Shoveling Sh*t for the Elephant

I went to the second most liberal college in Ohio–Oberlin College. Besides its quality (ranked first in co-ed colleges by the Chicago Tribune in 1959) and manageable size (something over 2,000), it created the Mock Political Convention. I considered Northwestern, … Continue reading

New GOP Precinct Committee Appointments, Resignations

Since the March primary election, newly-elected McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado has appointed a number of Precinct Committeemen in precincts where no one ran for the office. They are listed below. (The township and precinct number is first, … Continue reading

Republicans Dominate CL Indpendence Day Parade – Part 2

When we left Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade, the Crystal Lake Public Library entry had just passed. Next up was Congressman Peter Roskam. His wife Elizabeth was holding up one of his yard signs. Bruce Rauner’s and Randy Hultgren’s … Continue reading

Melissa Denker Off, Will Parker & Jenna Wing On the Ballot for Republican Precinct Committeeman

Hearings by the McHenry County Officers Electoral Board were held on four challenges to Republican Precinct Committeeman petitions on Tuesday. In Dunham Township, the two candidates challenged each other’s petition legitimacy. The first was a challenge to incumbent Melissa Denker’s … Continue reading

Four Challenges to GOP Precinct Committeeman Candidates

Four challenges of petitions of people running for Republican Precinct Committeeman have been filed. Two are in one precinct, Dunham Township.  Dunham Township had not had a committeeman for years until Melissa Denker decided to run there. Now, William R. … Continue reading

John Jung Has Challenger for Precinct Committeeman

According to the sign-up sheet of those obtaining election petitions from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office, attorney Robert Hanlon is running for Precinct Committeeman in Dorr Township’s 11th precinct. That’s where McHenry County Board member John Jung is now Republican … Continue reading

“We Need to Infiltrate the Republican Party,” Joe Walsh Says – Part 4

Former Congressman Joe Walsh got around to practical politics in the concluding part of his Town Hall Meeting at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake last Saturday. “We need to infiltrate the Republican Party,” Walsh said. “Run for Precinct Committeeman.” … Continue reading

Slate Makes Itself Know in Algonquin Township

The long-rumored slate of Dan Shea Lowell Cutsforth Neils Kruse Bill Bligh popped up on some lawns recently. Shea and Cutsforth are currently on the Algonquin Township Board. Both voted to raise township salaries and, with the help of a … Continue reading

Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party at CL GOP Headquarters Tuesday Night

The McHenry County Republican Party invites folks to view the Paul Ryan-Joe Biden television debate at the fall campaign headquarters in the Crystal Lake Plaza. “You are invited to our second in a series of debate watching parties this Thursday, … Continue reading

Attempt to Woo Ron Paul Supporters Takes a Hit in McHenry County

Mark Widhalm, a Delegate candidate for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, ran for Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry 3 as a write-in. He didn’t win, but was appointed to the spot. Now he has resigned. His resignation letter appears below: Mike … Continue reading

Political Parties at the McHenry County Fair

There were three political party booths at the McHenry County Fair: Republicans Democrats Libertarians Sometimes the Republican Party booth was manned (or womaned, as is the case above). Sometimes it wasn’t. No indication that there is a Presidential election this … Continue reading

Danielle Rowe Supporter Endorses Dave McSweeney

Exhibit A in the case that Precinct Committeemen can make a difference for the candidates they endorse is Fox River Grove’s Andrew Gasser. Turnout was up substantially. The high space expert (see Tea Party in Space) was elected Republican Precinct … Continue reading

McHenry County Republican Party Headed Downhill

These numbers tell the tale: 2008 – 63% 2010 – 61% 2012 – 49% The percentages represent the proportions of McHenry County’s precincts where people filed for Republican Precinct Committeeman during the last three election cycles. Sounds like evidence for … Continue reading

51% of McHenry County Precincts Have No GOP Candidates for Republican Precinct Committeeman

As I start formatting this information from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office about who filed for Republican Precinct Committeeman in what parts of the county, my first impression is that “No candidate filed” will control the GOP Central Committee after … Continue reading

Change Being Considered for GOP Presidential Delegate Selection Process

The headline is boring, but the change being considered could take away your right to vote for the delegates of your choice for the Republican Presidential Nominating Convention. Thanks to Illinois Review for pointing the way, and as its Editor … Continue reading

GOP Offers Alternative Map Labeled “FAIR Map”

It is highly unlikely that the Senate House Republican reapportionment map that you see below will be enacted into law by the Democratic Party-dominated Illinois General Assembly, but it could end up getting consideration in the Federal courts. Compare the … Continue reading

Joe Walsh to be on Face the Nation Easter

If you are not at Easter Services at 9:30 Sunday morning, You might want to tune in CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation.” Freshman Joe Walsh, probably the best-spoken, self-identified Tea Party Republican has been invited to appear on Bob Schieffer’s interview … Continue reading