Replacements for Failed Virginia Street TIF District’s “Decorative” Street Lights Being Replaced Next Week

It was last April when I noticed that the decorative street lights financed by the Virginia Street Tax Increment Financing. Look at the ones you see in the photo below, taken on a good day in November, 2011. Then compare … Continue reading

Virginia Street TIF Trouble?

A year and a half ago in November of 2011, Crystal Lake city officials gathered in McCormick Park to dedicate the improvements along Virginia Street financed by that street’s Tax Increment Financing District. Among the improvements were low and high … Continue reading

Ersel Schuster, et al, Complain about County Czar Supporters Deliberately Posting their Signs Next to Republican Candidates’ Signs

A press release from McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster: “This press release is to give notice that recent actions by those individuals working for the county executive referendum question are intentionally placing their signs next to many GOP candidates’ … Continue reading