“Public Transportation, When & Where You Need It”

Most of the 1974 campaign literature from the RTA Citizens Committee for Better Transportation was not stupid enough to make the promise you see in the headline. But at least one piece, now somewhere in my Regional Transportation Authority archives … Continue reading

The Decline of the Illinois League of Women Voters

In May Illinois Statehouse News had a couple of paragraphs about the Illinois League of Women Voters that are worth repeating: “Jan Dorner, president of the nonpartisan Illinois League of Women Voters, which represents about 3,000 women and men voters … Continue reading

Back to Thrilling CTA Days of Yesteryear

Didn’t the “Lone Ranger” television show start with something like that? When the extension of the CTA from Jefferson Park to O’Hare was being considered, it was right after the Regional Transportation Authority was shoved down the throats of suburbanites. … Continue reading