945 came in amounts under $150.

Of his amount, Reick spend the following:

  • $500 – Downstate GOP, Paloma
  • $292.74 – All Stars ‘n Stitches, Benton
  • $650 – AMS Store and Shred, Lake in the Hills, event expense
  • $296-34 – Best Western Inn, Woodstock, staff lodging
  • $270.58 – Constant Contact, emails on 7/16, 8/10 & 9/9
  • $352.69 – Cricket Telephone, phones
  • $360 – Emmatt Marketing, Chicago, consulting
  • $367.99 – Facebook ads on 7-1, 9-1, 9-21, 9-22, 9-24, 9-26 & 9-29
  • $2,358.75 – Falcon Multimedia for videography
  • $3,225 – Lamar Outdoor Advertising, billboard
  • $16,260 – Liberty Outdoor Advertising, billboards
  • $180 – Liberty Self Storage, storage
  • $250 -Marengo Union Times, subscription and ad
  • $320 – Niko’s Red Mill Inn, meals on 8/5, 8/20, 9/3, & 9/18
  • $355.77 – Office Depot, supplies
  • $697.50 – One Zero Charlie, printing
  • $1,983.70 – One Zero Charlie, graphic design
  • $162.06 – Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, candidate lodging on 7/29
  • $192.78 – State House Inn, candidate lodging on 8/14
  • $2,106 – WBBM AM for advertising, 9/25
  • $3,740 – WGN-AM for advertising, 8/20
  • $2,000 – William Richards Photography for photography
  • $3,440 – WLS-AM for advertising, 8/20
  • $180 – Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, membership’
  • $250 -Woodstock Fireworks Committee, contribution
  • $1,306 – Woodstock Independent, advertising
  • $1,680 – WZSR-FM, Crystal Lake, advertising

In summary, $105,845 in, $127,722.01 out with $79,789.66 left in the bank on October 1st.

Ness Outspends Skillicorn 4,826 to 1, Campaign at Congressional Level

With Republican State Rep. Allen Skillicorn only spending $150 in an contribution to an unidentified politician and Democrat Suzanne Ness spending $723,881.47, you get one guess as who is going to win.

Allen Skillicorn and Eileen Marhoefer at Judge David Gervais’ event.

Skillicorn reports owing himself $110,881.47 and has $94,491.31, if one adds the recent $2,000 donation from Chicagoan Vincent Kolber.

And the Illinois Citizens for Life PAC did make a mailing on Skillicorn’s behalf last week costing $1,126.93.

That, plus some leftover yard signs consists of the Skillicorn re-election campaign.

He obviously can repay a good part of the money he has loaned his campaign fund.

Ness is equally obviously being set up by House Speaker Mike Madigan for bigger things.

When she ran for McHenry County Board two years ago, one astute political observer noted that it was a “State Rep. campaign,” not a County Board campaign.

The Ness campaign this time is a congressional campaign.

Expect a district, probably containing all of McHenry County, plus most of the Kane County part of the State Rep. district to be reapportioned with her in mind.

Among individual and corporate donors Ness has two contributions from people in her district:

  • $250 – Faye Blake, East Dundee
  • $200 – Maurice Hill, Crystal Lake

Three more are from McHenry County, but outside her district:

  • $1,000 – Janice Bosman, Woodstock
  • $500 – Russell Foszcz, Richmond

Non-district individual and business contributors follow:

  • $3,200 – Alliance For Living nfp, Northfiedl
  • $1,060 – B & D Hotel Corporation, Chicago
  • $1,000 – Clayton Residential Home, Inc., Chicago
  • $5,800 – Fred Eychaner, Chicago
  • $250 – Andres Glassford,, St. Charles
  • $950 – Lake Park Center, Waukegan
  • $250 – Nekritz Amdor Consulting LLC, Northbrook
  • $680 – Sharon Healthcare Woods, Inc., Peoria
  • $200 – Skokie Meadows, Skokie
  • $200 – The Citadel of Skokie, Skokie
  • $970 – Terrace, Ltd., Chicago Heights
  • $5,763.12 – from contributions smaller than $150.01.

Now for the big stuff, which comes directly or indirectly from Michael Madigan.

