Sun-Times Reports $6.3 Million Spent on TV Ads in Roskam-Casten Campaign

As of deadline for Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times political reporter Lynn Sweet had discovered the following television expenditures in the race between Congressman Peter Roskam and his Democratic Party challenger Sean Caster: $7.6 million for Casten $6.5 million for Roskam The … Continue reading

Tribune Joins Daily Herald in Endorsing Peter Roskam for Re-Election

This is from the Peter Roskam Campaign: Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald agree – Peter Roskam best represents Sixth District WHEATON, IL — This weekend, Editorial Boards from both the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune announced their endorsements of Peter Roskam for the Sixth Congressional District … Continue reading

Roskam Continues Attack on Casten Business Background with Assist from Crain’s Chicago Business

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam: Crain’s exposes truth behind Casten’s failed business and the damage he caused investors WHEATON, IL — While “successful entrepreneur” Sean Casten has denied his investors’ lawsuit against him citing business mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duty, Crain’s … Continue reading

Democratic Congressional Committee Comes Calling

A short survey from the Democratic Congressional Committee, identifying itself as the “DCC,” took place Tuesday night. The questions were Likelihood of voting Candidate favored for Congress, Casten, Roskam, undecided If undecided, who would you vote for today. Birth year … Continue reading

Business Professor Analyzes Income Tax Reform Law

From retired UI-C Business Professor Darold Barnum. He offers this disclaimer: “I am not involved with the formal campaign of Sean Casten, but I am a member of an independent grassroots group supporting him.” Chickens Voting for Col. Sanders My … Continue reading