Time for Methodists to Talk Amicable Divorce

The term “no-fault divorce” was not used in Pastor Scott Field’s speech to the Northern Illinois Conference Evangelical Association Monday, but the comparison makes sense. The title of Field’s talk was “Somnambulating, Surviving, and Strategizing for the Coming UMC Implosion.”  (“UMC” means … Continue reading

Lay Methodists Say Bishop’s Statement Favoring Gay Marriage Does Not Represent Church Teaching

A press release from a lay group of the Methodist Church in Northern Illinois: Bishop’s statement does not represent Church on Gay Marriage In response to United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck’s endorsement of gay marriage, the Northern Illinois Conference Evangelical … Continue reading

New Illinois Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck Calls for Same Sex Marriage, “Good News” Group Replies

In a complete contradiction of church policy, Sally Dyck, the new Bishop of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church has called on the Illinois Legislature to pass a bill authorizing same sex marriage. I would note there … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Methodists Note County Slot Machine Hearing

When the Illinois General Assembly was first debating legalizing casinos in 1992, Methodist Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker led the fight against them. In Minnesota in 2005, Bishop Sally Dyck took to the airwaves  in paid ads to oppose a state-run … Continue reading