There are twenty itemized cash transfers from political entities totaling $618,280:

  • $10,000 – Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund, Springfield
  • $57,800 – Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Committee, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside
  • $57,800 – Citizens for Gregory Harris, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Daniel Didech Campaign Committee, Buffalo Grove
  • $2,400 – Democratic Majority, Springfield
  • $57,800 – Friends of Michelle Mussman 09-09, Schaumburg
  • $57,800 – Friends of Natalie Manley, Joliet
  • $46,100 – Friends to Elect Kathleen Willis, Addison
  • $57,800 – Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE, Westmont
  • $2,500 – JB For Governor, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Laborers’ Political League Education Fund, Washington, D.C.
  • $57,800 – Liuna Chicago Laborers’ District Council Political Action Committee, Chicago
  • $15,000 – SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC, Chicago
  • $10,000 – SEIU Illinois Council PAC Fund, Chicago
  • $7,500 – Smart Local 265 PAC Fund, Carol Stream
  • $2,000 – Sprinkler Fitters Local 281, U.A. Political Education Fund, Alsip
  • $1,500 – SUAAction, Springfield
  • $1,500 – UFCW Local 881 Political Action Committee, Des Plaines

And, that’s not all.

Now look at the $312,592.44 in-kind contribution–thirty-three in all–during July, August and September:

The first group was paid for by Mike Madigan’s Democratic Majority PAC:

  • $2,679.54 – Kylie Kelly, Chicago, for salary and insurance
  • $2,956.32 – Hanna Cook, Chicago, for salary
  • $4,924.50 – Kathleen Stanczykewicz, Mundelein, for salary
  • 8-20, $31,000 for polling by Tulchin Research, San Francisco
  • 9-12, $36,590.30 for persuasion calls by Winning Connections, DC
  • 9-29, $6,257 for digital advertising, Dover Strategy Group
  • 9-29, $16,500 for polling by Tulchin Research, SF

Below are expenditures are mailings for Ness by Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois, all done by the Dover Strategy Group of Chicago:

  • 7-23, $15,598.77
  • 8-3, $14,102.23
  • 8-3, $14,102.23
  • 8-12, $12,309.58
  • 8-19, $14,402.23
  • 9-3, $35,187.68
  • 9-3, $14,002.23
  • 9-17, $19,928.59
  • 9-17, $21,858.18
  • 9-30, $18,335.94
  • 9-30, $21,658.18

State political parties get a non-profit postage rate, which explains why the mailings came from the Democratic Party.

Pro-abortion Personal PAC made one mailing:

  • 9-10, $3,864.39

There were three mailings from another supporter of abortion, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC:

  • 9-20, $1,533.40
  • 9-22, $1,533.40
  • 9-24, $1,533.40

There have been still more resources pouring in since October 1st:

  • 10-2, $4,500 for production services, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, Inc., DC, from Democratic Majority
  • 10-2, $1,786.70 for organizing by Kenneth Dixon by Sierra Club IL Chapter PAC
  • 10-5, $16,500 for polling by Tulchin Research, SF, by Democratic Majority
  • $50,000 from Friends of Robert “Bob” Rita, Blue Island
  • 10-7, $8,000 from Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund
  • 10-7, $1,850 from Albany Care, Inc., Evanston
  • 10-7, $1,212.54 for Hanna Cook from Democratic Majority
  • 10-7, $1,733.34 for Kathleen Stanczykiewicz from Democratic Majority
  • 10-13, $161,500 from Democratic Majority
  • 10-13, $57,800 from Engineers Political Education Committee, Washington, DC
  • 10-13, $45,000 from Friends of Mike Halpin, Rock Island
  • 10-13, $10,000 from I.P.A.C.E. [IEA teachers PAC]
  • 10-14, $35,000 from AFSCME, Washington, DC
  • 10-15, $20,948.51 from Democratic Party of Illinois for mailing
  • 10-16, $5063.48 from Gun Violence Prevention Pac for phone calls by The Sexton Group, Chicago

Finally, let’s look at expenditures directly from Ness’ campaign fund:

Television ads purchased by Buying Time of Washington, DC:

  • 8-28, $18,630
  • 9-2, 20,400
  • 9-19, $112,200
  • 9-17, $111,150
  • 9-23, $113,100
September 26 Suzanne Ness TV ad screen shot.

There have obviously been more purchases since then, but they will not be reported until January.

She purchased digital advertising as well:

  • 9-23, $6,120 from Dover Group of Philadelphia, PA.

