YR’s Elect Officers

The McHenry County Young Republicans elected officers this week. Bryan Javor will be leading the 700-person organization for the second year. Other officers are Erica Poremba, re-elected Vice-Chairwoman Garret Hill, re-elected Secretary Austin, re-elected Treasurer Salvatore Cucinella, re-appointed Membership Chairman … Continue reading

McHenry County YR’s Recruiting, Too

Not only are McHenry County Democrats having a meeting for prospective 2010 candidates to explain the lay of the land, but Young Republicans say they are getting inquiries “about becoming Republican Precinct Committeemen.” Details about the earliest time for passing … Continue reading

Saturday’s Young Republican Rally

A bit late to report on the YR’s VFW rally last Saturday night, but there’s no competition from the local daily papers, so here’s what I have. First we have Young Republican President Bryan Javor talking to Crystal Lake city … Continue reading