Republican Precinct Committeeman Ryne Powell Running for Spring Grove Trustee

Ryne Powell of Spring Grove is running for Village Trustee in Spring Grove. Powell is also an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman in Richmond 4. Below is his walk card that he is using to canvass.  (If other candidates in McHenry … Continue reading

Contested Precinct Committeeman Candidate Sends Out Postcard

Contests for Republican Precinct Committeeman are few and far between. This year there is a repeat of a three-way race in Seneca 1. R Mark Gummerson, who won the seat in 2012 from McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster (also running for … Continue reading

Bruce Rauner & Evelyn Sanguinetti Speak to Crowd at Fox River Grove Panera

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner and his Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti spoke to folks gathered at Panera in Fox River Grove on Saturday afternoon. The meeting was inspired by 18-year old Precinct Committeeman candidate Jenna Wing, moderator Andrew Gasser said. … Continue reading

McHenry County Romney Alternate Delegate on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee

A friend of McHenry County Blog has forwarded an invitation to Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks’ September 29th fundraising breakfast at Donley’s Wild West Town. The Jesse White Tumblers will perform. As usual Franks provides a list of those who … Continue reading

New Precinct Committee Appointed Right Before Special Meeting to Consider “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Opponent Tonya Franklin Increases Quorum

Here are the Republican Precinct Committeemen, newly appointed by McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon: CORAL 2 – Josephine Gilio (Appt 5/29/12), Huntley GRAFTON 5 – John McGuire (Appt 5/25/12), Crystal Lake GRAFTON 9 – Eric P Hartmann (Appt … Continue reading

Dozen File to Run as Write-ins in McHenry County, including Obama Opponent

Below are the people who have filed to run write-in campaigns in McHenry County: For public officer there are two Democrats: John Joseph Polachek  – United States President [Polachek did not filed a copy, not an original document, so there … Continue reading

Only Fifty-Four File for GOP Precinct Committeeman by Noon Friday

[Either I can’t count or I typed 45 with I meant 54, as John Landon points out in a comment on another post. Correction has been made and I thank another citizen-editor.] As of noon Friday, more Republicans had filed … Continue reading

Republican Precinct Committeemen in McHenry County 2010-2012

Here are the Republican Precinct Committeeman listed in the online version of the McHenry County Year Book as of October 5, 2011. The ones with no precinct committeeman are obvious. Less obvious are the ones where no one ran in … Continue reading

Recent MCC Grad Erik Sivertsen Seeks Election to College Board

An email to voters of the McHenry County College District from Erik Sivertsen: Dear Concerned Citizens of McHenry County, Did you know that MCC’s Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition by 9% last Thursday? Did you also know that … Continue reading

Dorr Township Republican Turnout

Earlier I calculated and posted the percentage turnout in the February 2nd Republican primary election for each precinct in Algonquin Township Grafton Township and Nunda Township The figures are not for the percentage that voted in all primary elections; rather, … Continue reading

Contested Precinct Committeeman Races

The post of party precinct committeeman is usually not contested. One doesn’t get compensated. If one writes a precinct letter, one has to dip into one’s own pocket to pay for it. Look at the bottom of the sample ballots … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 School Board President Shawn Green Announces Resignation, Shift of Attention to Partisan Arena

Here’s a surprising press release from Shawn Green, the Huntley School Board president. He notes, as McHenry County Blog did earlier this year, that he is running for Republican precinct committeeman (Coral Township Precinct 3). In April he told me … Continue reading

Republican Precinct Committeemen Filings as of Friday – Filing Deadline Monday

Here are the citizens who have through Friday identified themselves as willing to serve the Republican Party. There are folks who have not filed for Republican precinct committeeman who will on Monday (I shall, for instance, file in Algonquin Township … Continue reading

State Senator Pam Althoff Holding Sept. 24th Fund Raiser

State Senator Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) is holding a fund raiser Thursday, Sept. 24th, at the McHenry Country Club. The Champagne Reception will feature hot and cold hors d’œuvre and “a bountiful dessert table,” according to the flyer you see above. … Continue reading

Bill LeFew Does Not File for GOP Precinct Committeeman

Bill LeFew has just sent another signal that he plans to retire as McHenry County Republican Central Committee chairman. He didn’t file for re-election for precinct committeeman in Chemung Township Precinct 1. Glenda Miller did. She could withdraw and LeFew … Continue reading