Texting marketing, purchased from San Francisco’s Texting Marketing, was also in the mix:

  • 7-30, $100
  • 8-24, $5,388.60
  • 9-8, $13.80

And here is a surprise. The campaign is renting space in Carpentersville from Otto Engineering, the company that strong conservative Jack Roeser founded. The company has bought and renovated adjacent buildings along the Fox River. The one were Roeser’s wake was held seemed quite empty at that time.

Besides the employees financed by Mike Madigan, others have been paid to assist with the campaign:

  • Branding Hatch is handling the web site for $375 a month
  • Bret Burk of Crystal Lake is on the payroll, earning about $270 a week
  • Hanna Cook, mentioned above being paid by Madigan, shows up as being paid in July by Ness
  • Christine Heinz received about $300 a week in September
  • Chloe Troub of Chicago put in about $150 a week’s worth of work the last three weeks of September
  • Kylle Kelly of Chicago, another Madigan staffer, was paid $295 the last week of September

There were some other miscellaneous expenditures:

  • 7-15, $2,290 for printing by Stars and Stripes Printing, Bridgeview
  • 7-23, $551.63 for printing by Awesome Campaigns in Elgin
  • 8-14, $450 for photographs by Doug McGoldrick Photography, River Forest
  • 8-25/27, $462 for a donor data base from DonorSnap of Heartland, WI
  • 9-10, $800 for graphic design by Hoopes Media, Parker, CO
  • Various, $3,674.64 for postage

Shunning Jack Franks in Crystal Lake

I first noticed the lack of a Jack Franks for County Board sign on Walkup coming back to Crystal Lake from the Friday food distribution by Crystal Lake’s First Church and The Chapel on Route 31 at the south edge of McHenry.

Every year, like clockwork, the owner of the property between Prairie Ridge High School and Hillside Road posts Democratic Party signs.

Democratic Party signs on Walkup Road without one for Jack Franks.

Here’s a yard on Lake Avenue within sight of the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach:

Signs for Joe Biden and Sean Casten, but not Jack Franks.

Here is the yard of a Coventry Subdivision yard in Crystal Lake.

There’s no sign for Jack Franks.

This yard is owned by a Democratic Precinct Committeeman:

Four Colonies Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson’s yard

This corner lot is across from South Elementary School:

Signs for Democratic Party legislative candidates, but not for Jack Franks.

A Wedgewood Subdivision yard has signs for Underwood, Ness and Biden, but not for Jack Franks.

Jack Franks’ sign is MIA on this Wedgewood lot.

Here is a Franks sign I have seen associated with other Democrats in Crystal Lake is the one of East Crystal Lake Avenue between Pingree Road and Route 14.

The only Jack Franks sign seen in Crystal Lake next to other Democrats’ signs.

The yard of another Democratic Precinct Committeeman in Crystal Lake displays no support for Jack Franks:

A Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson’s signs.

The next few signs are near North Grade School and Bernotas Middle School.

Support for Vonau and Black Lives Matter, but not for Jack Franks.

Next door is this display:

Support for Vonau, Black Lives Matter and Biden, but not for Jack Franks.

In the same neighborhood this voter has every Democratic Party candidate’s sign, but Jack Franks’:

No sign for Jack Franks here.

In the same neighborhood, still another yard without a Jack Franks sign:

Vonau, Overlee and Ness, but not sign for Jack Franks.

In 2018, Jack Franks refused to endorse any of the women running for Congress in McHenry County, instead endorsing fellow millionaire Sean Casten.

Here’s a yard with a Casten sign, but none for Jack Franks:

Support for Sean Casten, but not for Jack Franks.

The yard below promotes the candidacies of Lauren Underwood and Joe Biden.

No sign for Jack Franks here.

I couldn’t read the sign behind the Biden-Harris 2020 one, so I stopped for a better view. Here’s what I saw:

“Make American Normal Again. Literally Anyone Else 2020.”

On Rockland Road I found a Franks sign with others in a home with a Little Library:

Finally, a Franks sign with ones for Underwood and Biden.

Only national contests seem to interest this voter:

No Franks sign here.

Found a Franks sign with others on the way to the Main Beach boat ramp:

Here is one of the few Crystal Lake yards with a Jack Franks sign.

Next door to the home above is another Democratic Party supporter, but notice that there is no sign for Jack Franks:

Do the neighbors disagree on Jack Franks?