Mexican Sister City Visitors in Woodstock Monday

Big doings locally Monday and Tuesday as Sister City representatives from Mexico’s Guadalupe and its state government, Zacatecas visit Woodstock, Carpentersville and Marengo. President of Guadalupe Rafael Flores Mendoza and Zacatecas Governor Miguel Alejandro Alonso Reyes head a delegation that … Continue reading

Echo Article about Sheriff’s Mexican Exchange Program Appears

The Daily Herald was stiffed by Sheriff Keith Nygren when he revealed his intention to re-start his Mexican Sister City program exclusively in the Northwest Herald on Sunday. Comments under the article were not what a neutral observer would consider … Continue reading

Planning to Go in Danger’s Way

The Northwest Herald continued its love affair (“Nygren re-election propaganda” is the way one article commenter describes NW Herald coverage) with McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren Monday by featuring his regeneration of the sister cities program with Mexico’s Zacatecas. That’s … Continue reading