Tina Hill Says She Won’t Re-Appoint Former 708 Board President Lee Ellis

Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver wondered whether McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill would re-appoint former 708 Mental Health Board President now that her Board defeated Scott Summers’ nomination 18-6. When he asked her, Hill said she would not. That’s … Continue reading

Scott Summers Nomination for 708 Board Defeated 18-6, Tina Hill Asserts Power

18-6 was the vote on the McHenry County Board to reject the Public Health and Human Services Committee nomination of former McHenry County College Board President Scott Summers to the 708 Mental Health Board. But no one made a comment … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Appointments Up Tuesday

Here are the appointments that will be voted upon at Tuesday’s McHenry County Board meeting: Expiration Date McHENRY COUNTY HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION Shawn P. Phillips 11/26/2015 McHENRY COUNTY BOARD OF REVIEW Sharon L. Bagby 05/31/2015 McHENRY COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH BOARD … Continue reading

Politics May Cause Floor Fight over Scott Summers’ 708 Board Nomination

When I saw that Scott Summers had been picked by the Public Health & Human Services Committee, it struck me that the committee had picked a Democrat. (And, before that, a Green Party candidate for State Treasurer and Congress.) Not … Continue reading

708 Mental Health Board Chairman Lee Ellis Does Not Get County Board Committee’s Recommendation for Re-Appointment

Lee Ellis, the Chairman of the McHenry County Mental Health Board, was not recommended for re-appointment by the newly-reconstituted Public Health and Human Services Committee. Hearings have been held yesterday and today with applicants presenting their credentials and answering questions … Continue reading

Democrat Scott Summers Opposes Jack Franks Concentration of Power Referendum

A press release from Scott Summers: Scott Summers opposes the pending referendum question on creation of a county executive “On balance, I think it’s a bad idea,” he says. “The part-time governing boards of many our area’s municipalities and schools … Continue reading

Scott Summers Weighs In on County Transportation Plan

A press release from Democratic Party District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Scott Summers: McHenry County’s draft 2040 transportation plan — predicated on dysfunction? Yesterday (August 23, 2012), I attended an open house hosted by the McHenry County Department of … Continue reading

Scott Summers Brings Conflict of Interest Appearance Issue to the Fore

A press release from Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidate Scott Summers: Summers calls for heightened conflict-of-interest standards Scott Summers of rural Harvard, a Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board (District 6), addressed county board members on Tuesday evening … Continue reading

Fellow Democrat Finds “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Got $1,000 from Com Ed Ally Ameren

Just in case you haven’t read the latest piece from “Tree Hugging” McHenry County Blogster Cal Skinner, you need to in order to set the stage for this follow-up article. Here’s where you can find it: Jack Franks Shows Tree … Continue reading

ALAW Makes 14 McHenry County Board Endorsements

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has issued its recommendations for the McHenry County Board.  McHenry County Blog is in the process of publishing all of the candidate questionnaires that were turned in.  Not all candidates chose to do … Continue reading

Democrats Run Ten Candidates for McHenry County Board

At least one candidate in each McHenry County Board district. The rumor mill was right. An article has already been run on District 1’s Nick Chirikos. In District 2 there are two challengers, Jim Roden and Jim Kennedy. District 3 … Continue reading

Gus Philpott Gives Green Party Power Party Status in McHenry County

To obtain “Established” party status, one must have a candidate who receives five percent of the vote. When Rich Whitney received about ten percent for Governor when he ran against Rod Blagojevich and Judy Baar Topinka, he allowed Green Party … Continue reading

Green Party Candidate for State Treasurer Wants End to Public Pensions

Here is McHenry County resident Scott Summers press release outlining his plan: “Retire public pension plans,” Treasurer Candidate Says Winding-down process would be spread over years McHenry County, IL Sep 28, 2010 — Public pensions are in trouble. Big trouble. … Continue reading